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Maybe it's because I work in marketing at a hospital --or maybe I'm just weird!-- but I love books about diseases and epidemics and contagions and medical history. Thanks to @aprilpohren and #litsyswapoween, I get to dive into this book about how epidemiologists track pandemics! I'm so excited. #geekalert

SandyW I've read (and enjoyed) fictionalized accounts, ie Outbreak, Contagion, The Hot Zone. I think the non z fiction version of this topic would scare the pants off me. 4y
Aimeesue My husband is a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons défense specialist; we talk about smallpox and Fukushima, etc. at dinner all the time. I dunno why people think we're weird. It's fascinating! ??? 4y
Amiable @SandyW "The Hot Zone" is actually a nonfiction account--and yes, it is terrifying! (edited) 4y
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Amiable @Aimeesue I know, right? It is fascinating! So I don't understand why I get strange looks from people when I'm reading about Ebola or yellow fever on the train! 😀 4y
Crazeedi I really get into these types of books too. I love all medical type reading 4y
aprilpohren I thought this sounded so good!! 4y
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