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Solipsist | Henry Rollins
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Presents more than 170 prose works that depict the landscape of modern America and the walking wounded who inhabit it
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Solipsist | Henry Rollins
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It‘s funny, you know...all of my friends are gaga crazy about Halloween, but that bullet isn‘t aimed at me. I never liked dressing up, even when I was little. The only attempt at a costume that I made in the last 40 years was in grad school, when I wore a sign that read “SOLIPSIST” around my neck when I went to the Philosophy Dept.‘s annual Halloween party. Didn‘t exactly win any awards for my costume, but I did start a few conversations.

Suet624 The only way I got through Halloween was reaching adulthood and drinking whiskey as I walked through neighborhoods with my children. 2mo
REPollock I love this costume idea! There‘s so much pressure these days to have fancy costume, when something simple and fun is just as good. 2mo
gradcat @Suet624 You‘re really cracking me up...sounds like my kind of Halloween! 😂 2mo
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gradcat @REPollock Why, thank you! It actually did start a few good conversations...maybe less is more, right? ♥️ 2mo
Suet624 @gradcat a flask of whiskey on a chilly night, crunching leaves underfoot, and hyperactive children = 💕💕💕 2mo
gradcat @Suet624 I love it! I don‘t have any children, but you set such a perfect scene, that I think I can feel it! 😍 2mo
CrowCAH Happy Anniversary on Litsy! 😊 2mo
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Solipsist | Henry Rollins
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#20thingsaboutme @LibrarianRyan
I love reading these- what a great idea 😃

LibrarianRyan 😁👍🏻🤓 10mo
Ericalambbrown My husband and I dreaded a wedding, too. We realized we were already living our vows to each other. So we called those close to us, went to the court house on a Tuesday, and then went for little but lovely honeymoon. That was 14 years ago. ❤️💕 Do what makes y‘all happy and gives you peaceful joy. Whatever that may be. And Uncles . . . They‘re the BEST! 😊 10mo
Billypar @Ericalambbrown I love that story- we have considered something like that and still might! My niece is adorable- I'm a very lucky uncle 😊 10mo
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vivastory Is there a name for vegetarian too weak willed to completely give up cheeseburgers? Asking for a friend 😂 10mo
batsy 2 is something I can totally understand... Is eloping a possibility? 😁 And nephews/nieces are the best ❤️ 10mo
LeahBergen Cities all the way! 🙌🏻 10mo
Reggie Yeah, just elope but have a reception bbq or something. So much less pressure. My brother went that way. 10mo
readordierachel Phone conversations are the worst! Or at least they can be. 10mo
Liz_M @vivastory I believe the word you are looking for is "carnivore" ? 10mo
Billypar @vivastory @Liz_M I do like 'cheeseburgegarian'. Or if it were just a hamburger, 'hamburgegan'? 😀 10mo
Liz_M @vivastory burgervore? Burgetarian? 10mo
Billypar @batsy @Reggie Yeah I think we both consider that a possibility: we're going to take one last effort at a wedding our way, within our budget that doesn't stress us out too much, but we would be fine with eloping too, and doing something small with our families. 10mo
Billypar @LeahBergen Totally- nothing beats cities! 🌇 10mo
Billypar @readordierachel Yeah, I hate the phone. I am trying to improve my communication skills overall though, on phone or in person, so I'm dealing with it! 10mo
Billypar @Liz_M @vivastory Burgervore is good. I realized I put a 'g' instead of a 't' for mine- 'cheeseburgegarian' sounds more like a member of a social club for people who like cheeseburgers 😃🍔 10mo
Cathythoughts Yes no 2 .... I remember you mentioned your fiancé before ... ? ? ?... 10mo
Billypar @Cathythoughts Yup- it's become more of a permanent term than we originally intended 😁 10mo
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Solipsist | Henry Rollins
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"Somewhere someone is thinking of you. Someone is calling you an angel. This person is using celestial colors to paint your image." #Solipsis #fiction #HenryRollins #favorite

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