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Midwinter | Fiona Melrose
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#picksosobailpan #giveaway
Thank you @Cinfhen for your #giveaway and congrats on reaching 200,000 + 😁
I don‘t seem to have any pans - I think I bail before that point - so a bail is generally a pan!!

Caroline2 I bailed on Lincoln too! 😔 which was such a shame as I realllllly wanted to like it!!! 😳 5y
Cinfhen I didn't know you bailed on Lincoln? Do u think you'll pick it back up @Caroline2 & Trish??? 5y
Cinfhen Thanks for entering 😘😘 5y
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TrishB @Cinfhen I don‘t think so - it just didn‘t do anything for me. I felt there was a really good story there, but was outshone by the arty way of telling it. Personal opinion obviously!! 5y
Caroline2 @Cinfhen I don't think so either - the subject matter was too harsh for me (my little boy has been seriously ill this year) so I couldn't handle the grief and I agree with Trish, the artsy style grated on me. I just found it jarring?! 🤷‍♀️ 5y
Cinfhen I'm sorry to hear your little guy has been ill😔hope he's doing better and you receive good prognosis in the new year ~ sending 💕💕 @Caroline2 5y
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