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I have always been fascinated and impressed by authors who can write a book that is still read hundreds of years after its publication. To be the #creator of such a book deserves some respect, even though I might not always love the book itself. 📚


mreads Gorgeous set 😀 13mo
Mitch I was listening to Barbara Kingsolver last night and MiddleMarch is her favourite book and she reads it once every three years for inspiration! 13mo
JazzFeathers I agree. And l'm so jealous of this collection of yours. 13mo
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CrowCAH I agree; a legacy! 13mo
youneverarrived Agree! Beautiful editions ❤️ 13mo
Reviewsbylola Gorgeous collection! 13mo
Kalalalatja @mreads @JazzFeathers @youneverarrived @Reviewsbylola I *might* have wanted to show them off, and then tried to make them fit a prompt, but don‘t tell 🤫😁 @Mitch how awesome! I can imagine she is a great talker! @CrowCAH 🙌🙌 13mo
Billypar It's true- I'm always struck when I read something in a classic that is stated so elegantly and still has so much relevance for life today. 13mo
rohit-sawant Beautiful picture! 💜 13mo
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Jessica Townsend, #creator of the Nevermoor series, is back with book 2.

Billypar Looks like a good one! 👍👍 13mo
Tashreads Bought it a few days ago 🙌🙌 13mo
JennyM @Tashreads can‘t wait to start it next! 13mo
Cinfhen Looks fun 13mo
BooknerdsLife I can't wait to read this in December too 🙌💕 13mo
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A Book That Takes Its Time: A Creative Adventure in Mindfulness | Astrid Van Der Hulst, Irene Smit, Editors of Flow magazine
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#creator for #nofemmeber means enjoying the creator in me and the creator in Joni Mitchell http://jonimitchell.com/music/song.cfm?id=83 “Rows and floes Of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air...”

starlight97 Love the cover 😍 13mo
Billypar What a great title- I feel like a friendly literary grandparent type is going to sit with me on a porch and show me how to tap into my inspiration 😃 13mo
Cinfhen I‘d buy this book strictly for the cover💕 13mo
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Daphne Du Maurier | Daphne Du Maurier, Margaret Forster
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#nofemmeber #creator

I love a dense biography of a favourite author/creator and this one from 1993 is very thorough and confirmed my love of du Maurier - although it‘s been years since I read it. I wonder how it would read now.

Cinfhen Great collage ~ like your #authorcrush 13mo
LeahBergen Oh, I should check this out as I like Margaret Forster. Have you read her novel about Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s maid? I loved it. 13mo
Centique @LeahBergen oooh that sounds wonderful! #stacked 13mo
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Centique @Cinfhen 😘 13mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ that book! 😊 13mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I love her so!!! 13mo
Billypar I think bios are especially interesting for authors or artists of darker content because you always wonder if anything drew them towards that subject matter. 13mo
batsy Ooh, I love me a dense bio of a favourite "creator" too... Gotta stack ? 13mo
Centique @Billypar totally agree! 13mo
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For Parth and Lavinia #Forever seems to be impossible, but trust @EloisaJames, the #creator of the Wilde series, to make the MCs find out how good they actually are for each other.

I struggled to like Parth for more than 2/3 of the book. I also rolled my eyes at some of Lavinia's decisions. Still, they got their HEA and I liked that Lavinia was such a strong and independent woman.

#NoFemmeber @Billypar @Cinfhen

julesG PS: I love Lady Knowe! 13mo
Cinfhen Nice blurb/ review 😀 13mo
Billypar Great summary! Sometimes authors create characters who are so good that they get on your nerves like real people 😋 13mo
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Space Opera | Catherynne M. Valente
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I love Catherynne Valente. She's such a talented writer and a #creator of the first water #NoFemmeBer @cinfhen @Billypar

toric Wow those covers are amazing. Ive never read this author. Im gonna have to add her to the list 13mo
Moray_Reads @toric she's brilliant and wires quite a range. She always gets beautiful covers 😍 13mo
JazzFeathers I want to read her books just looking at her covers! Did she write Speak Easy too? I do own that one, but haven't read it yet. I've been eyeing Radiance 😁 13mo
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Moray_Reads @JazzFeathers and haven't read that one, but yes she wrote it. Radiance is just brilliant. Such a clever, complex book 13mo
Kalalalatja Love Catherynne Valente 🙌🙌 13mo
Cinfhen I was thinking the same thing @JazzFeathers @toric Those covers are all amazing 😍 13mo
Billypar "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets Eurovision"...well this sounds like an interesting one! ? 13mo
Moray_Reads @Billypar probably the most accurate comparison ever 13mo
erzascarletbookgasm I am familiar with the Fairyland series, didn‘t know she wrote so many other books with gorgeous covers! 13mo
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Frankenstein: ; Or, The Modern Prometheus | Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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DAY 12: “You are my #creator, but I am your master; — obey!”

I read this last month for the first time ever and happily added it to my all-time favorites list. 💜


CoffeeNBooks Frankenstein is a great book! 13mo
Aimeesue Great cover! 13mo
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jillrhudy LOVE the cover. 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m suggesting Frankenstein to bookclub ~ wonder what the girls will say 13mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen I think it would be a great book club choice! 🤞🏻 13mo
BarbaraBB Great picture, great quote, great cover 🙌. Still need to read this one! 13mo
britt_brooke @BarbaraBB Thank you! 💚💚💚 13mo
Billypar It left a pretty permanent impression on me after I read it in high school. Definitely one of the all-time greats ☺️ 13mo
kspenmoll Such a great book! Glad our HS still reads it. Love your edition! I think I missed your birthday- happy belated one! 13mo
batsy Great pick, one of my favourites! 13mo
britt_brooke @kspenmoll Thank you! 💚 13mo
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Creator | Gudrun Eva Minervudottir
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Cinfhen It‘s true!! I find the ocean calming and wondrous💙💙💙 13mo
EadieB @Cinfhen Probably reminds us of being in the womb! 13mo
Billypar Excellent wisdom! 🤔☺️ 13mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Love the quotes! Such great reminders! 13mo
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I Capture the Castle | Dodie Smith
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Cassandra Mortmain is such a vivid #creator—it made this story a joy to read. Living in a crumbling castle in 1934, 17 year old Cassandra keeps a journal as she tries to wrestle with upheaval in her family. Excellently written and I believe it will lead to a great discussion at our book club Thursday night!


Cinfhen Nice pick for prompt and family book club 😊 13mo
Melissa_J Such a pretty edition! 13mo
Billypar Great pick, and I love that you have a family book club! I find the idea of a single book that all of my family would finish, let alone enjoy, somewhat unlikely 😁 13mo
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batsy Fabulous pick. Cassandra 💛 13mo
Emilymdxn One of my fave books ever! 13mo
LeahBergen 😍😍 13mo
Centique So glad you liked it! I‘m such a fan since reading it a few months ago 😍 13mo
Cinfhen How did book club go??? Was it a hit??? 13mo
Reviewsbylola We had to cancel due to weather. 😖 @Cinfhen 13mo
Cinfhen Bummer!!! 13mo
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What‘s in a name? According to Doody, Jane Austen creates characters and settings that hold special meanings. Every name, every place name has a deeper meaning, which, according to Doody, shows Jane‘s cleverness in her writings. I can‘t remember how I got this book, but rediscovering it on my shelves today makes me want to read it immediately. #creator #NoFemmeber

Cinfhen That‘s one of the beautiful things about these challenges!! We get to take inventory of our shelves xx 13mo
zsuzsanna_reads I just looked up Margaret Doody's biography and I can't believe I haven't read more by her. I love her Aristotle series and she has written monographs on Samuel Richardson, Fanny Burney and one called "The True History of the Novel" ? 13mo
MayJasper I like your photo 😊 13mo
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Chrissyreadit Now I‘m curious! @LeahBergen @mabell have you read this? 13mo
Billypar Interesting- I never heard about this aspect of Austen's novels! 13mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds very fascinating. 13mo
Moray_Reads I must get this! 13mo
LeahBergen No, but now I need it! 😆 @Chrissyreadit (edited) 13mo
Librarybelle @zsuzsanna_reads Oh! Thanks for the tip. I may have to check those out. 13mo
kspenmoll Looks fascinating! 13mo
mabell @Chrissyreadit No, I haven't even heard of it! Sounds intriguing! 13mo
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