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What a story! I was moved and loved the story's theme of life and death. Do we ponder the effects of life and death, and how it changes us through out time?
I adored this part of the story, an intimate space, yet life changing moment. Thanks for sharing this Court 😄 @Moonprismpower
#lmpbc #round14 #groupG #graphicnovels #fantasy

phantomx @LibrarianRyan I will send this out to you within the week 1mo
LibrarianRyan Yeahh 1mo
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Started reading lmpbc from @Moonprismpower yesterday. Can't wait to dive into the rest of it, and thank you for the candy Court! #groupG #graphicnovels #scifi #weekendreading @LibrarianRyan @BethM

Moonprismpower I hope you like the book. 😃 1mo
LibrarianRyan Yeah 1mo
BethM @LibrarianRyan I haven‘t received yours yet. 1mo
LibrarianRyan @BethM nope. I‘m mailing it Monday. I am so behind. I won‘t be able to get to the post office today because of an all day union meeting and last week was full of prepping for a library conference. But it will be mailed priority on Monday 1mo
BethM @LibrarianRyan no worries! 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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LibrarianRyan Yeah 1mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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I didn't have a chance to say early on that I will be sending out these picks a little bit late (my goal is to send these out tomorrow) with the other picks that are ready to ship. Work and lack of sleep had gotten in the way of reading for a full hour to 2 hours each night. #lmpbc #GroupW #GroupG #GroupH @suvata @Jadams1776 @allureofbeauty @ImperfectCJ @MaleficentBookDragon @Kayla.Adriena @MeganAnn @LibrarianRyan @BethM @Moonprismpower

LibrarianRyan I totally get it! 2mo
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Rockstar & Softboy | Sina Grace
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Finished 1/3 of my lmpbc picks. The story was sweet. The writing is honest, funny, and relatable. BFFs and friendships are not perfect, and it's not always happy-go-lucky 24/7. No matter though, they're always their for you-and see when each other's point of view. Also, it has a magical girl trope right in the story. I loved it. I will definitely check out more works by this creator #lmpbc #groupg @LibrarianRyan @BethM @Moonprismpower @suvata

LibrarianRyan Yeah 2mo
Moonprismpower I‘m excited to read this! (edited) 2mo
Moonprismpower Did you write your notes on post-its directly in the book or mark the pages and have notes elsewhere? 2mo
phantomx @Moonprismpower I wrote my notes on sticky notes, and with the green post-its I placed them in the pages I really liked 2mo
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LMPBC Group G:
1)The Country without Humans
2)I'm A Wolf But my Boss is a Sheep
3)The Savoir's Bookcafe in Another World
5)Chef's Kiss
6)Rockstar and Softboy
I have a mix of GN and manga to pick from. What does everyone want to read?
@LibrarianRyan @Moonprismpower @BethM #lmpbc #groupG

LibrarianRyan I am up for any of these. I am most drown to Rockstar and Story Cafe. 3mo
Moonprismpower The rockstar is on my TBR! But anyone you select looks great! 3mo
phantomx The winner: Rockstar and Softboy 3mo
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@LibrarianRyan @phantomx @BethM
The top 4 are fiction, not all are complete series but the first volume. The bottom 3 are nonfiction memoir.
I‘ll try to tag the books if they exist in litsy. #lmpbc #groupg

LibrarianRyan Those all look great. I have read the novel between shades of grey but not the GN. So choose away. 3mo
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Moonprismpower This may not have a synopsis so you may want to look it up outside of litsy 3mo
BethM Please not the horror but the rest are all good! Crema and Laila really intrigue me but I‘d read the others as well :) (edited) 3mo
phantomx All of them look great! I'm down for which ever one 3mo
LibrarianRyan Sorry I've been away. Curious what you picked? 2mo
Moonprismpower The Many Deaths of Laila Starr. I‘ve read it once and plan to read and add notes. How do you add notes to your book? I was thinking I didn‘t want to cover up too much of the artwork but I could be overthinking it @LibrarianRyan (edited) 2mo
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Tea Dragon Society | Katie O'Neill
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This is the totality of what I own 🤷‍♀️ I know the bottom three are probably more comic style. I hope there‘s something here folks haven‘t read! #lmpbc #groupg

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LibrarianRyan I vote for rivers of london. I have been wanting to read that. However, as a librarian I do love Unshelved. 3mo
Moonprismpower Either of the top two? I‘ve read most of the below ones. 😀 3mo
LibrarianRyan Hello. curious what you picked. I've been out with other things and am just cleaning up my records. 2mo
BethM Oh sorry! I picked rivers of London-/should‘ve been more clear about that! @LibrarianRyan 2mo
LibrarianRyan @BethM Yeah., So excited. 2mo
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Sailor Moon 1 | Naoko Takeuchi
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Hello my lovely #groupG #LMPBC. I have for your selection delight
1. Sailor Moon vol 1 Eternal edition bit is SM‘s 30th anni this year.
2. Promised Neverland book 1
3.case Study of Vanitas
4. made in the Abyss
5.magus of the Library
6. Wandering Witch
7. Sing no evil.

What looks interesting to you.

phantomx My top 3 are: 2,5 & 6 3mo
BethM I‘ve never read manga and I‘ve read 5 or less graphic novels. I‘m going to be super helpful and say that the pictures and titles all sound good? Lol. 3mo
LibrarianRyan @BethM Tthat is perfectly okay. Sing No Evil is the only graphic novel. While Sailor moon appears to be a GN, it's actually manga. It's just the fancy version. This group is a great way to get your feet wet. @phantomx and i have been in this group a few times and we always read some interesting things.

Moonprismpower I will read any of them! But I have already read the sailor moon books just FYI. 3mo
LibrarianRyan Okay, so Promised Neverland it is. I'm also going to send along Sing No Evil (which I bought for the cover alone) for Beth so she can taste both a manga and GN. 3mo
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This was a reread for me. I did think it was a pretty good book, something out of my usual genre! #LMPBC #groupG @suvata
The book will be on the way soon Sarah!
@slategreyskies @Bookwormjillk @Tattooedteacher

slategreyskies Oh yay, I‘m looking forward to it! It‘s a reread for me too, but I really enjoyed it the first time around and am looking forward to reading it again. :) 4mo
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