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Halloweenland | Al Sarrantonio
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LibrarianRyan Have not decided. I want to do one, but I am not sure I want to host. Have not made up my mind yet. 2y
MoonWitch94 Gosh I hope so!!!!! The #BasicWitchSwap was so fun last year!! 2y
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EH2018 Halloween swaps are so much fun! 🎃 2y
Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan yes hosting can be hardwork. 2y
Endowarrior21 @EH2018 yes they are 2y
LibrarianRyan Hey have you had any thoughts. I am almost to saying yes to hosting. Almost..... 2y
Endowarrior21 @LibrarianRyan BasicWitch, Nightmare Before Halloween, Spooky Read on, and Once Upon a spooky night. Lol those are just some I can think of right now. 2y
Lots_O_Books I was just looking to see if there was any news on the #basicwitchswap it was so fun last year. 2y
MoonWitch94 @Lots_O_Books AGREED! It was THE best. 2y
Meaw_catlady @Endowarrior21 @MoonWitch94 @Lots_O_Books 🖤😘 look for news coming soon!! 2y
MoonWitch94 @Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain yay!! 🖤🎃🔮🕯 2y
Endowarrior21 @Meaw_catlady 😍😍😍😍😍 2y
Endowarrior21 @sprainedbrain It‘s my favorite swap for Halloween. 2y
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Thanks a Million | Nikki Grimes, Cozbi A. Cabrera
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@StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego you went above and beyond for my replacement #litsyswapoween a million thanks isn‘t enough honestly. Sometimes people are jerks and you didn‘t have to step up and right someone else‘s wrong, but you did and that‘s awesome! ❤️ I feel super spoiled and my evening has been made. Please ignore my 70‘s flooring btw 😂

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Yay it finally arrived. I'm glad I was able to help, and that you like it. 🎃🧡 4y
Mem_ugh @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego it did! It hit me yesterday that I hadn‘t received it yet and I was afraid that it got lost in the mail. Lo and behold it was on my doorstep last night when I got home from work. I absolutely love everything about it, you‘re a gem! 🎃 4y
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I got my #litsyswapoween #swapoween package when I got home right now and it honestly brought tears to my eyes. It‘s been a rough month and this just made me so happy. Thank you so much @Marilyncjackson you are the best and we are definitely going to be pen pals now. I cannot wait to read these books! And I‘m totally going to make hot cocoa in my mug and eat some of the cookies! 😍

Marilyncjackson Yay! I am so glad you liked everything and that it got there! The post office is very slow lol. Also, yay for being pen-pals! It made my morning reading this 😊 4y
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Pieces of Her | Karin Slaughter
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@Judybskt it‘s here! Thank you SO mich for my replacement #litsyswapoween package! It‘s fantastic! I can‘t wait to read all of them! Thank you for your kindness 😊☺️ and thank you @BurghBookAddict for all of your efforts and kindness! #geoffcat with the photobomb 😂, sorry! #catsoflitsy #gingerbrat

Judybskt @guinsgirlreads glad it got there!! Fun fact about Mean Girls - Tina Fey grew up near where I grew up (and still live)! Enjoy the books and treats! 🧡🍁🎃 4y
guinsgirlreads @Judybskt Ooh awesome! Thanks! 🙏🏻 4y
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Halloween Treats | Carolyn Haywood
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@guinsgirlreads there‘s a #litsyswapoween package coming your way! You should have it by Tuesday. Monday is a holiday 🤦‍♀️
I forgot to add a note - I was eager to get it in the mail since your original person never sent anything!
Enjoy! 🎃🖤🧡🕷🕸👻

guinsgirlreads ❤️ you and @BurghBookAddict are wonderful! Thank you!! ❤️ 4y
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Halloween Treats | Carolyn Haywood
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I'm also sending out this belated #Litsyswapoween package to a Litten who didn't receive thier box on Halloween... it was a little harder than I thought to put together as every store in my city seems to have flipped from Halloween to Xmas on Nov. 1. 🙄 BUT I like to shop 😉, so I think did ok. 🎃
@BurghBookAddict @Mem_ugh

Burghbookaddict You're amazing! Thank you again ❤❤ 4y
Marilyncjackson Your box looks better than the one I sent out. I wish I was better at packing 4y
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Mem_ugh That‘s incredibly sweet of you! Thank you! 🧡 4y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Mem_ugh You're so welcome!! I hope you like it. 🎃 4y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Marilyncjackson Haha thanks. I love wrapping gifts for some weird reason. 🤷‍♀️ 4y
Avanders ❣️❣️ 4y
Burghbookaddict @Marilyncjackson Lol! The boxes I pack don't look great either. I'm not a great wrapper. 4y
Marilyncjackson Lol thanks guys 😊 4y
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Full Tilt | Neal Shusterman
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I finally had time to open today! And I am so wonderfully spoiled! Thank you so much for all the great gifts! And I LOVE Neal Shusterman and have never read this one! Thank you again!!! #swapoween #litsyswapoween

RavenLovelyReads I‘m so bummed it got there late, but I‘m so glad you liked it 😜 4y
Joy0201 @RavenLovelyReads I LOVED it! Thanks again! 4y
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Maybe it's because I work in marketing at a hospital --or maybe I'm just weird!-- but I love books about diseases and epidemics and contagions and medical history. Thanks to @aprilpohren and #litsyswapoween, I get to dive into this book about how epidemiologists track pandemics! I'm so excited. #geekalert

SandyW I've read (and enjoyed) fictionalized accounts, ie Outbreak, Contagion, The Hot Zone. I think the non z fiction version of this topic would scare the pants off me. 4y
Aimeesue My husband is a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons défense specialist; we talk about smallpox and Fukushima, etc. at dinner all the time. I dunno why people think we're weird. It's fascinating! ??? 4y
Amiable @SandyW "The Hot Zone" is actually a nonfiction account--and yes, it is terrifying! (edited) 4y
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Amiable @Aimeesue I know, right? It is fascinating! So I don't understand why I get strange looks from people when I'm reading about Ebola or yellow fever on the train! 😀 4y
Crazeedi I really get into these types of books too. I love all medical type reading 4y
aprilpohren I thought this sounded so good!! 4y
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Halloweenland | Al Sarrantonio
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Thank you so much to @EH2018 for such a wonderful #litsyswapoween package! I hope your gift was just as lovely as the box you prepared for me!😊

Erinreadsthebooks I loved Warm Bodies! So many funny parts 4y
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Classic Tales of Horror | Edgar Allan Poe
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😲 😯😮🤩🎃❣️ Rushed home because I‘ve been hyping up my #litsyswapoween ALLLLL day at work & when I opened up my mystery #swapoween2018 package, I totally flipped! @JamieLou you did an Amazingggg job! I can‘t wait to wear my collar broach! Beyond a Happy Halloween! 👏👍🙌 thank you sooooo much! ( I think my downstairs neighbors are annoyed at my jumping) 😬😁

JamieLou Hooray! I was very worried about the collar thing because it was so different from everything in your wishlist 😂 I‘m glad you enjoyed. Happy Halloween! 4y
Sg1224 Haha Jamie, you are by far better at reading people than you give yourself credit...p.s. did you make the lovely book marks?! I Absolutely adore them! 4y
JamieLou I did make them! I had my husband buy me a Silhouette cutting machine for my birthday a couple weeks ago, so I was experimenting with it. They were really fun to make and I learned a lot of dos and don‘ts. (edited) 4y
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Sg1224 @JamieLou I wouldn‘t have guessed these were your beta versions. They look amazing! I just thought you had an Etsy shop. 👍👏 Happy Fri-yay! 4y
Trashcanman 🤗🤗🤗Hugs. Oh its so nail biting and I'm not even in Texas. I hope Beto wins! 4y
Sg1224 Hey @Trashcanman things didn‘t necessarily go the way I would‘ve liked, however I am SUPER excited for 2020 and beyond hopeful! 4y
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