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Moscato Diaries
Moscato Diaries | Fanita Moon Pendleton
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Don't Test my Gangsta! Introducing the Moscato Brothers of Louisiana. Family tragedy and struggle are no match for their determination and heart. Follow them as they attempt to take back everything that was taken from them and more. Ariel Lablanc is a feisty young lady who is growing into a strong woman. Finding the strength to go against the grain is harder than it seems but she is up for the challenge. After all she is a Lablanc. The Moscato Diaries opens a new world to readers and allows them full access to the mean streets of Lafourche Parish and the men and women who call it home. Welcome to a world where brotherhood is formed with AK's and Glocks.
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Moscato Diaries | Fanita Moon Pendleton
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1. Wine if it's what I like, beer if it's not.
2. First page; I've been burned by covers too often.
3. Beach, but I'm more likely to be in a forest.
4. Realistic? Are grand, sweeping, love stories realistic? If not, fantasy.
5. Darcy. Unequivocally.

Kalalalatja Of course, the grand, sweeping love story is realistic! Our world would be a sad place if it wasn't! 3y
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