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Peekaboo! | Taro Gomi
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We enjoyed a visit to our local library. The boys earned their first summer reading prizes: a free book and a coupon for free ice cream (we racked up a ton of points with today‘s visit and various challenges we were able to complete). #blackboyjoy #brilliantblackboy #raisingreaders #boysreadtoo #librarianmom #kidsoflitsy

AlaMich Oh my, the grin!!😊 5mo
MicheleinPhilly No cast! 🙌🏼 5mo
Leftcoastzen Looks like time well spent! They are adorable! 5mo
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Chelleo @MicheleinPhilly Yes! Cast came off on Monday. 4 weeks in the brace and he‘s free! 5mo
rwmg Well done, and congrats on being cast free again 5mo
BooknerdsLife That‘s awesome! 👍🏼💙 5mo
Nute Wonderful accomplishment! 5mo
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Stopped by their dad‘s old college campus bookstore for new alumni gear and they found a new book (tagged) and stuffed animals to add to their collections. #kidsoflitsy #blackboyjoy #brilliantblackboys #boysreadtoo #raisingreaders

Cosmos_Moon Beautiful boys! 5mo
TrishB Cute pic 💕 5mo
Leftcoastzen They aware so cute! 5mo
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TNbookworm Cuties💕 5mo
Kayla.Adriena Are those Toledo Rockets hats?! You're in my neighborhood 😊 5mo
Chelleo @Kayla.Adriena Yes, my husband is UT alum and we stopped by the Barnes and Noble bookstore on our way back home from Michigan 5mo
gallowbraids Books are the only thing my kid can always ask for when going to a store and never been told no. Pretty sure it is the only reason he likes going to bookstores at all :P 5mo
Chelleo @gallowbraids Lucky kid! And who doesn‘t love going to a bookstore!?! 5mo
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On a related note, while I was opening my swap packages this morning, Faela (oldest stepdaughter) was practically drooling over it. Parents and teachers, who would be interested in doing a kids‘ book swap (if one doesn‘t already exist). I know my girls love getting mail and reading, and I know all of us teachers spend a butt ton of money on classroom libraries. #teachersoflitsy #litsyswaps #parentsoflitsy #momsoflitsy #dadsoflitsy #kidsoflitsy

SmartSassery I was thinking this for my little as well. 😍💕 Even a small penpal group. 6mo
MolliesaurusRex @SmartSassery yesss! Obviously some planning time would need to go into it but I think it would be so great. I know as a stepmom and a teacher, I want to encourage as many children to read as much as they can as humanly possible! 6mo
SmartSassery They would love it. I think this is a great plan. 6mo
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My 8yo would like to recommend the Ben Braver series for anyone who liked Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja or The 13 Storey Treehouse series - chapter books with loads of humour - great for 7 - 10 year olds. #kidsoflitsy #chapterbooks

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Unknown Book 6727737 | Unknown Unknown
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Woke up to find my almost 6 year old reading on his own in his book corner. Also, it happened to be one of his German books - Die Kleine Biene (The Little Bee) so this made me very happy! #kidsoflitsy #duallanguagelearners

Dear Martin | Nic Stone
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Enjoying the playground and Kam took a break to look at my book. He picked out some of his sight words.

#boysreadtoo #raisingreaders #boymom #brilliantblackboy #blacklivesmatter#ownvoices #blitsy #blacklitsy #kidsoflitsy #litsykids #pocauthor #yareaddiversebooks

Leftcoastzen So cute! 7mo
Johanna414 Love that! 7mo
Robothugs Hey! Check your goodreads messages! 😄 7mo
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Melvin the Mouth | Katherine Blanc, Jeffrey Ebbeler
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Author/illustrator Jeffrey Ebbeler of the tagged book was a guest author at my son‘s school. We purchased a copy and he signed this autographed doodle to the boys. Such a fun little book too. #boysreadtoo #kidsoflitsy #brilliantblackboy #blackboyjoy

Leftcoastzen That‘s so neat. what a cute kid ! He‘s adorable. 8mo
AmyG He‘s so cute! And what a neat way to sign the book. 8mo
MoonWitch94 Awwww so great! He‘s adorable, btw 8mo
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BookNAround That‘s too cute and your son is even cuter. 8mo
Tamra How adorable! 8mo
AlaMich Oh dear, so stinkin‘ cute!! 8mo
merelybookish Cutie!! 8mo
TNbookworm Love💕 8mo
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Your Alien | Tammi Sauer
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I told them to pick out two books. We went home with 10. 🤦🏾‍♀️ #kidsoflitsy #boysreadtoo #blackboyjoy #brilliantblackboy #raiseareader #librarianmom #mymomsalibrarian

candority Adorable! (And it‘s not a bad problem to have 😊) 9mo
Soubhiville So cute! 9mo
Cortg Excellent! 🙌🏼 9mo
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Shvonne Complete opposite of a problem. 9mo
AlaMich It sounds to me like you inadvertently did some reverse psychology on them! 😆 9mo
WhatDeeReads This is that thing mothers do where they complain about the thing that their children got from them. 👀 9mo
Texreader 🤣 I think @AlaMich called that one! 9mo
ProfReader I love it!!!! 9mo
Tamra 🤗 9mo
gradcat Such a good-looking little guy there...very precious picture! 😊 9mo
ravenlee The best problem to have! I‘m always staggering out of the library when the “just three” becomes at least ten. Library books multiply like rabbits. 9mo
RaimeyGallant Haha. Loving the new profile pic. 9mo
BookwormM What were you thinking with a 2 book limit that‘s just mean 🤣🤣 9mo
ShyBookOwl My kinda kids 👍great pic! 9mo
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Why Am I Me? | Paige Britt
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We stopped by the library today. #kidsoflitsy #boysreadtoo #blackboyjoy #brilliantblackboy

MallenNC He‘s so cute! Hope he found some good books. 9mo
britt_brooke What a great photo. Cutie! 9mo
Texreader You have such cute kiddos!!! 9mo
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Tamra 😘 9mo
gradcat Ditto what I said before...TWO lovely young guys!! You‘re really lucky 🍀 🥰 9mo
BookwormM Gorgeous grin 9mo
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First 100 Animals | Roger Priddy
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We finally remembered to drop off books for our #FreeLittleLibrary at our YMCA. #raisingreaders #boysreadtoo #blackboyjoy #kidsoflitsy #spreadthejoy #librarianmom

LiterarySloth I love this! 11mo
RadicalReader @Chelleo you have such a unique username I love it!! Hope you have a wonderful time here on Litsy cannot believe how much my to be read pile has grown 11mo
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