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The Chemist | Stephenie Meyer
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My sweet bed hogs fell asleep a long time ago. Did anyone else set themselves up for an exhausting day tomorrow by reading till 1am?? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
I love/hate that this reading bug has been awakened in me again. I blame Litsy. And my husbands gift of 18 books for Christmas.
Omgeeee I thought for a while that I would dislike this book. But I. AM. Hooked. So much suspense and unknown and these characters 🙌🏻 #latenightreading #bedhogs #stephaniemyer

LibrarianRyan Once I got into it I enjoyed it. Mostly. But it took a bit. 2y
Amabear @LibrarianRyan I‘m a sucker for a love story, and I thought this book was going to be utterly romance free for a minute so I was dragging through, I‘m not usually a mystery or action reader but it started getting me into it! They just left the safe house. I‘m nervous and excited for what‘s next 😂 I wanted to keep reading but I hav responsibilities tomorrow lol. 2y
LibrarianRyan @Amabear I stayed up@way to late last night. In this book I like the action and the intrigue much better than the romance. When the romance picks up speed is where it lost me again. (edited) 2y
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New Moon | Stephenie Meyer

Read it in two days 😂 😍I have yet to reread the other two, but I‘m pretty sure this always has been and always will be my favorite in the series. The pain in this book is so relatable, so much a part of me, the characters so deeply in my soul. Tearing, memorable, healing, unbearably real despite the fantasy genre. New moon is the book you read when you can‘t move forward and need to feel it all #newmoon #stephaniemyer #breakable #romance #real

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