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Elephant Song
Elephant Song | Wilbur Smith
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WHITE GOLDIvory. In Africa, it is the tragic and thrilling object of greed, corruption, and senseless death. In this dangerous world of poachers and blood money, one determined man and one dedicated woman risk their lives to stop the senseless slaughter of a species on the brink of extinction.Following a trail that leads from the Mountains of the Moon and the deep forests of central Africa to the secret opulence of Taiwan and London's corridors of power, naturalist Dr. Daniel Armstrong and anthropologist Kelly Kinnear fight the battle of their lives against terrifying adversaries--the powerful individuals and conglomerates who would wipe out an entire race of human beings to satisfy their insatiable lust for elephant's ivory...."Compelling...Adventure, realism, and suspense are the stuff of Wilbur Smith's books....This story transcends any formula by making its case, passionately, for the human hunger for justice."--The Christian Science Monitor"Filled with intrigue and adventure on almost every page...Smith pulls his readers to the edge of their seats....For those who love an exciting adventure novel, this is one that will be difficult to put down."--Richmond Times-Dispatch
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Elephant Song | Wilbur Smith
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What a lovely book. It shows the grim realties of Africa, the greed for money, ruthlessness of the people to succeed at the cost of lives of others. The high intense drama unfolds page after page and gives a beautiful picture about nature, animals and commitments towards one another. The charcters are bold, dramatic and full of life. And yet there is a lot of space for your mind to imagine and introspect about various scenes and outcomes.

Elephant Song | Wilbur Smith
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Hi lovelies! You guys, and family, and other friends have encouraged me to paint more. I have created an Instagram account, paintboxescapades, to share the happiness offered by colours with a larger community and learn more. I would love to follow you all. Let me know your username and i'll say hi! 🙂

Cathythoughts Lovely painting! I will look you up on Instagram 👍🏻😘 8mo
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ju.ca.no I‘m ju.ca.no as well and I would love to see more lovely paintings of yours😍 so I‘m definitely going to follow you (edited) 8mo
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