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When in Rome
When in Rome: Inspector Roderick Alleyn #26 | Ngaio Marsh
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In 1968 Ngaio Marsh took her own Roman holiday (in part to research Italian police procedures) and the change seems to have done her good: Both her British and U.S. agents believed When in Rome to be the finest novel in her Inspector Alleyn series. As is so often (and so satisfyingly) the case, the tale concerns a murder within a closed group in this case, a group of tourists visiting what Marsh calls the Basilica di San Tommaso, who find themselves fumbling into a complex web of blackmail and drug-smuggling. Adding some irresistible color are depictions of both La Dolce Vita (of which Marsh took a jaundiced view) and the student radicals of the day, whom she seems to have found somewhat more persuasive. All in all, a brilliant example of classic Golden Age plotting melded with a decidedly Space Age cast.
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My first Roderick Alleyn book, in fact my first Ngaio Marsh, this is #26 in the series. A little free library find, way at the end of the series but it didn't feel like I really should have started with book 1 (in any case, I already ordered the first book to start in order). In my opinion, some views were a bit dated, especially about women but the plot was good and it happened in Rome (as obvious from the title) so overall I enjoyed it.

claudiuo @TheAromaOfBooks This was my July #DoubleSpin and first check on my September #BookSpinBingo card. 10mo
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