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Subdivision: A Novel | J. Robert Lennon
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This novel is completely banana pants and I‘m totally here for it. The narrator arrives in the subdivision where the story unravels like a puzzle (glaringly, a jigsaw puzzle serves as a recurring metaphor). The story proceeds down false hallways and reveals both clues and red herrings about what is going on here. Weird and wonderful. #Netgalley #arc #audiobook

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Went out of town for the day. #audiobook journey

LeahBergen Lovely! 😊 1d
Cathythoughts Gorgeous country 1d
Lindy @LeahBergen This was on Highway 33, also known as the Grizzly Trail, near Barrhead 17h
Lindy @Cathythoughts It‘s the landscape where I grew up. 😊 Aspen parkland, which is north of the prairies and south of the boreal forest. 17h
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Ballgowns & Butterflies | Kelley Armstrong
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I read this novella when it first came out a few months ago. It‘s part of the A Stitch in Time series and goes between books 1 and 2. After finishing the audiobook of book 2 the other night, I decided to grab the audiobook for the novella. It‘s a Christmas story so it‘s perfect reading for this time of year. I wish more people knew about this series! If you love time travel/historical fiction then you will definitely find something to like. ⬇️

JenlovesJT47 I love these characters and really can‘t get enough of this series. Pardon my gushing! 5⭐️ 2d
Laughterhp This series is on my TBR, but haven‘t gotten to it yet! 2d
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The Last Bookshop in London | Madeline Martin
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This is good historical fiction that is also perfect for bibliophiles. I grabbed the audiobook and really enjoyed it. It‘s set in London at the beginning of WWII, during the Blitz. Grace gets a job at a bookstore with a slightly cranky old man and works hard to get the store in better shape. Along the way, she falls in love with books and reading, something she never really did before. It‘s like living vicariously through someone who is just ⬇️

Crazeedi I've borrowed this twice and never got to it. I really need to get again and read!!! 2d
JenlovesJT47 Discovering the wonders of reading and watching through their eyes as they see the huge world awaiting them in the pages of books. This is easy listening, and although the war looms throughout the story, I love seeing her transformation into a booklover. Yes, I am a nerd. 🤓4⭐️ 2d
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JenlovesJT47 @Crazeedi it‘s really good! I think I actually listened to the whole thing in a couple of days. 2d
Crazeedi @JenlovesJT47 maybe I'll see if the audio is available, that might be a better idea!! 2d
JenlovesJT47 @Crazeedi I don‘t know if you have it but I got the audiobook on Hoopla! 2d
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Gladstone's Library (formerly St Deiniol's Library) | Hawarden, Flintshire, United Kingdom (Library)
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RaeLovesToRead The book I am currently (kind of) writing was inspired by Gladstones... I went there to study for my GP exams a few years back... such a wonderful place! 2d
Andrew65 Looks great, 2d
Nutmegnc Looks like such an amazing place!!! 22h
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The Sentence | Louise Erdrich
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I was really struggling with this #audiobook. It takes more attention than I am able to give it right now. Partially because ⬇️

I hate most authors narrating their own novels. Unless you have the prowess of a VO artist to do characters, then I don‘t want you narrating it! I was hopeful because Erdrich does seem to do this in the first chapter but stops in later chapters. Maybe some would like her gravely sameness but not me. #ToBLonglist

Megabooks @squirrelbrain forgot to tag you. Sorry! 2d
AUDIOBOOKINGWITHLEAH I feel the same way about authors narrating their own books. They shouldn't do it. Memoirs, of course, are the exception. 2d
squirrelbrain I think I can cross this one off my potential Audible reads then! 2d
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Cinfhen Hmmmm, she narrated The Night Watchman and I remember not liking her narration so I switched to print and still ended up not liking the book. However all the ladies from bookclub loved it 🤷🏼‍♀️if I do try this one it‘ll be print 2d
Ruthiella I will definitely do the print. Unless you are David Sedaris, leave the narration to the professionals, I think. I want to read more Erdrich, but want to try her back catalogue first. 2d
Megabooks @AUDIOBOOKINGWITHLEAH agreed. Some journalists do well reading their books, but I definitely appreciate a good VO artist! 2d
Megabooks @squirrelbrain for sure. Not worth a credit. 2d
Megabooks @Cinfhen I didn‘t like this tagged one during the BOTM challenge. I feel like I should like her books but they just don‘t work for me. 2d
Megabooks @Ruthiella like I said to cindy ⬆️ she ticks a lot of the boxes of an author I think I‘d like but it just doesn‘t materialize. I‘m unsure whether I‘ll return to this in print. Only if it makes the shortlist for sure. 2d
Centique @Ruthiella I haven‘t read her latest novels yet but I love her early ones so much. The ones that are set in the same community (love medicine, tracks etc) seem a little confusing at first as there‘s so many characters, but as you read further of the novels I think you get a profound sense of the whole community. 😍 1d
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I understand why this is a classic. The advice is still very relevant. The #audiobook is really well done though it could probably use a refresh. The cover could use an update also.

The Echo Wife | Sarah Gailey
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Send in the clones! This #ToBLonglist choice was a surprise hit. I‘m generally not a fan of domestic thrillers, but apparently if you add a sci fi element, I enjoy them a lot more!

This story of a woman, her clone, and their dead husband had just the right amount of tension and kept me guessing until the end. A contender for the shortlist imo. 👯‍♀️

Xe Sands‘ narration of the #audiobook is great.

Ruthiella I will definitely read it, even if it doesn‘t make the shortlist! I like thrillers but am often disappointed by implausible plotting. 3d
Megabooks @Ruthiella I think that‘s why I like the sci fi aspect. There‘s no way of knowing how you‘d react if your clone killed your husband. (Not a spoiler.) 3d
KathyWheeler I love Xe Sands; I‘ve listened to books before just because she was the narrator. 3d
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Well-ReadNeck I want this one to make the short list because I just want to read someone‘s analysis/ reaction. 3d
BarbaraBB Sounds great. And I agree with you @Well-ReadNeck. #stacked 3d
Cinfhen Fantastic review!!! Agree with everything you said!!! 3d
Cinfhen Love that opening #SendInTheClones 😂😂😂 3d
squirrelbrain I think I might have to use my next Audible credit on this one, as it‘s not available on Scribd or Libby over here yet. 3d
Cathythoughts Sounds like a good one Meg 👍🏻❤️ 3d
Megabooks @KathyWheeler she‘s excellent and can sway me to audio as well. 3d
Megabooks @Well-ReadNeck this would be a good one for analysis. 3d
Megabooks @BarbaraBB 👍🏻👍🏻 3d
Megabooks @Cinfhen thanks 😁😁😁 3d
Megabooks @squirrelbrain I was lucky my Libby had it. Interested to read what you think! 3d
Cathythoughts I just ordered it 👍🏻 3d
Megabooks @Cathythoughts eagerly awaiting your review! 3d
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This is packed full of information and includes numerous short personal anecdotes. It also includes a balance of details from different perspectives including students, family, and staff. However, it is written in a very straightforward report style and does not elaborate on any of the personal stories.

Audio duration: 8 hours 14 minutes

* I received this #audiobook through the Libro.fm ALC program for educators.

#Nonfiction #Librofm #ALC

Daisey @TheAromaofBooks This is also my November #DoubleSpin book 20. 4d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 4d
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A Marvellous Light | Freya Marske
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The #audiobook was really good.

It was easy to root for the two MCs. The world-building was well-executed.

Looking forward to the next book in the series.

CarolynM Waiting for me on my kindle🙂 4d
julesG @CarolynM Enjoy! It's a fun, romantic and 🌶️ ride. 😉 4d
CarolynM Sounds perfect👌 4d
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