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The New Brooklyn
The New Brooklyn: What It Takes to Bring a City Back | Kay S. Hymowitz
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Only a few decades ago, the Brooklyn stereotype well known to Americans was typified by television programs such as The Honeymooners and Welcome Back, Kottercomedies about working-class sensibilities, deprivation, and struggles. Today, the borough across the East River from Manhattan is home to trendsetters, celebrities, and enough 1 percenters to draw the Occupy Wall Street protests across the Brooklyn Bridge. Tres Brooklyn, has become a compliment among gourmands in Parisian restaurants. In The New Brooklyn, Kay Hymowitz chronicles the policies and events that transformed the borough so dramatically in such a short period of time and considers whether the boroughs new wealth will lift up some of the boroughs most blighted neighborhoods. Her portrait of the dramatic transformation of one urban center offers prescriptions that any city can employ and will be required reading for everyone interested in the rebirth of Americas cities.
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#TBRtemptation post 3! #BEA17 edition! An exclusive giveaway at this year's Librarians' Lounge ☺️. This is an homage to the revitalization & gentrification of Brooklyn from a hard-scrabble working-class borough to the home of trendsetters, celebrities, & "the 1%". She devotes a chapter to each section & its evolution. While brief in length, New Yorker's say it's jam-packed with interesting & relevant information. #blameLitsy #blameMrBook ?

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