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Audiobook just dropped!! The reviews I have heard I might need the book version because it has heart breaking moments. I preordered it from audible because he does have sexy voice, but I will making my way B&N. I can‘t be crying while driving or in the gym 🤦🏾‍♀️ #spare #meganandharry #princessdiana #mentalhealth #uk

MoonWitch94 I am so torn! I want to hear HIM tell it in his own words, but I like books! Maybe I will get both, too! I have always had a thing for H. 11mo
Blerdgal_Fenix UPDATE - $3 cheaper at Target!! This is not a drill. 11mo
Cupcake12 Hi Keia. I‘ve had 3 letters returned from your address saying the address is unknown. Just checking you haven‘t moved? Hope you are ok? 🧁❤️ 11mo
Blerdgal_Fenix @Cupcake12 I am okay — haven‘t moved. That is so weird!! I was wondering why I haven‘t heard from you 😭 haven‘t moved, not sure what‘s happening! Will check out the post office tomorrow (edited) 11mo
Cupcake12 I sent Halloween, Christmas and new year cards. As soon as the UK can send post to the USA again, will try and send them again xx hood you are ok xx 11mo
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