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Grandpa Loved
Grandpa Loved | Josephine Nobisso, Maureen Hyde
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An older boy recalls special times and his grandpa's love for nature, the city, and, most of all, people.
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Grandpa Loved | Josephine Nobisso, Maureen Hyde
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Grandpa Loved (RF) by Josephine Nobisso is a book that a lot of children can relate to if they have a Grandpa that they love in their life or if they have lost one. I would RA this book. The UDL guideline I would use is 1.1 and the ESOL strategy I would use is number 4. For More information on this book https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/books/grandpa-loved-by-josephine-nobisso/

JennaMichelleCohn I‘m interested in if this story deals with the topic of death at all? I haven‘t read it but I think it‘s important to touch on this with students and teach them coping skills. 2mo
kradebaugh This is such a great book. I bought this book for my own kids and its one they love to have my dad read. 2mo
JRone As someone who was very close to both of my grandpas and lost them both a couple of years ago, I have to read this book. It sounds so heartwarming and a book that I would love to buy and pass down onto my children one day. 2mo
DrSpalding Scholastic is a high-quality resource and this sounds like a great book to read to children around grandparents day! Many personal connections can be made. 1mo
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