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Doggy Fashion
Doggy Fashion | Alison Jenkins
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This whimsical volume is for those canines1/2and their owners1/2who enjoy fancy dressing and a touch of drama in their lives. It gives directions for making 12 amusing doggy costumes. Each outfit has been carefully and precisely designed to fit comfortably around canine anatomy and all are easy for the pet pooch to get in and out of. The author emphasizes that the dogs who modeled for this book1/2s amusing color photos are not trained stunt dogs, but ordinary pets. She advises her readers to make sure that no dog is coerced into wearing costumes it doesn1/2t want to wear, then adds that most family pets will enjoy the costume fest every bit as much as their owners. She provides patterns for all costumes, along with plenty of information on materials and cutting and fitting techniques. Her costumes are based on themes that include a Wild West Sheriff1/2s outfit, an Elvis the King costume, a Coco the Clown costume, an Astronaut Space Dog uniform, and eight more that are just as imaginative. Detailed instruction is augmented with 250 photos and illustrations.
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Doggy Fashion | Alison Jenkins
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