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I prefer AP Style, but I‘ll defend your right to use the Oxford Comma. I run places and read things. I ❤️ cats 😻 and dogs 🐶 and Lauren Groff is my Literary Queen.
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Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow
Fleabag: The Scriptures | Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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When you go back to work full-time after 4 1/2 years and you‘re exhausted because you kinda know the industry you‘re in but you kinda don‘t so there‘s a learning curve - and on your first day, you find THIS waiting for you from your BFF - who also held my hand this entire year while I looked for job. I wish everyone could have a @MicheleinPhilly in their life. Friendship is also a love story. ❤️

The BFG is neglected now that I‘m gone all day! 😹

TrishB She‘s an awesome friend ❤️ good luck!! 2h
Suet624 I have so many questions about your new job! What a spectacular friend and a terrific gift. 2h
KarenUK Wishing you all the luck in the world! 💕💕💕.... and what an awesome gift! 1h
MicheleinPhilly 😘😘😘 now
Nute This is a BEAUTIFUL post! Good luck with your new job. I couldn‘t agree more with your statement about friendship.💕 Today I celebrate you and your friend, @MicheleinPhilly and your lovely friendship!💖 now
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TrishB Clever 😁 1w
CoffeeCatsBooks 😹😹😹 1w
ravenlee Looks like The Very Hungry Cat...erpillar 1w
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Branwen Ahahahaha! 😸 1w
MicheleinPhilly Oh Big Fat Guy, never change. 1w
saresmoore Bahaha! @ravenlee Yes, spot on! 1w
sprainedbrain 😂😂😂 1w
Bookzombie 💕🐱 1w
LeahBergen He‘s so awesome 😆😆😆 1w
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The Most Fun We Ever Had | Claire Lombardo
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That‘s right - large print! 🤓

MicheleinPhilly How are you outside voluntarily??? I‘m like a popsicle right now. 1w
LauraBeth @micheleinphilly I'm on tennis ball duty with Bitsy. 😝 1w
Megabooks Nice!! Looking forward to what you think about it. I‘m on the fence. 1w
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Cathythoughts Look forward to your thoughts on this one 👍🏻❤️ 1w
Sace I need large print more than I care to admit. I need to learn to embrace it. 3d
Suet624 Haha. It‘s a shorter wait list for large print books. 23h
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I‘m committed to the 2017 version of me who wanted to read this. 😀

marleed That‘s funny! 1w
LeahBergen 😆😆 1w
Librariana I think I felt like the 2017 version of @MicheleinPhilly - just kinda "meh" about it. But! It did make me crave pizza and I think you should treat yourself to some of that! 1w
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MicheleinPhilly I still tip too much. 1w
cathipink I'm *really* excited for her next book, out in May 2020. I still haven't read this one yet - I need to prioritize it. 1w
LauraBeth @cathipink I had no idea she had a new book coming in 2020! 🙀 I just read the synopsis and it sounds great. 1w
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly 😂 I‘m sure 2019 me will think this is meh but every year me is excited for pizza! @Librariana (edited) 1w
LauraBeth @LeahBergen please give Johnny Bergen a belly rub from me 😍 1w
ValerieAndBooks Wow. 2 years in Litsy years feel like one month in human time! Hope that made sense 😂 1w
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Do you have any favorite books that have helped you with productivity or habits?

Eyelit I don‘t - but atomic habits sounds awesome! 1w
charl08 I like Burkeman on reading things with a pinch of salt, and Suzy Orbach for permission to think about food differently. 1w
Sace Honestly I don't. Thinking about it, I'm not very sure how important productivity is to me. I'm kinda lazy. 1w
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Bookish.SAM I find my procrastinating ways gets in the way of my productivity. I read this recently and quite liked it. Practical. 1w
MelissaSue81 I‘m generally not a fan of self help books but I did like the original happiness project book, her other books were a bit too preachy for me. I liked one called Unfuck Your Habitat for cleaning/organizing 1w
LauraBeth @Eyelit It‘s good so far! 1w
LauraBeth @charl08 I‘m going to go down a rabbit hole later and read about them bc I‘m not familiar with them! 🐰 1w
LauraBeth @Sace oh I‘m a Taurus - I know all about being lazy! 😂 1w
LauraBeth @Bookish.SAM I‘m stacking that bc procrastination is probably my number one flaw. 📚 1w
LauraBeth @MelissaSue81 I agree that she can be preachy. A few months back, Amanda Nelson from BookRiot posted an IG story that showed a passage from an upcoming arc from Rubin - and it was this blanket insult to southerners. She‘s not just preachy but she comes off as elitist AF. I‘ll look into Unfuck Your Habitat. 1w
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Antoni in the Kitchen | Antoni Porowski
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Creepin‘ on someone‘s library holds because I‘m super jealous! 🥑🍋🧀🥖🍖

Sharpeipup I‘ve done that before... 2w
Leftcoastzen 😂😂😂❤️ 2w
Librariana I got to add this one to the catalog about a week ago and we all took turns flipping through the pages and admiring his cutey-pa-tooteyness 😁😊 2w
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LauraBeth @Sharpeipup I‘m always stalking others‘ holds 😬 1w
LauraBeth @Leftcoastzen guess I‘ll have to put it on hold now...😂 1w
LauraBeth @librariana he is such a cutie patooty 😊 (edited) 1w
Suet624 Hahaha. I do that all the time. 23h
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March Sisters: On Life, Death, and Little Women: A Library of America Special Publication | Jane Smiley, Kate Bolick, Jenny Zhang, Carmen Maria Machado
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Banana bread - because @Cinfhen . And coffee and books. The husband has to take an 8 hour driving class today because he got a speeding ticket and then leaves at 5 am tomorrow for a business trip to Minneapolis, where the high temp tomorrow is 19 degrees. I‘m just gonna read and try not piss off whichever god he managed to piss off

Cinfhen Oh, that looks heavenly 😇😇offer the banana bread to the Gods xx I‘m sure it‘ll score you some extra points 😉 2w
MicheleinPhilly 8 hours?? He‘s gonna be CRANKY. 2w
marleed Poor guy! 2w
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LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly He is so cranky about it! 😂 2w
LauraBeth @marleed I think he‘s excited to have a bed to himself for a few days though - so there‘s a silver lining! 2w
LauraBeth @Cinfhen and by gods you mean Bitsy, right? 😂 2w
Cinfhen Hahaha😁 yes!!! 2w
AlaMich No option for online driving school? I did that...boring as all hell but at least you can be bored in your PJs. 2w
LauraBeth @alamich For some reason there was no option for online driving school. 2w
Suet624 Oh boy. Poor hubby. 23h
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The weekend.

Kappadeemom Good grief! You planning on sleeping?? 😂 2w
RealBooks4ever Looking forward to your review of The Starless Sea! 💜 2w
LauraBeth @Kappadeemom 😂😂 I‘ve been up since 4! Was supposed to run the 5k at Mercedes-Benz this morning and then was like, “Do I feel like driving downtown for a 5k? Nah...” (edited) 2w
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LauraBeth @RealBooks4ever I‘m anxious to read it! 2w
Prairiegirl_reading Over the top is really good. I ❤️ JVN. 2w
Sace I wouldn't feel like running even if a bear was after me. 2w
LauraBeth @Prairiegirl_reading me too - I may or may not watch him feed his cats most every morning on Instagram. 😹 2w
LauraBeth @Sace 😂 that is the husband‘s view as well! 2w
Prairiegirl_reading @LauraBeth lol! I absolutely do!! 😹😹😹😹 2w
DrexEdit I lose all self-control in the library. I can't go in there very often. 😂 😄 2w
Branwen YAAAAASSSSS!!!! 2w
LauraBeth Same @DrexEdit! Same 😹 2w
LauraBeth @Branwen 😂😂 2w
Kappadeemom @LauraBeth I‘ve been up since 5. I had a Heart Walk that I managed in Panama City, so I feel ya. I am doing nothing but read tomorrow. 2w
LeahBergen Robert!! 😍 2w
julesG @DrexEdit come to my library, you'll want to donate a crate full of books, which, unfortunately, they won't accept. because they only accept books in mint condition and published within the last 6 months. 😑 2w
LauraBeth @LeahBergen Robert with the golden eyes 😹 2w
DrexEdit @julesG does your library not buy enough new books? 😨 Most of my read books go to the Friends Of the Library group for their booksales. Another dangerous place to go. 😊 2w
LauraBeth @julesg my library won‘t take ANY donated books. 2w
julesG @DrexEdit Oh, they buy lots of books in German, but books in English are limited to the "usual" lot (Agatha Christy, Austen, Shakespeare, Grisham, Elizabeth George, Kinsella,...). I've offered them books, but the books were about 8 months past the publishing date and, although in good as new condition, the library didn't want them. 2w
julesG Laura, that's just as awful. 2w
DrexEdit @julesG @LauraBeth wow. I confess I don't know our library's donation policy. That just seems wasteful though! 2w
LauraBeth @julesG, @drexedit I do pay the county almost $4,000 every year in property taxes and from that, the library gets a piece. Last time I checked, the county gave the libraries an annual budget of $20 million dollars - so I‘m guessing they may not need donations since they seem to be well funded from taxes. They also don‘t have book sales. (edited) 2w
julesG @LauraBeth Wow, seems like someone in your county values books and education! 2w
valeriegeary Look at this gorgeous stack! 😍 2w
rubyslippersreads 😻📚😻📚😻 2w
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Washington: A Life | Ron Chernow
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Dear Ron Chernow,

Women are not prey and should never be stalked like game animals by anyone.

Also - to infer that a woman‘s financial status is what makes her some big game trophy (in your misogynistic view) is gross. And dumb.

I‘d actually send this to you but you seem the type who‘d slide into my DMs and start sexting me by mentioning your Pulitzer and then asking to see my ample bosom.

You‘re gross.

MicheleinPhilly I love you. 2w
BarbaraBB You‘re the best! ‘By mentioning your Pulitzer‘ 😂. But honestly, what kind of book IS this?? It‘s really gross. 2w
KathyWheeler 😳 That is awful! I think I have this book; now I‘m not sure I want to read it. 2w
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kspenmoll OMG you are marvelous!!! Right with you on this! 2w
ljuliel I get where you‘re coming from, but he IS writing about the mid 1700s. You can‘t expect him to write that George Washington was politically correct. I highly doubt ANY men were back then, unless they were DEAD. 2w
LauraBeth @ljuliel I can understand reading history through a lens, but these aren‘t Washington‘s words - they are Chernow‘s. He chose to use these words in 2010 - he wasn‘t quoting Washington. 2w
ljuliel Yea, I get that, but back in those days men, especially men of his class, were always looking to “ marry up” to get a rich lady so they‘d own more land, property, etc. Ladies were sometimes in the category of Possessions. I think if I recall, the author was privy to a lot of private papers, letters, etc. I think he was trying to make the book as factual as possible . I think women had it pretty bad back in those days. Most husbands had 👇🏼 2w
ljuliel either mistresses, slave women and girls they Took for the Pleasure, and most times the wives knew it. It just wasn‘t a good time to be a female. So I don‘t think the author necessarily has these same beliefs, I think he‘s trying to get into Washington‘s head. I‘ve read maybe 1/4 of this so far , and Washington really didn‘t sound like a very likable guy. I think that‘s how he is written in the book. 2w
LauraBeth @KathyWheeler I‘d say go ahead and read it bc you‘ll read it from a different perspective than me and that‘s always the amazing thing about stories and books. @ljuliel can bring her perspective, I can bring mine, you can bring yours - and the thoughts that we have about the book may never intersect - or they may. This is what I think is always great about book clubs and buddy reads - everyone can bring their unique point of view to the table. 2w
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly, @BarbaraBB, @kspenmoll I shouldn‘t be reading this along with Ryan Farrow‘s Catch and Kill... 2w
CoverToCoverGirl I agree with @ljuliel .. women were considered chattel in those times so men actually did “hunt” for wealthy widows or heiresses so they could marry up, I think he is realistically telling it as it was then. 2w
LauraBeth @CoverToCoverGirl I do understand historical context but this is about Chernow‘s writing. He could have just as easily said something like: “He began to set his sights on marrying into an aristocracy.” in lieu of “...stalking bigger game.” (edited) 2w
CoverToCoverGirl As you stated above it is so very interesting how each individual can bring their point of view to the table - and it certainly gets people talking - which I love. 2w
saresmoore Ew. 2w
BarbaraBB I definitely agree with you, the way he writes has got nothing to do with the context of the 17th century. Chernow is enjoying expressing himself like this, you can feel that in all the choices he makes to describe women. It‘s loathsome. 2w
sprainedbrain Gross. 2w
Sace 👏👏👏👏 And I agree there was no call for that phrasing from a modern author. 2w
ValerieAndBooks Chernow certainly could have worded this better even if he was reflecting Washington ‘s actual attitude. As for the earlier comment he made about low cut gowns showing bosom, it was around the time of history that many women wore low cut gowns. Even Cokie Roberts pointed that out in her works and she‘s a female author. 2w
LauraBeth @ValerieAndBooks that‘s a valid point about the gowns during that time. 1w
ValerieAndBooks I read this one (and Hamilton) when they first came out...so am appreciating your perspective. When I pick up Grant (someday 😂) am curious what tone Chernow will bring to it! 1w
LauraBeth @ValerieAndBooks I should probably cut Chernow some slack since I‘m reading this along with Ryan Farrow‘s Catch And Kill 😹 1w
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This is by the author who wrote one of my favorite running books, Born To Run. You‘re going to look at this title and cover and think, really? A true story about a donkey with the heart of a hero? PASS. But I‘m here for Sherman‘s transformation/second chance/underdog story. #heartwarming

Sace I don't know. Hero donkey sounds good. 😁 2w
Leftcoastzen I love the cat cluster!😻 2w
Kappadeemom I think I saw something about this in Runners World. She‘s actually runs with him on a leash, right?? 2w
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LauraBeth @Kappadeemom here‘s video that shows them running https://youtu.be/VxUzf2cwTN4 2w
LauraBeth @Leftcoastzen I can‘t believe they all really like each other! 😹 2w
LauraBeth @Sace I always have time for a hero donkey 😂 2w
Sace I've got the Bonnie Tyler song in my head now 🤣 2w
JenReadsAlot I want in that snuggle pile! 2w
Amiable That basket of kitty cuteness—OMG! 🥰 2w
Kappadeemom @LauraBeth Thanks. I needed a smile today 🥰 2w
LauraBeth @sace 😹😹 2w
LauraBeth @Amiable I finally found a balance of cats who all like one another! 🙌 2w
Hoopiefoot I was “meh” about this book until I saw the cover and now I‘m so excited to read it! #herodonkey 2w
Annl When I lived in the Canary Islands, we had a pet donkey called Ramon. It was an amazing experience. He and a dog we rescued were best friends! And love the cat photo! 2w
QuietlyLaura Kitty snuggle puddle! 😻😻😻❤️ 2w
LauraBeth @Hoopiefoot same! 😂 2w
LauraBeth @Annl I think “When I lived in the Canary Islands, we had a pet donkey called Ramon.” should be the first sentence of your memoir. 💕 2w
LauraBeth @QuietlyLaura always the sign that it‘s getting colder! 😹 2w
Simona Poor Bitsy ... it‘s her bed‼️ Or not anymore? 2w
LauraBeth @Simona 😹 You‘re the only who noticed that is (was?) Bitsy‘s bed! 2w
Simona Kudos to her for patience❣️ 2w
LeahBergen They‘re all together! 😩❤️😩 2w
LauraBeth @LeahBergen they all actually like one another! 😹 2w
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Washington: A Life | Ron Chernow
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I re-wrote this passage for Chernow:

“Reconstructions of Sally‘s life offered by her friends and family through letters, reveal that Sally was well-read, fluent in French and she wished to be thought of by her intellect, character and personality - not by her looks or her boobs.” - LauraBeth

TrishB 😂😂 job for life 2w
MicheleinPhilly 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 2w
Jas16 🙌🏽 2w
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Chrissyreadit 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 2w
saresmoore YES 2w
Lindy 😁 2w
readordierachel EXCELLENT rewrite 2w
Balibee146 🙌🙌🙌🙌 2w
merelybookish Well done! ("ample expanse of bosom" ??) 2w
youneverarrived 😂😂 2w
BarbaraBB 👌 Perfect! 2w
cathipink I wish publishers would start editing for this sort of crap. Never once have I read history and thought, 'But what were her boobs like?' 😒🙄🙄🙄 2w
Hooked_on_books Excellent! You should be his editor. 2w
Hooked_on_books And I‘m gonna guess there‘s not a single description of a man including his codpiece or his “ample bulge.” 2w
Clare-Dragonfly 😂😂😂 2w
Bookzombie 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2w
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Washington: A Life | Ron Chernow
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After I read American Royals, I realized that I know nothing about George Washington. So I started reading this 1,000 page bio and now I can‘t stop. I am also now engaging the husband with sentences that begin with: “Did you know that George Washington...” Also - Chernow uses big words and is making me realize the shortcomings and limitations of my own vocabulary. I feel like my Kindle is going to blurt out: “Again? You need the dictionary AGAIN?”

4thhouseontheleft I do the same thing to my hubby when I read this. 😄 2w
ValerieAndBooks You know an author has done their job making history interesting when you find yourself having to share right when reading! I read this many years ago. He‘s a good biographer!! 2w
KarenUK Love the kindle dictionary function! 🤓.... also loving those sun-worshippers! 🐶🐱🐱☀️ 2w
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ljuliel He goes into so much detail. I wonder how long it took him to do all the research for this ? I‘ve started it but a long ways to go. 2w
Mollyanna I loved this book. Chernow does a fabulous job of brining history to life. I hope you enjoy the remainder. Love the fur babies lazing in the sun 😍 2w
ChasingOm I was reading a physical book a few days ago and found myself wishing for the dictionary option. 🤣 2w
saresmoore Kindles are so judgey! 2w
Bette Sunbeams are the best! ☀️🐶🐱🐱 2w
MayJasper Good for you. Sounds a good biography 2w
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You've Got Tail | Renee George
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Got your tail!

erzascarletbookgasm 😁 and I love your bookshelf! 2w
MeganAnn 😂😻 adorable! 2w
MicheleinPhilly Big Fattie wants to know if books are edible. 2w
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Megabooks 😁😁😁😁💕 2w
Balibee146 🐈🐈❤️❤️ 2w
Cinfhen Love this photo and that bookcase 😍 2w
Bookzombie I love this photo and how you are pointing out the many library books on the table. 📚📚💕🐱🐱 2w
rubyslippersreads 😹😹😹 2w
Branwen So many things to love about this picture! 😻💕📚 2w
BarbaraBB The library books 📚 😂 2w
LibrarianRyan 😁 😁 😁 2w
Soubhiville What a fun picture. 😻😹 2w
saresmoore 😁♥️ 2w
Sace 😻 2w
sprainedbrain 😹 at the ‘library holds‘ 2w
LeahBergen 😆😆 2w
LauraBeth @erzascarletbookgasm, @cinfhen that bookshelf is pushing 20 years old! The cats use it as their scratching post 😹 2w
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly everything is edible to Big Chonky 😹 2w
LauraBeth @LeahBergen I need more Johnny pics!! 2w
LauraBeth @saresmoore I want to get nice bookshelves like yours, but the cats use this one as their scratching post...😹 2w
LauraBeth @Bookzombie, @BarbaraBB, @sprainedbrain I‘ve made peace with my library hold situation - despite my family telling me that I need to get a handle on it! 😹 2w
saresmoore This is why we can‘t have nice things! 😸 2w
mabell Perfect photo! 😂 2w
Cinfhen How‘s your shelf reorganization going @saresmoore 2w
Cinfhen And yes, more #JohnnyBergen photos @LeahBergen 2w
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Washington: A Life | Ron Chernow
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If only George had been a KarJenner.

MicheleinPhilly This is all sorts of wrong. 2w
Sace I will refrain from comment as you probably don't want profanity on your feed 😡 2w
LauraBeth @Sace oh I don‘t care about profanity! 2w
Sace @LauraBeth 🤣cause seriously WTF with this? 2w
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Catch and Kill | Ronan Farrow
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BBooks Do let us know how it is, very curious 👀 2w
Lifeisasnap Me too. Review it. 2w
AlaMich You really do reign over a peaceable kingdom! 👸 (edited) 2w
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LauraBeth @AlaMich I got lucky with this crew! 2w
KimM This book was incredible. Bonus: Ronan reads the Audible and does accents. 2w
UwannaPublishme You‘re in such good company when you read! 😺😺😺🐶 2w
LauraBeth @KimM Oohh - I didn‘t know he read the audio! I love Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovitt! 2w
LauraBeth @UwannaPublishme I definitely feel fortunate that everyone gets along! 😹 2w
KimM Yes! He reads War on Peace as well. 2w
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Cilka's Journey | Heather Morris
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Book publishing folks: “Let‘s make sure we NEVER show women‘s faces on covers - thanks!”

Prairiegirl_reading I noticed this at a recent trip to the bookstore. Almost half the books on the new release rack had women facing away. Annoying. 3w
sblbooks So true,why is that? 3w
llwheeler So true eh 🙄 And if the face is there, it's looking away from the viewer. And if it is looking at the viewer, it's half cut off. 3w
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saresmoore Ha! So weird. 3w
Annl I think they talked about it on the bookriot podcast before but I don‘t remember what they said. 🙃 3w
marleed It kinda drives me crazy. When I read one with such a cover - and I just did - I find my expectations for liking it is impacted negatively. The story has to work it‘s way out - and my current didn‘t! 3w
Sharpeipup It does seem to be a trend. 3w
ValerieAndBooks That, or “headless” women !! 2w
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Bookstore in Southern Appalachia...

cathipink My parents had a few of these.... I want to check one out sometime. Have you read any? 3w
Crazeedi Oh my take me back!!! 3w
Blaire A friend who was in town visiting just bought one of these at our local bookstore. (I‘m in WV). 3w
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mrsmarch I am unfamiliar with these because my Appalachian heritage was swamped by Yankee upbringing, but I am trying to uncover more. I might have to scare some up for my Christmas wish list. 3w
LauraBeth @cathipink I haven‘t but I did buy a volume yesterday! 3w
LauraBeth @Crazeedi did you grow up in southern Appalachia? 3w
LauraBeth @Blaire I bought an edition after leading through it! It looks interesting 😀 3w
LauraBeth @mrsmarch 😂😂 I feel like I grew up knowing about Foxfire but I never paid much attention to it! I think you‘ll enjoy it! 3w
Crazeedi @LauraBeth no, but on the edge of northern Appalachia, and I had several of the foxfire books when I was younger, not sure if I still do or got rid of them in my many moves 3w
Suet624 Oh! I had some of those when I lived on the commune. 2w
LauraBeth @Suet624 I‘m just over here anxiously waiting for your biography! 2w
Suet624 @LauraBeth I just started chuckling thinking of some of the commune events. I‘m hoping to leave crib notes for the kids in case they want to know what I was up to. For some reason they don‘t really ask very many questions. 2w
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All This Could Be Yours | Jami Attenberg
post image

Megabooks I want to know how this book goes!! If you can ever get cutie to surrender it! 3w
Soubhiville So handsome. But it seems he‘s holding your book hostage... 3w
Mitch Ahhhh... cutie pie 3w
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TNbookworm 😻 3w
Leftcoastzen 😻❤️ 3w
Balibee146 Gorgeous 🐈❤️ 3w
Bette Perfect pic 🐱❤️👍 3w
Hollie 😻😻😻 3w
LauraJ That is one content cat! 3w
LauraBeth @Megabooks 😹👍 I‘ve been looking forward to reading it! 3w
LauraBeth @Soubhiville he‘s a handsome boy but definitely thinks books aren‘t for reading! 😹 3w
LauraBeth @Mitch 😊😊 3w
LauraBeth @Balibee146 awww - thanks! 😽 3w
LauraBeth @Bette he‘s a ham! 😹 3w
LauraBeth @hollie I‘ll try putting Christmas pjs on him and will let you know how it goes! 😹 3w
LauraBeth @LauraJ SO content! 😹 3w
Hollie @LauraBeth 😂 yes, please keep me posted! 3w
kspenmoll Sweetie cat! 😻 3w
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The Heavens | Sandra Newman
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“I noticed that you had Reese‘s Peanut Butter cups for breakfast...”

Did y‘all know that every single person on Litsy who has reviewed this has rated it a “Pick”?

Soubhiville That‘s quite an accomplishment! Now I have to stack it! 3w
ravenlee Every move you make, every bite you take, I‘ll be watching (and judging) you... 3w
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Supper Club | Lara Williams
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“You can read or you can throw my ball...” 🎾

Cinfhen Hi Bitsy !!!! 💓💓💓 4w
LauraBeth Bitsy says 👋👋 Cindy! 😘 @Cinfhen 4w
TrishB Hi Bitsy 🐶😘 4w
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DGRachel Bitsy! Drop the book and throw the ball! 4w
batsy Bitsy! ❤️ 4w
LauraBeth Bitsy says hi (6 days later bc she‘s slow!) 👋👋 @TrishB 3w
LauraBeth @DGRachel Poor Bitsy! 😹 3w
LauraBeth @batsy 😊😊 3w
DGRachel Oh no! 😭😭 Bailey would trade places with Bitsy, though, since you take her on runs with you. I. Don‘t. Run. 😆 3w
LauraBeth @DGRachel 🤣🤣 3w
UwannaPublishme 😂😂😂 3w
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American Royals | Katharine McGee
post image

This book will be missed by a lot of people bc it‘s YA. But try it if you like:
- historical fiction
- alternate histories
- world building (but more in the realm of historical context rather than sci-fi/fantasy)

It definitely has YA tropes, but McGee is a really good writer. She‘s detailed and you can tell she did a lot of research to craft this story. This is the first in a series, so don‘t be mad if the ending isn‘t wrapped up in a bow.

MicheleinPhilly Fatty looking at Bitsy like she‘s a snack. 🐷🐷🐷 1mo
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly 😹😹 😹 1mo
Brewychock48 Putting on my tbr list 1mo
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saresmoore Sounds delightful! 1mo
Ashley_Nicoletto This one is on my holds list at the library and I‘m anxiously awaiting it. 1mo
ValerieAndBooks I read the library ebook sample, and love the concept. Unfortunately the hold estimate is approximately 17 weeks ☹️. Hopefully it‘ll come up sooner than that. Or I‘ll come across it used before then. 1mo
LauraBeth @Brewychock48 Hope you enjoy it! 1mo
LauraBeth @saresmoore it was surprisingly more delightful than I thought it was going to be! 1mo
LauraBeth @Ashley_Nicoletto I think this is up your alley and that you‘ll enjoy it! 1mo
LauraBeth @ValerieAndBooks it‘s a pretty quick read so hopefully, you won‘t have to wait TOO long for it! 1mo
Sace I'm laser focused on a dog and cat and thinking "yes. They definitely use the royal we." 1mo
LauraBeth @sace I‘m going to start calling them that! 😹 1mo
Centique Sounds like some of my favourite things! 4w
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Not Like the Movies | Kerry Winfrey
post image

Waiting For Tom Hanks fans - coming July 7th!

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Marilou Is Everywhere | Sarah Smith
post image

Starting this one while The BFG is all “If I fits, I sits.” I‘m not going to tell him that he does not fit...🤫

CaroPi Boxes are the best friend for a cat 1mo
OriginalCyn620 That‘s so adorable! ❤️🐱 1mo
LeahBergen 😆😆 He has the sweetest face! 1mo
See All 7 Comments
LauraBeth @LeahBergen 😺 He‘s such a sweet cat! He loves everyone! 1mo
LauraBeth @CaroPi and bags! 1mo
Balibee146 He's so adorable ❤️❤️😻 1mo
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I Miss You When I Blink: Essays | Mary Laura Philpott
post image

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Meh. This didn‘t really land with me. I didn‘t read anything in here that I haven‘t already read a million times. I‘ll say what no one else wants to say: Ann Patchett is her boss and she‘s very fortunate to have gotten a big signal boost from her. Big applause for the PR team behind this book! If you haven‘t read a lot of white-lady-post-40-I-KNOW-I‘m-privileged-but-I‘m-gonna-whine-about-my-life-anyway-books, you can put this on your TBR.

Becker Same experience here. I ended up bailing on it. It just had nothing to offer me. 1mo
QuietlyLaura I wanna know what your two fur buddies are watching so intently! 😍☺️ 1mo
DGRachel I almost choked on my lunch when I read the last line of your review! 😂 1mo
See All 13 Comments
LeahBergen Are they staring at Robert? 😆😆 1mo
Hooked_on_books Oh damn, I love your candor! 😆 1mo
LauraBeth @Becker, @DGRachel, @Hooked_on_books I feel badly about my honesty about it bc I do think that everyone‘s voice is important, regardless of who you are. We all bring significant and valuable things to a conversation. But sometimes when I read something, I just wish the author had gone deeper bc sometimes that‘s where the real story lies (or had bothered to look at the world around her and not just at her place in it).
LauraBeth @LeahBergen of course! 😹😹 1mo
LauraBeth @QuietlyLaura they were looking at the annoying kitten, Robert 😹 1mo
DGRachel Nothing wrong with being honest. The book didn‘t work for you and you explained why without being nasty. It was also funny, and I appreciated the laugh. 😘 1mo
Hooked_on_books I‘m with @DGRachel ! Plus, you should never feel badly about honesty. There are far too many privileged people with blinders on in this world and they should be called out. I would find this book maddening, too. 1mo
Suet624 I have to say that the cover of the book kept me away from it. Thanks for taking one for the team. 1mo
LauraBeth @Suet624 😂😂 The cover is terrible! 1mo
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Ducks, Newburyport | Lucy Ellmann
post image

I actually think this has a good shot at winning! 😀

auntie_jenn did you finish? i picked it up at B&N and was a wee bit intimidated 🥺 1mo
LauraBeth @auntie_jenn I have about 200 pages to go! You‘ll know within 3-4 pages if you‘ll like it or not. Give it a go! 1mo
auntie_jenn wii do...thanks for the suggestion 😉 1mo
TheLudicReader My son keeps looking at this one at Indigo. 1mo
LauraBeth @theludicreader tell him to get it! 😀 1mo
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Ducks, Newburyport | Lucy Ellmann
post image

#BFCr2 Week 1 Check-In: Didn‘t run as much as I wanted but I did have some quality time in the woods and in the gym! @Kaylamburson @Blaire @MaleficentBookDragon

Cinfhen How‘s Ducks going?? 1mo
Kaylamburson Great week @LauraBeth !!! Congrats and keep at it! That's so awesome! 1mo
LauraBeth @Cinfhen I‘m liking it but I‘m doing a buddy read with it, so that‘s probably making it more enjoyable. 1mo
LauraBeth Thanks @Kaylamburson 😊 1mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌 A great first week! 1mo
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I Miss You When I Blink: Essays | Mary Laura Philpott
post image

britt_brooke I liked this one! Hope you enjoy. 1mo
LauraBeth @britt_brooke I read half of it yesterday and LOVE it! 1mo
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post image

Nevermoor fans - release date: March 10, 2020 ❤️

Centique Yay! I‘m loving reading this series to my son. 1mo
LauraBeth @Centique It‘s so fun! 1mo
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Green Eyes | A. Birnbaum
post image

I haven‘t been on Litsy much lately because I‘ve been experiencing some issues with my phone screen being too sensitive while using the app. I can‘t seem to scroll thru without every single link and every single hashtag launching on every post. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Grey Cat says 👋

AmyG Beautiful cat! 1mo
ChasingOm Yes! I thought it was just me. 😂 1mo
Amiable Yes! It just started with my phone in the last day or so. I‘m wondering if it‘s because of running the newest update on my iPhone. 1mo
See All 24 Comments
Sace I'm on android and I've had no issues. Beautiful kitty! 1mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Yes, it seems to have started with the iOS 13 update for me. Sooo frustrating! 1mo
tournevis No issue on Android 1mo
BarbaraBB I haven‘t got the iOS 13 update yet and no problems using Litsy. It sounds super frustrating. 1mo
LauraJ Yes...when I updated my iPhone. 1mo
Lcsmcat Yes, when I updated my iOS to 13. It‘s annoying isn‘t it? 1mo
Clare-Dragonfly Yup, definitely the iOS update. 😑 1mo
Clare-Dragonfly I just posted about it in the Facebook group (Onward Litsy!), so that the developers might hear about it. 1mo
Slajaunie Same here! 1mo
sprainedbrain Yes, it‘s terrible. Hi, Kitty! 😃 1mo
LauraBeth Thanks @amyg 😊 1mo
LauraBeth @ChasingOm, @amiable, @BarbaraTheBibliophage, @LauraJ, @Lcsmcat, @Slajaunie, @sprainedbrain Hopefully, it‘s something minor that can be fixed soon! 1mo
LauraBeth Thanks @Clare-Dragonfly! 1mo
LauraBeth @tournevis it seems to be an iOS problem ☹️ 1mo
LauraBeth @BarbaraBB it is super frustrating ☹️ Hopefully, it can be fixed soon! 1mo
Leftcoastzen Pretty kitty !last iOS started this issue, if I scroll through Litsy, I try to have my finger on the photo in post for scrolling 1mo
Hooked_on_books As soon as my phone did the latest software update, it‘s been doing this to me. It‘s driving me nuts! I have to watch carefully where I place my thumb when I scroll. 🙄 1mo
tournevis @LauraBeth I can see that, yeah. Strange thing. 1mo
LeahBergen Hello, Grey Cat! 😘😘 1mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen Grey Cat said you‘re her favorite 😘 1mo
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post image

Here are my goals for #BFCr4. I‘m excited to be cheering on my team: @Kaylamburson @Blaire and @MaleficentBookDragon

P.S. I am SO glad that it finally feels like Fall in the South! 🍁🍂 That‘s going to make this challenge a lot easier 😀

kspenmoll 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉 2mo
Kaylamburson Yesss!!! You got this! 2mo
TheSpineView 👍👍👍 2mo
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 2mo
Blaire Awesome goals! 2mo
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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
post image

“He's proof that it doesn't matter where you come from or who your family is. Sweetheart, you're proof too.”

Leftcoastzen 😻 2mo
tapgurl Awww cute cat! 2mo
CoffeeCatsBooks Poised for some chin scratches 😻 2mo
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post image

Sunday reading 🐶😻😻😻

Melissa_J Looks like they all had a rough weekend 😂 (edited) 2mo
kspenmoll Parallel snoozing! 2mo
valeriegeary Oh my gosh. 😍 2mo
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JenReadsAlot Cuteness! 2mo
Bookzombie Love! They look so relaxed. 💕🐶🐱🐱🐱 2mo
Kappadeemom The boxes 😂😂 2mo
LeahBergen 😂😂😂 2mo
UwannaPublishme Wish I could relax like that! 😁 2mo
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Notes from a Young Black Chef: A Memoir | Joshua David Stein, Kwame Onwuachi
post image

One of the librarians at the library put this book in my hands and said I‘d love it.

Leftcoastzen 😻kitty tongue! 2mo
jesseastin Can‘t wait to hear what you think of it! 2mo
Johanna414 I love when that happens! They‘re usually right! 2mo
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LauraBeth @leftcoastzen that almost never happens with him! 😻 2mo
LauraBeth @jesseastin I'm on Chapter 4 and so far I really like it! 2mo
LauraBeth @johanna414 I trust librarians! You're correct - they're usually right! 2mo
cathipink I'm on the waiting list for the audio - curious to hear what you think! I enjoyed him on Top Chef 🙂🙂 2mo
LauraBeth @cathipink I completely missed his Top Chef season 🙀 so now I can‘t wait to watch it! 2mo
LeahBergen That little tongue. 😍 2mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen he‘s the sweetest 😻 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Looks intriguing -- stacking! It's been a while since I've read a chef/foodie memoir!! 2mo
LauraBeth @ValerieAndBooks I had that exact same thought when she gave it to me! Seems like it‘s been a while since I read a chef/foodie memoir. 2mo
jmtrivera Oooh, I'm interested in your thoughts. My husband and I have been watching his season of Top Chef these past couple of weeks. He seems so driven. 2mo
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Just Kids | Patti Smith
post image

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😽😽😽 2mo
LeahBergen Awww! 😆😆😆 2mo
TrishB Awww great pic ❤️ 2mo
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Soubhiville So sweet! Those quiet moments are the best. 2mo
Eyelit There is way too much cute going on here (no complaints from me) 😍 2mo
Megabooks Love it! 2mo
DebinHawaii All my friends! 🐶🐱🐱🐱😘❤️❤️❤️❤️ (edited) 2mo
Suet624 So sweet. 2mo
LauraBeth @leahbergen I wake everyone up before the husband gets home so he's not aware they do this all day. 😂 2mo
LauraBeth Thanks @trishb! 🤗 🤗 2mo
LauraBeth @eyelit they're a bunch of freeloaders! 😹
LauraBeth @debinhawaii 😘 😘 I've gone back to whole-food eating so I'm gonna be visiting your blog for some ideas! 2mo
LauraBeth @megabooks 😘 😘 2mo
LauraBeth @suet624 they're sweet when they're asleep! 😹 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @LauraBeth I now have 3 “stray” cats who have made my home theirs 🐈😽 2mo
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Fantastic Children's Stories | Arcturus Publishing Limited
post image

Me at Costco: “😻😻”
Husband at Costco: “Keep it moving!”

LeahBergen 😂😂 2mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz 😂😂That's me too! I head straight to the book section! 😂😂😂 2mo
sprainedbrain Ooooooh! So pretty 😍 2mo
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SauerPatch That‘s me at Costco about everything 😂 2mo
Melissa_J Ha ha! Your husband sounds like mine 😂 2mo
QuietlyLaura "I'm moving!" while grabbing the books as I go. ☺️? 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😂 but but they‘re gorgeous! (running back as he turned to go) 2mo
Suet624 Costco? Really? Good for them. I love Costco. 2mo
meagankc21 I have to stop myself from always buying different editions of Anne of Green gables. I already have a copy but when they make such pretty covers how am I supposed to walk away??? 2mo
LauraBeth @leahbergen, @jen_hookedonbookz, @sprainedbrain, @sauerpatch, @Melissa_j, @quietlylaura, @erzascarletbookgasm, @suet624, @meagankc21 I checked Book Depository when I got home from Costco and these were a pretty good deal at $10. Book Depository had them for $20 - just in case anyone needs another edition of LW or Anne! 😁 2mo
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Unpregnant | Jenni Hendriks, Ted Caplan
post image

Library Holds. Also - I just got a notification from the library that my hold for Patchett‘s The Dutch House is In-Transit. 🙀 Whenever it says that, I‘ve gotten the book either that day or the next day. Wondering if the release date was moved up? 🤔

MicheleinPhilly Feeling girly today? 2mo
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly occasionally it happens! 2mo
valeriegeary 👏👏👏 2mo
LauraBeth @valeriegeary the task will be to read them before they're due back to the library! 😂 2mo
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Just Kids | Patti Smith
post image

I don‘t know HOW I haven‘t read this book yet. Finally bought a Kindle copy so I can read it this evening. Already a few pages in and I‘m in love. (Proof of life pic of Grey Cat for @AlaMich 😺).

AlaMich Proof of life, huh? Where‘s the newspaper with the date, huh? 🤨 2mo
AmyG It‘s a beautiful book. 2mo
LauraBeth @AlaMich this is true - I did it wrong! You‘ll just have to take my word 😹 2mo
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LauraBeth @AmyG that‘s always the consensus around this book! I‘m already a fan! 2mo
Leftcoastzen 😻 2mo
Suet624 Awww, such a sweet photo. 2mo
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Ask Again, Yes: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
post image

⭐️⭐️💫 #UnpopularOpinion: This was one of the most depressing books ever and I‘m so relieved to be done with it. I felt like I was on a journey with two families and only got the worst events of their lives. I‘m okay with sadness and all of that but dang...give me a little light to go along with it. I get the whole forgiveness and redemption angle but tbh, this just didn‘t work for me.

BookNAround I didn‘t love it either. 2mo
LeahBergen I wanna kiss that BFG on the lips. 2mo
LiteraryinLititz Good to hear! I‘d mostly heard great things so it‘s nice to also know some of the negatives. Also, that picture is ADORABLE. 2mo
See All 31 Comments
Jensol77 I loved it. It was sad but real. 2mo
JamieArc I felt the same way as you. Glad I‘m not the only one. 2mo
Melissa_J OMG what a cute picture! I have this book on my TBR pile and I‘m always afraid of reading books everyone seems to love. I‘ll temper my expectations going in now. 2mo
Ruthiella Love the picture!❤️🐱❤️🐱 2mo
BarbaraBB Oh man, I just bought this one. Forgiveness and redemption? Meh... 2mo
CarolynM I'm with you, I can't stand books that are unrelieved misery, I don't even like unrelieved seriousness. I do love the cat picture, though😻 2mo
Megabooks I‘m reading this now! I‘m loving it, but I can definitely tell it‘s not upbeat. 2mo
LauraBeth @BookNAround I‘m so glad to see it wasn‘t just me! 2mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen 😹well since he‘s basically a Ragdoll in Tabby form, he would most definitely let you do that! 😻 2mo
LauraBeth @LiteraryinLititz I do think it‘s a good book and I can see why it‘s appealing to a lot of readers, it just wasn‘t the right book for me at the right time. The BFG cat says thank you 😻 2mo
LauraBeth @Jensol77 it was very real! Maybe too real bc my parents could have been stand-ins for Peter‘s parents. Maybe bc it did resonate so much realness to me and bc I could identify with the characters, I wanted to also see the joyous parts to help temper the sadness. 2mo
LauraBeth @JamieArc I‘m glad to see I wasn‘t alone in my thoughts on this one! 2mo
LauraBeth @Melissa_J thanks 😻 I think the comparisons of this author with Celeste Ng are spot on and if you enjoyed Ng‘s books, you‘ll definitely enjoy this one! It‘s definitely character-driven. 2mo
LauraBeth Thanks @Ruthiella 😽 2mo
LauraBeth @BarbaraBB I felt like she was trying to write the great Catholic novel. So yeah - meh. 2mo
LauraBeth Thanks @CarolynM 😻 I never realized about myself that I didn‘t like unrelieved misery until I read this. So now I know! 2mo
LauraBeth @megabooks I hope you like it! It definitely wasn‘t an upbeat read for me! But before this, I had read On Earth We‘re Completely Gorgeous and that definitely wasn‘t upbeat either. But I LOVED that book! Maybe bc I could see joy in his writing? I think Keane is a great writer but a very straightforward one. 2mo
Megabooks @LauraBeth Honestly, I didn‘t want to put it down to do my morning chores. I finally did at 5 and I‘m sitting down again with it now!! I want to read Ocean‘s book as well. 2mo
kspenmoll This is my bookclub read this month. Thanks for your honest opinion. Last month‘s pick I really did not enjoy- similar unpopular opinion for Elizabeth‘s Gilbert‘s 2mo
LauraBeth @kspenmoll I do think this is a really good book for book clubs to discuss! 2mo
Dragon 😻 2mo
valeriegeary That cat face though.... 😆 2mo
LauraBeth @valeriegeary well he‘s no Charlie Waffles but he‘s cute enough ☺️ 2mo
AlaMich We haven‘t seen much of Grey Cat for awhile...🙀 2mo
LauraBeth @alamich 😹 she‘s sitting right next to me now - she hasn‘t gone anywhere! 2mo
Suet624 You have the best posts! 2mo
Djspens Trying to get through this book...... 2mo
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Ask Again, Yes: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
post image

So I‘m on page 120 of this book and have to ask - where is all of this hope that people keep talking about? Is it coming? Because this has been one dark and sad ride so far. Where is the light?

merelybookish Adorable kitty face! 2mo
QuietlyLaura Kitty! 😻❤️ 2mo
rachelsbrittain What a sweet baby 😍 2mo
Smrloomis Cute! And I hope someone answers your question because the blurb sounds 😱 2mo
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Ask Again, Yes: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
post image

I ❤️ a long-tailed Q.

Cathythoughts 👍🏻😊. Looking forward to this one 2mo
DrawingSustenance Oooh, fancy. 😍 2mo
valeriegeary Elegant! 2mo
See All 14 Comments
BarbaraBB Oow there‘s your past in adveristing again (I think)! 💜 2mo
LeahBergen Yes! 2mo
AlaMich That‘s purty!! 2mo
UwannaPublishme 😍🙌🏻 2mo
LauraBeth @Cathythoughts I‘m only on Chapter 4, but so far, so good! 2mo
LauraBeth @JulietBooks IKR?! 😂 2mo
LauraBeth @valeriegeary truly! 😍 2mo
LauraBeth @BarbaraBB I guess it never leaves you 😂 2mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen 😍😍 2mo
LauraBeth @AlaMich it is indeed! 😍 2mo
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Ask Again, Yes: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
post image

Happy Friday 💃 Reading the tagged book this morning.

britt_brooke Good morning, Bitsy! 🐾 2mo
Leftcoastzen Adorable! 2mo
AmyG Awww 💕 2mo
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Laura317 Sweet Bitsy! 2mo
LeahBergen Hello, Bitsy! 😘😘 2mo
UwannaPublishme Awwww, there he is! ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
kspenmoll Up to his old tricks! ❤️ 2mo
LauraBeth @britt_brooke Bitsy says 👋👋 2mo
LauraBeth @Leftcoastzen and she knows it 😹 2mo
LauraBeth @AmyG ☺️ 2mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen Bitsy returns the hello 😘😘 2mo
LauraBeth @UwannaPublishme I feel like it‘s been a while because we‘ve been a house full of cats lately! 😹 2mo
LauraBeth @kspenmoll 😹😹 2mo
TNbookworm ❤ Bitsy! 2mo
DebinHawaii Bitsy!! 🐶❤️ 2mo
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post image

Sunset reading this Friday Eve.

“If ever your mother asks you to choose between her death and disappearance, have her die. Always.“

Hollie Woah, what a quote! 3mo
LauraBeth @hollie I‘m bringing out the wine for this one! 3mo
Suet624 Yowzer 2mo
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Angle of Repose | Wallace Earle Stegner
post image

When you realize the definition for angle of repose is a metaphor for everything in life: marriage, work, family, society and your own damn self.

Beatlefan129 Cute kitty 😻 3mo
Cinfhen 🎶Strike a pose 🎵 3mo
AmyG What a cute cat...with a great book! 3mo
Leftcoastzen ❤️😻 3mo
michellelav What a sweetheart 😻❤ 3mo
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The Gifted School | Bruce Holsinger
post image

Robbie says he‘s in the mood for rich parents behaving badly.

squirrelbrain Robbie is soooo cute! 😻 3mo
wen4blu The pose is perfect! 3mo
Cinfhen Robbie can take over hosting duties for Vanna White 😻 3mo
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julesG Cute kitty! 3mo
8little_paws oh Robbie! He looks like he wants to behave badly himself 😂 3mo
Bookzombie So cute! 3mo
AlaMich Awww!!😻 3mo
Crazeedi He's just adorable !!❤❤ 3mo
LeahBergen Robbie is a darling! 3mo
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post image

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I‘m gonna go try and piece my shattered heart back together after reading this. I‘m not sure the pieces will ever fit the same way again.

plemmdog It was amazing. I just ordered his first poetry collection 3mo
BarbaraBB Wow, beautiful review. I‘ll stack. 3mo
arlenefinnigan Nice photo 🐈 3mo
See All 6 Comments
LauraBeth @plemmdog I've read Night Sky With Exit Wounds and thought it was great. I'd like to read some of his other poetry. 3mo
LauraBeth @barbarabb I hope you enjoy it - it's some of the best writing I've read all year. 3mo
LauraBeth @arlenefinnigan thanks! 😻 3mo
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Angle of Repose | Wallace Earle Stegner
post image

“Before I can say I am, I was. Am or was, I am cumulative too. I am everything I ever was...I am much of what my parents and especially my grandparents were-inherited stature, coloring, brains, bones (that part unfortunate), plus transmitted prejudices, culture, scruples, likings, moralities and moral errors that I defend as if they were personal and not familial.“

Tamra Loved this book! 3mo
kspenmoll Love his novels.❤️ 3mo
CarolynM Such a great quote! I find myself, these days, recognising that certain ideas I have are versions of ones that I heard from my parents or grandparents. Not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes they catch me out. 3mo
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LauraBeth @tamra I'm SO glad that I'm finally getting around to reading it! 3mo
LauraBeth @kspenmoll I can't believe that I haven't read Stegner before! 3mo
LauraBeth @carolynm I know exactly what you mean. When I read that I was like, “oh...“ 3mo
Suet624 I can‘t tell you how many times I‘ve been just about to pull that book off the shelf to read. I‘m embarrassed I haven‘t yet. 3mo
LauraBeth @Suet624 No need to be embarrassed! I haven‘t read it either! I‘m a few chapters in and really enjoying it so far. 3mo
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The Tender Bar: A Memoir | J. R. Moehringer
post image

Dudes “reading“...

Bibliogeekery 😂 3mo
TrishB All these people changing their profile pics ❤️ lovely 3mo
vivastory Like the new profile pic! 3mo
See All 13 Comments
MicheleinPhilly Jorge has really hairy arms. 3mo
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly honestly, he sheds worse than Bitsy... 3mo
LauraBeth @vivastory and @TrishB thanks 😊 I was overdue for a new pic 3mo
LauraBeth @Bibliogeekery 😂🍻💻📱 3mo
LeahBergen I thought those were your arms. I was going to recommend sugaring. 😉 3mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen the only good genetics my parents passed down to me was no forearm hair 😂 3mo
Cinfhen Love this! 3mo
MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen 😂😂😂 “Who sent me an Epilady?” 3mo
LeahBergen @LauraBeth Ha! 😆 3mo
LeahBergen @MicheleinPhilly 😂😂 😂😂 3mo
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Angle of Repose | Wallace Earle Stegner
post image

“That old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air...Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year's mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.“- Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose ❤

Well-ReadNeck Ooooh! This book blew my mind when I first read it!!! 3mo
TrishB So true. 3mo
Amiable Oh, I LOVED this book. 😍 And I thought “Crossing to Safety” was even better—what a masterpiece. 🥰 3mo
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Blaire @Amiable crossing to safety - completely agree. A perfect book in every way. 3mo
LauraBeth @Well-ReadNeck, @Amiable, @TrishB, @blaire I just started it and plan to read it slowly all through September - because it is delicious! 3mo
Well-ReadNeck @Amiable @Blaire Sold. Adding Crossing to Safety to my TBR ASAP!!! 3mo
ValerieAndBooks I have Crossing to Safety in my TBR— I‘ll move it up thanks to @Amiable and @Blaire ! 3mo
LauraBeth Now wondering if I should start with Crossing To Safety...🤔 @Well-ReadNeck, @Amiable, @blaire, @ValerieAndBooks 3mo
Amiable @LauraBeth If you‘ve never read Wallace Stegner before, either one is fine to start with. They are both wonderful! 3mo
Amiable @Well-ReadNeck @ValerieAndBooks 👍🏼👍🏼 You won‘t regret it! 🙂 3mo
Blaire @Well-ReadNeck I hope you love it. It is one I could reread many times I think. 3mo
Blaire @Amiable yes, both are very good and I don‘t think it matters which you start with. Crossing to Safety was just completely my type of book - very satisfying. 3mo
Blaire @ValerieAndBooks hope you love it as much as I did. 3mo
Cinfhen Beautiful 3mo
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You know that party that everyone seems to be at and you‘re like, “I‘m not sure I actually want to go - it doesn‘t seem interesting.” But you finally throw on some pants and go and after entering the doorway you GET IT. You now understand why everyone is here. There‘s a sparkly unicorn in the corner. It is magical. Well I‘ve finally entered into the Sally Rooney admirers party and I wish I‘d come much sooner. We‘re saving a glittery spot for you.

Samplergal ❤️❤️❤️ Perfect! 3mo
Leftcoastzen Love your review! Glad I showed up too! 3mo
lele1432 Hahaha great review. I have Normal People but have yet to read it. Stacking this one! 3mo
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saresmoore Okay, fine, I‘ll read it! 3mo
Cortg I‘ll have to put some of her books on my TBR! 3mo
Ruthiella Perfect review!😚 3mo
batsy 5 out 5 sparkly unicorns for this review 🦄 I've read and loved Normal People so I'm very much looking forward to this! 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm Haha! I love your review! 😘 Okay, I‘ll come to the party. 3mo
Kalalalatja Perfect review 🦄 3mo
sudi I haven't read this one yet, but i did read Normal People and loved it 😊 3mo
Suet624 @sudi I was going to write exactly the same thing! 3mo
KarenUK I knew you‘d love it.... 😊💕....I‘m totally fangirling over Rooney! 😍 (edited) 3mo
LauraBeth @karenuk I absolutely LOVED it!!
LauraBeth @leftcoastzen I'm sad that I sat out the party for so long! 3mo
LauraBeth @lele1432 I can't wait to read Normal People now! 3mo
LauraBeth @saresmoore She's such a great writer! 3mo
LauraBeth @cortg she's an amazing writer! Someone from NPR had said that if she wrote bath mats, they'd read them and now I understand what they meant by that! 3mo
LauraBeth @batsy I can't wait to read Normal People now! 3mo
LauraBeth @erzascarletbookgasm you'll be glad you showed up! I promise! 3mo
LauraBeth @sudi and @suet624I still need to read Normal People! (edited) 3mo
BarbaraBB Happy you liked it. One of this year‘s favorites for me. ❤️ 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m glad you showed up to the party/ but personally I found this book overrated 😘😘 3mo
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A Little Life | Hanya Yanagihara
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Thanks for the tag @tournevis and @lynnsoprano!

1. A Little Life - it scares me and has been sitting on my shelf since 2015. 😥
2. I've read Little Women 5 or 6 times. 😊 It was the first book my mom gave me as a kid and I probably go back to it more for nostalgic reasons than anything else.
3. Just checked - 593 books - that seems doable 😂
4. Bad Blood ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
5. I tag anyone who sees this and who wants to join in!


tournevis 😘👍😘 3mo
Lynnsoprano I‘ve lost count of how many times I‘ve read Little Women. How could I have missed that one? 3mo
auntie_jenn you need to read A.L.L. it‘s sooo worth it. i will hold your hand 🙌🏻 3mo
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LauraBeth @auntie_jenn I‘m going to need some hand holding because I‘m not brave! 3mo
LauraBeth @Lynnsoprano Truly one of my favorites ❤️ 3mo
LeahBergen # 1. Me, too!! 3mo
LauraBeth @LeahBergen buddy read support group? 😭 3mo
LeahBergen @LauraBeth Yes! We should!! 3mo
Eggs #3 !!! Yes!! 3mo
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