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The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal
The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal | Nick Seluk
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Oh hey, guess what? The Sun never stops working to keep things on Earth running smoothly. (That's why it's been Employee of the Month for 4.5 billion years.) So why does the Sun get to be the center of attention? Because it's our solar system's very own star! This funny and factual picture book from Awkward Yeti creator Nick Seluk explains every part of the Sun's big job: keeping our solar system together, giving Earth day and night, keeping us warm, and more. In fact, the Sun does so much for us that we wouldn't be alive without it. That's kind of a big deal. Each spread features bite-sized text and comic-style art with sidebars sprinkled throughout. Anthropomorphized planets (and Pluto) chime in with commentary as readers learn about the Sun. For instance, Mars found someone's rover. Earth wants the Sun to do more stuff for it. And Jupiter just wants the Sun's autograph. Funny, smart, and accessible, The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal is a must-have!
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This was cute and funny. I particularly enjoyed spotting Pluto in the background. And I love that the Sun wears sunglasses; that's exactly how I draw it 😂☀️😎

RachelO Sounds fun! 7mo
rabbitprincess @RachelO It is! I'll need to keep it in reserve for the next round of baby or small kid gifts. (edited) 7mo
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The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal is a funny yet factual book that will have your kids laughing and learning at the same time. This SF picture book is delightful to read and reminds just how much you probably forgot about the solar system. #lae3414sp19

jessicabaksh UDL principle 2.1 and ESOL strategy 12 both support this book well because they emphasize language, vocabulary, and content 9mo
jessicabaksh Here is a link to read aloud activities that go along with the text: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/The-Sun-Is-Kind-of-a-Big-Deal-Read-A... 9mo
claireherman I can already hear students laughing! I want to check out this book and include it in a solar system lesson! 9mo
DrSpalding Just looking at the front cover, you know that this is not necessarily non-fiction. What genre is it? 9mo
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