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In the Doghouse: An Emma and Bo Story
In the Doghouse: An Emma and Bo Story | Leslie Kimmelman
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Emma and Bo are best friends. Wherever Emma goes, Bo goes too, especially during vacation. They share everything, but when Bo tries to share her Popsicle, Emily tells him to scram. Hurt, Bo runs away. Both Emma and Bo try to find a new best friend but discover things just aren't the same without each other.
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In The Doghouse (F) by Leslie Kimmelman would be great for students who are in the early stages of reading and a lot of children who love dogs could relate to this book due to the happy ending. The UDL guideline I would use is 9.3 and the ESOL strategy I would use number 10. For more information on this book click here http://www.lesliekimmelman.net/my-books/catalog/16-in-the-doghouse-an-emma-and-b...

JennaMichelleCohn This looks great! I love incorporating animals into lessons because I think it teaches empathy and kindness, and engages them because kids typically love animals. 2mo
Jewelwinkler Children would read this book independently 2mo
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leximcmillin This book looks really fun and cute! I would love to check it out to possibly add it to my classroom library! 2mo
Camrynm I love these books that teach kindness. I will have to read it! 2mo
KevinKantola Must read for all dog fans 🐶 2mo
sbombasi I like how you said this would be great for students in early ages to relate to having a dog. It can really engage them to start reading more too either to the same kind of books or in general. 2mo
DrSpalding Is this realistic fiction? Students and adults alike can make connections easily to dog ownership. Good book helpful resource. 1mo
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