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Edward III
Edward III: The Perfect King | Ian Mortimer
A look at the brutal, brilliant fourteenth-century ruler, by the bestselling author of The Time Travelers Guide to Medieval England. Holding power for over fifty years starting in 1327, Edward III was one of Englands most influential kingsand one who shaped the course of English history. Revered as one of the countrys most illustrious leaders for centuries, he was also a usurper and a warmonger who ordered his uncle beheaded. A brutal man, to be sure, but also a brilliant one. Noted historian Ian Mortimer offers the first comprehensive look at the life of Edward III. The Perfect King was often the instigator of his own drama, but also overthrew tyrannous guardians as a teenager and ushered in a period of chivalric ideals. Mortimer traces how Edwards reforms made feudal England a thriving, sophisticated country and one of Europes major military powers. Ideal for anyone fascinated by medieval history, this lively book provides new insight into Edward IIIs lasting influence on the justice system, artistic traditions, language, and architecture of the country. The most remarkable medieval historian of our time. The Times (London)
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Hey #shakespearereadalong gang, what‘s a good, readable, biography of Edward III? I‘m particularly interested in his personal life, not his wars, and nothing sleep-inducingly academic. Thanks in advance. @GingerAntics @merelybookish @Graywacke

GingerAntics Hmmm… the only book I can honestly say I‘ve read that had Edward III in it that wasn‘t Shakes was Ed West. If you like your history a bit snarky, you‘ll love him, but his book isn‘t entirely about him. It‘s more about the social and political world of medieval England, but it centres itself around Edward III‘s reign in a sense. It‘s not strictly chronological, more thematic, so some people didn‘t like it for that reason, too. 5mo
Lcsmcat @GingerAntics Thanks. I may add that to my list. I decided to start with Mark Ormrod‘s biography, which seems to be about the man rather than the warrior, if you know what I mean. . I‘m only one chapter in, but it‘s very readable so far. 5mo
Graywacke I have no idea. But I‘m really curious. 5mo
GingerAntics @Lcsmcat I look forward to your thoughts on Ormrod‘s book. I‘ve never been sure if I want to read it or not. (edited) 5mo
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Ian Mortimer makes his case that Edward II was alive when Edward III was crowned King! It‘s just one of the things that makes this biography of Edward III engaging and thought-provoking. It‘s NF, but feels like an adventure tale told enthusiastically by the audiobook narrator, Alex Wyndham.
Maybe Mortimer is a crackpot, or maybe he‘s onto something; but regardless, can‘t wait to dig into his bios of Henry IV & V!

Dogearedcopy Image: Edward II‘s tomb at Gloucester Cathedral (from Gloucester Cathedral‘s web-site) *Who‘s buried in Edward II‘s tomb?* 2y
Lauraandherbooks You know I seriously told myself I wasn‘t going to buy anymore books on royal families 😜🤣🤣🤣🤣 it aren‘t they just so interesting??!! 2y
Lcsmcat Is this “readable history?” I‘m looking for something accurate but not academic on Edward III. 5mo
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🎧 I have the ebook edition, but with a rapidly closing reading window to get this in for February and, it being 500+ pages long, I wasn‘t sure I was going to be able to tackle it this month. But I saw the audio was only half price of what I was expecting *and* it‘s narrated by Alex Wyndham (same British narrator who read, ‘The Strangler Vine‘). So glad I dnloaded this! The pathos, melodrama, and rich excesses! *Better than fiction!!!* Loving it!


“Contrary to popular belief his claim had absolutely nothing to do with Salic Law; a local land inheritance law whose relevance was pretended by French writers in the next century.“ p. 158 encapsulates the writers tone

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