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Girl from Munich
Girl from Munich | Tania Blanchard
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1943 ... The choices she makes will change her life forever Growing up in Hitlers Germany, Charlotte von Klein has big dreams for the future. Charlotte is excitedly making plans for a sumptuous wedding to her childhood sweetheart Heinrich while working for the Luftwaffe, proudly giving her all for the Fatherland. But in 1943, the tide of the war is turning against Germany, and Lottes life of privilege and comfort is collapsing around her. As Hitlers Reich abandons Germany and the country falls to the Allied forces, Lotte flees from the unfolding chaos to the country with the darkly attractive Erich Drescher, her Luftwaffe superior. Amid the danger, pain and heartbreak of a country turning on itself, Lotte must forge a new life for herself. But as the country struggles to find its future, shadows of the past come rushing back and Lotte finds herself questioning everything she has fought for in love, duty and freedom. A sweeping tale of love and loss in wartime Germany, inspired by a true story.
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Girl from Munich | Tania Blanchard
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This is what I call a ‘Comfortable Old Pair of Slippers‘ kind of book 😀. It‘s fairly predictable, comfortable, doesn‘t make you think too much, and is an easy read. I read it in a day and enjoyed it. A well written, easy, page turner.

Girl from Munich | Tania Blanchard
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#ReadingResolutions Day 29: My time in Munich in 2015 (one week), 2016 (10 weeks), 2017 (seven weeks), while technically is time for research - was more like a #Vacation for me than anything else. I took this photo of the River Wurm which happens to be around seven minutes away from the place where I was staying. I am captivated by the city. My heart longs for it each day. 🌈💞❤️

Sisasuku What a beautiful and peaceful picture :) If you want we can meet the next time you're in Munich -IIive I Iive in Kirchseeon, a town a bit to the southeast. 2y
Louise Ah, Munich is so lovely! 2y
GatheringBooks @Sisasuku that would be awesome! i am still in denial that i won‘t get to come this year. but who knows? there just might be a miracle, and the library might ask for me for the white ravens festival. that is like shooting for the moon, but no harm in wishing. :) 2y
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GatheringBooks @Louise absolutely. :) 😍 2y
Cathythoughts I‘ve been to Munich 2x. In the snow. I really loved it & it‘s such a perfect size ... we hope to go again 🙏🏻 2y
GatheringBooks @Cathythoughts oh that‘s the thing - i‘ve never been to munich during the winter! always, always during the summer (june-july period). i am sure it must be freezing during the winter months. 2y
Cathythoughts It is freezing ( I love that ) in winter. All the wooly clothes & snow falling. I see from your pic it is beautiful in summer ❤️ 2y
LauraBeth Wow - this is beautiful! 2y
LitLogophile Munich !! ❤️❤️ 2y
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Girl from Munich | Tania Blanchard
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Ready to go explore Munich!

Itchyfeetreader Enjoy - I was there last week. v beautiful 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks What brand camera? I have a Nikond3000, but I need a new one!!! Have fun!!! Post lots of pics! Love your socks!! 2y
Melissa_J Make sure to visit the Hofbräuhaus. Other than the Marienplatz that is the only place I remember from my (very) short visit to Munich. 2y
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JPeterson @Itchyfeetreader It‘s been great - and tomorrow the Christmas Market opens! 2y
JPeterson @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Its a Canon 5D Mark II. I love it, though wouldn‘t say no to an upgrade to the Mark IV. 🙂 2y
JPeterson @Melissa_J We ended up there for dinner, so perfect! 😜🍻 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you!!!! 😊😊 2y
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