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Don't Murder Your Mystery
Don't Murder Your Mystery: 24 Fiction-Writing Techniques to Save Your Manuscript from Turning Up D. O. A. | Chris Roerden
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This is the only book for writers that: 1)Motivates readers to change their writing habits by telling the truth about how submissions are screened. 2)Analyzes 150 extracts to show how published authors handle the same problems facing all writers of fiction. 3)Reinforces readers learning by presenting more solutions in greater depth than other books do and exposing issues not mentioned in any other book. 4)Highlights the techniques of 140 published mystery authors, many of whom have never before been reviewed in book form. 5)Helps readers identify with authors at the beginning of their writing careers by using examples from many first novels. 6)Stimulates readers imaginations by demonstrating the infinite variety of alternatives for presenting content. 7)Offers 24 Find & Fix summaries for revising, plus resources and little-known tips and tip-offs. 8)Boosts the odds that a manuscript will pass the first screening so its characters and plot can be read in full and evaluated on merit.
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It‘s a pizza-and-cookie night as I see if Murder Mystery is any good.

+1 for a movie

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4thhouseontheleft I liked it, nothing fabulous, but I also watched it with low expectations. 1mo
DrawingSustenance 👍🍕🍪 1mo
Julia Harris Great, what is the book about 1mo
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