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The School Skeleton
The School Skeleton | Ron Roy
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S is for Skeleton... It's a bone-afide mystery at Dink's school. Some sneaky soul has stolen the skeleton from the nurse's office! The principal promises free aquarium tickets to the savvy sleuths who can track down poor Mr. Bones. Soon mysterious clues are showing up all over the school. It's up to Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose to follow the clues and put those old bones to rest.
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"The School Skeleton" (F) by Ron Roy and Illustrated by John Steven Gurney is a mystery book for all ages. Although this isn't an award winner, the twists and turns, footprints and clues, and the shocking end is a fun time for students. Dink, Ruth, and Josh set out to solve a mystery, and what they end up doing is providing ELLs with a ton of source material for important words (ESOL 20), which help the protagonists proceed.

dayuso1 Listing important words and learning them will help ELLs progress through the book along with the characters, almost as if they are finding clues with them (through learning context clues/words). This would be an excellent Independent Read along and can also be presented as an audio book to promote a streamlined group discussion/speculation learning environment. https://www.teachingbooks.net/tb.cgi?tid=27876
Audiobook for The School Skeleton
DrSpalding You know the importance of highlighting vocabulary. I have read each of these books and they are very appropriate for second, third and maybe even fourth grade. Audiobooks are so helpful! 9mo
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