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Beauty and the Billionaire
Beauty and the Billionaire: Billionaire Boys Club Novel | Jessica Clare
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The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six men who are incredibly wealthybut not always so successful when it comes to love Real-estate tycoon Hunter Buchanan has a dark past thats left him scarred and living as a recluse on his familys palatial estate. Hunter is ready to give up on loveuntil he spots an enigmatic red-haired beauty and comes up with an elaborate scheme to meet her. Gretchen Petty is in need of a paycheckand a change. So when a job opportunity in an upstate New York mansion pops up, she accepts. And while she can overlook the oddities of her new job, she cant ignore her new bosss delectable bodyor his barely leashed temper. Hunters afraid his plan might be unraveling before its truly begun, but Gretchen is about to show him that life can be full of surprises
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#tallshipcelebration @CrowCAH In this modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the male lead definitely has a #fortune. Unfortunately he‘s also terribly scarred which makes him avoid people at all costs. That is until he sees Gretchen, and comes up with a way to be near her. It‘s very #romantsy so far.

CrowCAH Those billionaires! 💵 Good to hear you‘re liking it so far. 3y
AsYouWish I love this series!!! I think he is my favorite of the billionaires!! 3y
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