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Oddball Michigan
Oddball Michigan: A Guide to 450 Really Strange Places | Jerome Pohlen
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Theres more to Michigan than beautiful forests, shuttered factories, and miles and miles of stunning shoreline. Armed with this offbeat travel guide, youll soon discover the strange underbelly of the Great Lakes State. Michigan has monuments to fluoridation, snurfing, the designer of the Jefferson nickel, and the once-famous Mr. Chicken, as well as festivals honoring tulips, Christmas pickles, and a 38-acre fungus. Its where youll find the Worlds Largest Lugnut, the Nun Doll Museum, Joes Gizzard City, the Teenie-Weenie Pickle Barrel Cottage, Howdy Doody, and Thomas Edisons last breath. The state also has its share of weird historyits where Harry Houdini perished on Halloween night in 1926, where skater Tanya Hardings posse whacked Nancy Kerrigan, and where the Kellogg brothers invented popular breakfast cereals and less-popular yogurt enemas. Along with humorous histories and witty observations, Oddball Michigan provides addresses, websites, hours, fees, and driving directions for each of its 450 entries.
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Omg @Kelican17 this is AMAZING!!!!! My husband and I are now planning a trip to Michigan because of all this awesomeness! He has confiscated the gummies and i think we have joint custody over the shirt (sooo soft!!!!). My daughter and I have already read the book 5 times (which is now lovingly referred to as “my monsters”). The rock will be joining the collection on my desk at work (yes I have a rock collection on my desk, it‘s like you knew!! 👇

Crewgurl The candle smells amazing! And everything else is so cool and thoughtful, thank you so much!!! I love it all!!!! @Kelican17 #hellofrom @bullbunny (edited) 1y
bullbunny Wow so amazing!! @kelican you did good 👍 1y
Kelican17 I‘m so glad you like everything! I had fun shopping for the goodies! I hope you make it to Michigan! We would definitely need a Litsy meet up! 😃😃 1y
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Crewgurl Absolutely!!! @Kelican17 thank you again! 1y
Sills Is your city Totowa? I‘m trying to send a thank you:) 1y
Crewgurl @Sills yes! Totowa! 1y
Sills Thank you 1y
Crewgurl @Sills got your card! Thank you 😊 1y
Sills You are welcome🙂 1y
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