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I‘m fine, just taking a break
Manhunt | Gretchen Felker-Martin
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This is very much a bookclub horror book. So many layers to it. So many angles. There is a T. rex virus that renders men into violent, feral creatures. All that‘s left in the world are women, trans women, and trans men. Instead of trying to just survive together, a group of TERFs try to eradicate trans people. All the characters were complex and diverse. This book was deeply affecting and I urge every one to read it.

Megabooks This sounds really interesting! 3mo
Reggie @Megabooks all day yesterday after I finished it I was haunted by a scene that has a paper that lists chores for the people who live in that house and what happens to them. All yesterday and today. There is a lot about the body-sex and gore but it all has purpose and meaning. It‘s so good. Give it a shot, Meg. 3mo
Megabooks Stacked! 3mo
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Centique How are you doing Reggie? Miss you whenever you have a gap between posts. Hope you are just busy and not going through anything tricky. Peace and Aroha to you my friend xxx 😘 2mo
Suet624 What @Centique said. 2mo
Michael_Gee That cover!! Saw this in a bookstore the other day and was curious. Glad to see your review, I think I‘ll suggest it for my horror book club to consider! 2mo
TrishB Missing you too! 😘 2mo
Bookzombie Hey there! I have been a little MIA on here myself. How are you? Just checking on you. I hope you are doing well. 😘 2mo
readordierachel Just popped by to say hi 👋 Hope life is treating you well 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl Hey there! It‘s been awhile! I hope you‘re reading up a storm, and you‘ll be entertaining us us all with your oh so fabulous reviews very soon! 💜 2mo
Jas16 Just wanted to say hi and check in. Missing you around here. 2mo
Suet624 ❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
AmyG Interesting cover. 😂 Stopped by to see how you are and say hi. 1mo
Ruthiella Hi Reggie! Long time no post. Hope everything is okay. ❤️ 1mo
Christine Missing you and hope you‘re well! 1mo
Nute Hello Reggie! It didn‘t take long to realize that I hadn‘t seen any post from you in a long while. And now it is to the point of missing your presence here. I hope that you are well and doing okay. Can‘t wait for the catch-up.💕 1mo
DivineDiana Hi Reggie! Have been checking back. Just saw your “taking a break” post. I have needed to do this myself in the past. Miss you. 1mo
CarolynM Hi Reggie 👋 I've missed seeing you around. Glad it's just a break. Take care 💕 1mo
AmyG Enjoy your break! Glad everything is ok. 1mo
Librarybelle I‘ve missed seeing your posts and am glad you are just taking a break. Glad you are okay…take care! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Just checking in 👋. Have a good break, missing your posts/comments 💜 1mo
BarbaraBB I am glad to see you are just taking a break. I hope you are doing well. I was thinking of you while reading 3w
BiblioLitten Hey Reggie! Hope you are keeping well. Missing your posts 💕 3w
vivastory Hope you are well & reading some great horror! 2w
merelybookish Just adding to the chorus of people who miss you around here. 🙂 2w
rockpools Hi Reggie. Hope your break‘s filled with amazing things. Take care. 5d
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Manhunt | Gretchen Felker-Martin
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It‘s that time again.

Cathythoughts Enjoy your washing machine reading time 👍😁 3mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts thanks, Cathy! The book is carrying me through it. Lol 😊 3mo
TrishB Enjoy 😁 3mo
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Reggie @TrishB Thanks, it‘s good so far. 3mo
merelybookish Reading definitely makes some chores easier 🧺🧼🧹 3mo
Reggie @merelybookish there are times when I wish the wash cycle was 2 hours long. Lol 😊 3mo
merelybookish @Reggie Yeah I do extra laundry when I have a good audiobook on the go. 😄 3mo
Bookzombie I have this one on hold at the library. Just waiting for it to come in. 🙂 3mo
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The Hungry Earth | Nicholas Kauffmann
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Did you know that mushrooms are the sex organs of fungus? I had no idea, until I listened to an episode of the podcast, Ghoulish, where Nicholas Kaufmann revealed that his editor rejected a book of his but gave him a mycological book called The Entangled Life from which he wrote this fungus packed apocalyptic horror book that starts in a small New York town. He did a great job of balancing the coloring in the people of the small town and the 👇🏼

Reggie fungal horror. All the spores for this one. 3mo
LeahBergen You‘re killing me! Great review. 🤣🤣 3mo
Reggie @LeahBergen lol, thanks! 😋🍄 3mo
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batsy "All the spores" ?? (but also, eww!) 3mo
Reggie @batsy he really packed in the mycology and had me going down some rabbit holes. Did you know that millions of years ago that there were these things called prototaxites that could be 1 meter wide and 8 meters high? At the time they were the largest land dwelling organism and they were fungi. I think I‘m gonna read that Entangled Life book. 3mo
Bookzombie Great review! That other book does sound interesting. 🍄 3mo
Centique I just read a Neil Gaiman short story that features Mushroom People. Synchronicity! But also isn‘t this the second fungal horror book you‘ve read this year? I‘m thinking it‘s the #yearoflivingfungally 3mo
batsy @Reggie I did not know that! That is both awesome and pretty scary. I have a bit of #sporeaphobia maybe 😅 Entangled Life sounds great—hadn't heard of it before but just saw a positive review of it on Litsy too, so that's added to the TBR. 3mo
Avanders Speaking of … things … have you read 3mo
Lindy I‘m glad you mentioned you‘re inclined to read Entangled Life. I think you will love it! 3mo
Reggie @Avanders lol, I have and all that mushroom goodness. 2mo
Reggie @Lindy Me too. I just got it yesterday. 2mo
Avanders @Reggie 😁 I loved it 😄 2mo
Lindy @Reggie 😁🍄👍 2mo
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@AmyG Thanks, AmyG, for this package on VDay! I started the book last night and finished it this morning. So readable. It made me think of that movie, Cobra, with Stallone. Anyways, what a great book about two less than perfect fathers who avenge the murders of their sons who were gay. So much grit, so much of me flinching, saying ‘Jesus!!!‘, so many reveals. What a great book. Thanks again, AmyG!

AmyG You are welcome. I loved this book. It was like reading an action movie. Glad you enjoyed it, too. 3mo
Centique I have heard so many rave reviews of this one. Definitely on the To Read list - probably for 2023 tho…. 3mo
Reggie @Centique I listen to those Christmas recommendation shows where someone says something like my brother doesn‘t believe feminism is a good thing and they ask Jenn and Amanda for a rec. And they always recommend a book written by someone who the target identifies with. So they pick a pro feminist book written by a man. I think this book is written for all those who have hate in their heart for people who are different but because the main 👇🏼 3mo
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Reggie characters are these ultra masculine men with street cred who have to reckon with the state of the relationships they had when their gay sons were killed. It might make someone think differently. This really is a good book. Hopefully it brightens up your 2023. Lol 3mo
Centique @Reggie I love Jenn and Amanda too! I love the idea of this changing someone‘s heart. It‘s amazing how books can put you in someone else‘s shoes and how transformative that can be. Movies too I think. I think my own awakening to those prejudices came from watching the movie Torch Song Trilogy and reading Armistead Maupin in my teens. 😍 3mo
Suet624 I felt the same way about this book. 3mo
Rissreads This sounds really fascinating! Stacked! 2mo
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I think McQueen has more than decent writing chops. However, I think the the construction of this story needed work. This is about a Black woman named Mira who is going to her white friend, Celine‘s wedding which is being held at a plantation house where all kinds of horrors were done to slaves. McQueen has very valid things to say about allyship and the through line of slavery into the present. The story just didn‘t work for me. Thanks Jenni 👇🏼

Reggie for picking this book and this round of LPMBC. 3mo
sprainedbrain @Reggie this was a good round! 3mo
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Thanks for the tags, Cassie and Andrew. I‘m hoping to finish this one up this weekend. Pretty decent so far.

Andrew65 Hope you enjoy it. 3mo
Addison_Reads I liked this one, although I felt like the author held back some, which makes me excited to see what she does in the future. 3mo
Twainy 🙌 3mo
Cathythoughts Hi Reggie! Hi washing machine ! 😃 I hope you enjoy your reading time 😘 3mo
vivastory I finally watched the new Scream. Although it's not my favorite in the franchise, I enjoyed it. As far as the ending... I think it's more of a commentary on toxic fandom than fans of the franchise. Which I can actually get behind that. The way Benioff/Weiss have been relentlessly targeted years after the GOT finale 🙄🙄 3mo
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Mestiza Blood | V. Castro
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My favorite 2 stories are in the back. The Last Porn Star, V Castro‘s final girl story, and Truck Stop, her very weird story. The thing I realized is V‘s stories aren‘t scary stories for us but the bad guys. Which isn‘t bad it‘s just not what I‘m used to. Once in a while she gets stuck in tell not show. Other than that I really enjoy V Castro‘s unabashed sexuality and her Chicana culture that comes through in every story. Insert grito here.

Bookzombie I love your picture collage! Selena! Is there a story about a bus over the railroad tracks? San Antonio has a haunted railroad tracks legend. 3mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Thanks, even though the author lives in the UK she‘s from San Antonio. In a paragraph she mentions the bus full of kids that gets killed on the tracks and from then on helps whoever gets stuck on the tracks by pushing them. We have that myth here in NM. In interviews she often says how some of the missions in San Antonio are haunted. 3mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I didn‘t realize she was from SA originally. Yes, the missions and there are other stories of hauntings. You can take a tour for some of the downtown hauntings. 3mo
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Mestiza Blood | V. Castro
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Super excited to get to this shorty story collection. 1991-92 I remember the cholas at my middle school. Always dressed in black, a lot of Raiders attire, the shhh shhh noise of their black and grey, puffy Raiders jackets in the halls during cold days. The heavy makeup on point, the hair, The Hair!! with the bangs standing straight up in the front like some badass fan. The attitude. So excited for this first story.

CaitlinDBurnside Well, well! I've learned something new today. Cholas!!! I knew the Go-Go-Girls, the Mini-Maxis or the Goths. Thanks! I'll read more on that subject. 3mo
tokorowilliamwallace Nice, I love going out to restaurants/venues by myself to explore some cuisine or spot which just came on to my radar, and read! Take advantage of margarita deal days! It's fun to match up the mood/subject/theme of your read to the venue or activity! 3mo
DivineDiana @CaitlinDBurnside Cholas is a new term for me too! I love Litsy! ❤️ 3mo
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readordierachel So evocative. I love it. Did they rock the brown lip liner, too? 3mo
Reggie @CaitlinDBurnside @tokorowilliamwallace @DivineDiana @readordierachel Rachel, yes! In my mid 20s (2006ish) worked with this woman name Sonya. And Sonya was definitely a chola who had grown up and was now a mom and a wife. She was turning 35, and a coworker and I were taking her out for a beer and she told us a story I‘ve never forgotten. She was 14, 99lbs if that and lived in Doña Ana which is a little town outside of Las Cruces. Her brother ?? 3mo
Reggie had just come home from the hospital with a broken leg and his eyes blacked out because the local gang, the Doñaeros, had beat him up and word on the street was that they were gonna finish him off. Sonya, the brother, and their mother were in their trailer sitting in the living room when they heard them. Cars were starting to circle their block. Sonya said she got so angry that she got up and despite her mother begging her not to go outside ?? 3mo
Reggie while pulling on her arm she stomped outside and started yelling that if they wanted her brother that they would have to go through her. And that‘s when the cars all stopped. And just all girls got out of the vehicles. The Doñaeras. They formed a circle around Sonya and this huge girl, whose name was TBone stepped forward and said let‘s go, me and you, this is between me and her and no one else she finished telling the group. The fight began ?? 3mo
Reggie and Sonya said she was feeling good and getting some good punches in. But then the worst thing happened where the girl rushed her, tripped her, and sat on top of her where her knees were on Sonya‘s arms. She said that girl was at least 200lbs. And with every bit of her strength, she knew if she could get up she would win. With every bit of her strength she pushed against TBone and thought maybe and realized she couldn‘t. TBone started to wail 👇🏼 3mo
CaitlinDBurnside @readordierachel even though I've been a go-go girl and all, the only time I did the heavy make-up was during my Halloween Goth years. Funny bits, I've an aversion to make-up due to Grandma trowelling style but had fun volunteering at the local theatre doing make-up. Aw life is amusingly beautiful!👍 3mo
Reggie on her face with her fists and blacked out for a moment. When she came to TBone was standing up and looking down at her. And then she put her hand out and Sonya slowly took it. TBone looked around at all the girls and said Sonya‘s cool, me and her are cool, if any of you have beef with her you gotta go through me. Sonya went back inside her house where her and her brother sat side by side watching tv for the rest of the weekend with matching 3mo
Reggie black eyes. 3mo
readordierachel Reggie, that story is amazing. I feel like I just read a novella. 3mo
CarolynM Great story, Reggie👍🙂 3mo
WJCintron Tequila? Now I want!! lol 😂 3mo
DivineDiana What a story! Agree with @readordierachel 3mo
Bookzombie That‘s a great story, Reggie! Also, that margarita looks delicious. 3mo
Reggie @WJCintron as they say- It‘s always 5 o‘clock somewhere. That margarita was really good. 3mo
Rissreads Story and a drink! Love margaritas too ♥️ 3mo
Suet624 How brave of Sonya! 3mo
Reggie @Rissreads 🍹😊 3mo
Reggie @Suet624 she never backed down from anything. Most of us cowered in front of our boss and she would be like- call your boss over so I can talk to him. 3mo
Suet624 A great person to have on your side 😊 3mo
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Slade House | David Stephen Mitchell, Research Associate at the UNESCO Centre David Mitchell
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@Chili thanks for picking this for our group. I really enjoyed it. Those crazy twins. Lol. It made me think of Clive Barker who I‘ve been thinking about a lot lately. This will be on its way to you tomorrow, Jenni. @sprainedbrain

sprainedbrain Looking forward to this one! 3mo
Avanders Oh I loved this book… this is a variation on the cover I hadn‘t seen before! 😄 3mo
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The Monstrumologist | Rick Yancey
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😭Margie, thank you so much! You shouldn‘t have but I so appreciate it and it‘s made my day. We‘re getting snow later so the socks will definitely come in handy. I look forward to all three books. LOVE the Stephen King bookmark. And girl please, I‘ve been to the gym 23 times in January and gained 3lbs, mostly cause MickeyD‘s is right next door. Lol. So this candy is most welcome. Thank you so much, Margie! ❤️

vivastory How wonderful! I'll be curious to hear what you think of Monstrumologist. How much snow are you getting? 3mo
Reggie @vivastory 4-6 inches. Hopefully more, cause we need it. 3mo
vivastory How often does it snow in New Mexico? I'm a bit surprised you're getting that much 3mo
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Mollyanna I adore Relic. One of my favorite books and the beginning of a fabulous series. I hope you enjoy. 3mo
Reggie @vivastory we might get one snow a year that melts the next day but back before our current climate change people where I live said they used to get 4-6 feet every winter. 3mo
Reggie @mollyanna I have a friend who says it is her favorite book. Maybe now I can tell her I‘ve read it. 3mo
TrishB Lovely ♥️ 3mo
Twainy I read Relic in one sitting forever ago! I‘m a Pendergast fan, the books can be hit/miss. Ugh SNOW 😫 we are forecast to get 5-11” this evening. 🥳 I hate shoveling! 🤬 😆 😫 3mo
BookwormAHN I also loved Relic! 3mo
kspenmoll What wonderful gifts! Hope you get your snow! 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm Nice! I only read The Westing Game as an adult, enjoyed it 👍 3mo
Bookzombie Yay! That‘s awesome that you have been to the gym 23 times in January. Regardless of MickeyD‘s visits, that‘s great! I feel less like a couch potato than I did at the end of December, lol. I hope you enjoy all three books. Also, I really enjoyed the popcorn. I hope you do too! 3mo
batsy What a fun package of goodies 😍 I loved The Westing Game! 3mo
readordierachel How nice!! 3mo
tokorowilliamwallace Nice, Preston & Child, and The Westing Game (which I hope to get to soon). 3mo
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This book reminds me of one of my favorite movies ever, Monsoon Wedding. The picture top right is of the niece, Ria, who the night before the wedding reveals that one of the uncles, the rich one throwing his money around, had molested her when she was a girl. The father of the bride, a different uncle comes to take her home where the day of the wedding he tells the rich uncle to leave. He believed her. Such a powerful moment. In this book, 👇🏼

Reggie the MC is a victim of a sexual assault, that nobody, not even her own father believes, saying that for something like that to happen to a girl she must have brought it on herself. And because her offender is a well respected person in their tight knit Indian community, she always has to see him. She grows up to be successful but with huge walls around her. And because this is romance there is Jayeh, the perfect guy to make those walls crumble. 4mo
Reggie Despite all this, this was actually really funny and cute…..but with some really serious issues thrown in. I loved this book. 4mo
Bookzombie Stacked! Also, you should be getting a package tomorrow if the post office is one time. 🙂 4mo
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LeahBergen I love Monsoon Wedding. I must give it a rewatch soon! 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Thanks, Margie! I will look out for it. 4mo
Reggie @LeahBergen someone put it on YouTube but it has no subtitles. I love that movie so much. 4mo
shawnmooney Oooh this sounds intriguing and a great one for a possible bite-sized chat! I‘ll email you to see what you think about the idea! 3mo
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It‘s been nice belonging to a library again. Last time I was around there were no ebooks, so notifications like this are a delight.

Michael_Gee Looooove your phone background, Reggie. 4mo
KathyWheeler I agree with @Michael_Gee — that background is amazing! 4mo
LeahBergen Yes, that background is fab! 4mo
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Reggie @Michael_Gee @KathyWheeler @LeahBergen Thanks, I‘m into the tentacled monster lately. Lol 🐙 🦑 4mo
Centique Go the kraken!! 🐙🐙🐙 Please tell me you‘ve watched the documentary My Octopus Teacher? That got me through our first lockdown. Love an octopus 😍😍 4mo
Reggie @Centique I had no idea such a thing existed. I will watch it. What an enchanting title. 4mo
DivineDiana Yes, My Octopus Teacher is incredible! ❤️ 🐙❤️ 3mo
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Tell Me I'm Worthless | Alison Rumfitt
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So this is a five huge star read for me. Alice, a trans woman who sees ghost in every wall of every place she has lived for the past 3 years, and Ila, a cis woman who now actively participates as a Terf, were once part of a trio of friends who went into a hateful, full of rage, antiSemitic, haunted house and were the only two to leave. They have different views of what actually happened and will have to meet again to try and find peace. This👇🏼

Reggie was smart, political, messy, in your face, uncomfortable. If Hanya Yanigihara just wrote a book about America whose beginnings have sin at its heart, and how do we move forward from that, then this book is no less an indictment on the racism that lives in the UK. The book is pretty bleak with an ending that still somehow manages to lift the spirit. Pick! Sidenote: it was kind of funny that I got the JK Rowling bookmark with this book. (edited) 4mo
sprainedbrain Oooooh this looks awesome. 4mo
readordierachel Wow. Stacked! 4mo
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batsy This sounds really intriguing. 4mo
vivastory I'm getting White is for Witching vibes from your review in a good way 4mo
Reggie @sprainedbrain @readordierachel @batsy @vivastory in her acknowledgments she mentions that Shirley Jackson, Daphne du Maurice, Helen Oyeyemi, and Clive Barker are big time influences. I totally got the last two, especially the Oyeyemi because the house has chapters of its own, telling its own point of view. At one point the girls are inside the house and one hears water dripping and it is said that there was no rain outside but that the house 👇🏼 4mo
Reggie is salivating. The whole book is gnarly and smart. 4mo
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Fresh Water for Flowers | Valrie Perrin
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Hey, Sue. I came home from work last night and it was here. Thank you so much! I‘ve been seeing nothing but love for this on here by a lot of people I like and what you wrote on the card makes me want to read it that much more. Thank you again, my friend, and hope you‘re staying warm. ❤️

Suet624 They said they delivered it on January 9th so I was concerned! So glad you got it. 4mo
Reggie @Suet624 I think maybe my Post Office is short handed maybe because this has also happened with other packages, saying it was delivered but doesn‘t show up until later. (edited) 4mo
AmyG I reserved this at the library. Sue has everyone on the band wagon! @Suet624 4mo
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Suet624 @AmyG oh yay!!! I‘m so glad. I can‘t wait for you to read it. Don‘t rush through it. Take your time. 🥰 4mo
Deeda My book club read this last year. Everyone loved it. Wish I could read it again for the first time. 4mo
CBee @AmyG finally 😂😂 I can‘t wait to hear what you think of this one. 3mo
CBee @Suet624 you‘ll be happy to know that I recommended this to my aunt and she is very much enjoying it. She keeps sending me Kindle quotes ♥️♥️ 3mo
AmyG @CBee I just borrowed it today. I will let you know. 3mo
CBee @AmyG enjoy! I know you will ♥️ 3mo
Suet624 @Deeda Me too. 3mo
Suet624 @CBee That's wonderful!!! It's just the best, isn't it???? 3mo
CBee @Suet624 it is ♥️♥️ 3mo
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Tell Me I'm Worthless | Alison Rumfitt
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Ughhh, I‘m so pissed. I left a pen from work in my pants pocket and can now see and hear it tick against the glass. 🤞🏼 the ink doesn‘t leak! Anyways, this is pretty creepy so far. Happy reading, Littens!

LeahBergen Oh oh!! 4mo
vivastory Oh no! 🤞 4mo
Reggie @LeahBergen I know! Lol 4mo
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Erinreadsthebooks If it does leak, maybe it will be in an artsy pattern. You‘ll be looking edgy 😅😁 4mo
Bookzombie 🤞🏻 I hope not! 4mo
Ruthiella Hope your laundry turns out OK! 🧺 🤞 4mo
TrishB 🤞🏻🤞🏻 4mo
readordierachel Noooo 🤞🏼 4mo
CarolynM 🤞🤞 4mo
CoverToCoverGirl Oh dear! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤞 4mo
batsy Oh no! Hope it was all good. 4mo
Nute That book title and the cover art…seems like an intense read?! 4mo
Reggie @Nute it‘s dealing with a lot. Hauntings, of people, of houses. There‘s a lot of trans issues thrown in already. It‘s written by a trans author. It‘s shocking and horrific but decent. Only halfway but liking it so far. 4mo
Nute Do you choose the time and the place for heavy reading or do you go in kind of blind or just accepting of whatever may come? 4mo
Nute That title kills me, but I gravitate to books like that. (edited) 4mo
Reggie @Nute I‘ve read so much horror that I‘m accepting of whatever may come. However, I don‘t read extreme horror for extreme horror sake. Like there better be some characterization and a story going on with it. There was a book last year I dnf‘ed because after 50 pages I knew the author wasn‘t going to supply any of that. Ughh, and I know. I think that‘s why I chose the book. Sometimes I make the tiniest mistake and think, I‘m trash. But we‘re 👇🏼 4mo
Reggie both better than that, Kimberley, way better. 🖤 4mo
Nute Definitely!💕 4mo
Suet624 Hi Reggie, I've sent you an email but I thought I'd reach out this way too. I sent a package to you a while ago. I'm never sure what's up with the post office so I wanted to check. They say it was delivered. Did you actually receive it? 4mo
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To Paradise | Hanya Yanagihara
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Things that will make me think of this book: squirrels, chocolate, pandemic news, people named David, Edward, and Charlie, insurgents, talks of personal freedom, gay parents, gay relationships, Hawaii, New York City, the ongoing erasure and rewriting of history, friendship, people calling their old kids baby, peaches, the inability to make correct decisions based on the data available, bears, space suits. So much to discuss in this book. So good.

squirrelbrain Great review Reggie. My thoughts are a lot more muddled than yours! 4mo
Reggie Actually I‘m gonna put some of my thoughts down under spoilers if you want to check them out. 4mo
Reggie I think all the David‘s minus the son in book 2 suffered from some type of mental illness. In book 1 I understood David‘s decision. 1 time I dated this guy 40 years older than me(long story) who kept telling me not to tell people I was gay because it would hurt me in the end. All the while promising to take me on all these trips. When asked who I would be on these trips, he said his grandson. I thought about all the mistakes I could be making on 4mo
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Reggie my own with someone else my own age and not follow some map that someone older had made for me but might not even be the right map but one he alone had made. And I understood David but of course I don‘t agree with his choice. And I think he was killed by Edward and and Aubrey after they found his gold, or they let him stay and he was cuckholded and retreated back into his own mind while he watched them be a couple in the West. Sidenote- I love 4mo
Reggie the tease of an ending to this book Hanya gives us in the 3rd where she has the storyteller tell us book 1 right up to the end and then he doesn‘t show ever again. Lololol Book 2, I loved young David‘s story about friendship and the courage it takes to be there for someone in the end. His father‘s story I found felt the longest, until, my personal theory is that he isn‘t really getting up and walking around but that it is his soul trying to leave 4mo
Reggie his body. And book 3-the ending. I think Charlie is captured and is either killed or held prisoner. In the previous books all the Edwards are part of a David‘s demise. In this book it is because she tells Edward‘s dead body her plans not knowing that there is a listening device because why wouldn‘t there be if both her and Edward were marked as relatives of political enemies. I‘m sorry I‘m such a Debbie Downer but her themes of what looks like 4mo
Reggie freedom is actually another form of a cage is kinda consistent throughout the book. Idk. Tell me I‘m crazy. I liked it a lot and will think about it quite a bit. 4mo
Reggie Thanks, Helen. @squirrelbrain 4mo
TrishB Great thoughts Reggie! I‘m sticking to Charlie got away at the end. And we can escape the cages. I don‘t usually focus on the positive, but I‘m choosing this one. 4mo
Reggie @TrishB Thanks! ❤️ 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Intriguing review. Makes me want to read this even more! 4mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm @BarbaraBB @youneverarrived I hope you all read it. Because like Fleishman is in Trouble I could see us all having different opinions and interpretations. 4mo
BarbaraBB We did. And I didn‘t like Fleishman 😉 4mo
Chelsea.Poole I love your review. I‘m currently reading this sloooowwwly and I haven‘t encountered all of these things yet, but look forward to it. 4mo
Reggie @Chelsea.Poole Thanks! I thought of one of the characters from the third book all day today. I hope you enjoy it. 4mo
sprainedbrain I purposefully didn‘t read your spoiler thoughts until I finished but I so appreciate your reviews! I didn‘t know what to think about Book 3 Charlie and was sort of mad at that ending, but I think you‘re probably right… when she was spilling to Edward‘s body I was screaming. 😩 4mo
Reggie @sprainedbrain Thanks, Jenni! It‘s been a week but I have thought about this book every day. Yeah, dang it Hanya, just give us a concrete ending. Just tell us for sure. And maybe the book is a litmus test for who we are as we come to certain conclusions. Have you read the other reviews? Because there are other, very lovely people on here who believe she gets away. Maybe I‘m just a pessimist or a realist. 4mo
sprainedbrain @Reggie yes, I‘ve read others… perhaps it is a litmus test! 😂 4mo
Rissreads I‘m excited to read this one! 3mo
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To Paradise | Hanya Yanagihara
post image

There‘s a certain game of Yahtzee being played with the characters names. Where each section, I‘m only in book 2, and I‘m sure it happens in book 3, Hanya throws the barrel and the names land differently and I‘m trying to figure out what it means when they land where they land. This is how I feel.☝🏽

DivineDiana Not reading the book yet, but I get your feeling from this photo! 😂 4mo
Bookzombie 😂😂 That‘s a great image. 4mo
TrishB Love it ♥️♥️ it is definitely like that! 4mo
squirrelbrain So funny! I‘m feeling that too…. Just about to start Book 3. 4mo
persephone1408 🖤Charlie 4mo
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Mexican Gothic | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
post image

I‘m super late to the party but I really liked this. It‘s a gothic tale of a girl named Noemi in 1950‘s Mexico who is dispatched by her father to check on her cousin Catalina who lives in High House, a house in disrepair, high up on the hill, that one must take a windy road through the mist that ends by a cemetery to get to. This was wonderfully creepy. This is my 4th Moreno-Garcia book, and she always delivers a good solid story. A gothic pick!

Reggie Also, this was my first book through the Libby app. 4mo
Bookzombie How do you like the app? This one is on my TBR. 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I like it. It allowed me to read it on my kindle app. And now, after seeing another person talk about the new Yanigihara, I now have that on my kindle. The only thing is, my library is not big on indie horror, lol, but I‘m liking it a lot so far. 4mo
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erzascarletbookgasm I haven‘t read this, hope to get to it this year! 4mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm as long as you don‘t eat anything while you‘re reading the last 100 pages you‘ll be fine. Lol, really it‘s pretty good. 4mo
AmyG I am saving this for Oct...author a month challenge. Thanks for the heads up for the last 100 pages. 🤣 4mo
Librarybelle I really liked this one! 4mo
Bookzombie I was trying to see if you can access other libraries‘ collections for free. For example, as a Texas resident I can access Houston‘s ebooks. So far the only thing I have found is the New Mexico State Library has New Mexico Reads, which is accessible for all New Mexicans. It doesn‘t look like they would have much horror though and I think it‘s a different app than Libby. I will look further. 🙂 4mo
Reggie @AmyG you‘re welcome. Lol, I literally had to put the food down to continue. 4mo
Reggie @Librarybelle Me too. My favorite of hers is still Untamed Shores. 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I think I can go to most of the libraries and get a card no matter where I live. I just called the Albuquerque Library and they just said I had to show up in person with proof of where I lived. And there was no cost. 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie That‘s awesome! I didn‘t know how far Albuquerque would be. I was trying to find where you didn‘t have to go in person. 4mo
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Call Me Max | Kyle Lukoff
post image

Thank you, Margie, for all the books with all the cool notes on what you thought of them. I read Call Me Max a week ago, and didn‘t want to get crazy on it. Because I loved this book about a kid who is born with one sex but feels a different gender inside. It such an easy and simple book explaining trans identity to kids. It kills me that my community would rather go after Dave Chappelle (yes he misses nuance) than after politicians trying to 👇🏼

Reggie erase us from school libraries. And before we start throwing stones in glass houses let‘s not forget our community-specifically the gays- came up with “no fats, no femmes, no Asians.” There are some in our community who are racist. I have a lesbian friend who doesn‘t believe in trans. Lol, I can‘t make this shit up. Anyways. I‘m spiraling out. Thank you, Margie, again and I can‘t wait to get to the rest of the books. 4mo
Centique @Reggie I am with you on the “you can‘t make this shit up”. Someone this week asked me for a book recc about slavery but like without the violence please. 🤨 4mo
AmyG People are nuts. My husband has a newish friend who on first “glance” seems to be a very spiritual, accepting of all races guy. When I spoke about someone using “they/them”....he told me that was nonsense. So I replied....Ahhhhh, ok. I get it. And then I shut up. Spiritual my ass. He now doesn‘t like me. @Centique Honestly. The lack of self-awareness in people is mind-boggling. 4mo
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Centique @AmyG well a big boo to him! ☹️ my daughter has two friends that are trans or non binary and they told her we‘re the only parents that will use their new names and try to say they. (I stumble on they sometimes but I‘m getting there! I mostly use their names which is easier for me) 4mo
Bookzombie I‘m so happy you loved Max. There are two more books about him and his friends, but I haven‘t read them yet. I think in my little note I talked about it being challenged here in Texas, which make me nuts. Honestly, everything is crazy and no, you can‘t make this shit up. I get Book Riot e-mails and usually there is one with a bunch of articles about all of the challenges going on in libraries all over the US. I understand spiraling out. 🤬 4mo
Bookzombie I have a small box to send you directly from me. I just need to make it to the post office. I have been working some OT so it may be a mid-winter package, lol. 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie @Centique @AmyG I want to say something profound here, but all I can do is shake my head. I don't understand those people at all. 4mo
Reggie @Centique I know this is not pc right now but people like that remind me of those who need content warnings. Well guess what, the stolen, kidnapped, and enslaved people from Africa didn‘t get content warnings. What the eff. 4mo
Reggie @Centique @AmyG @CarolynM “religious/spiritual” people are the worst. I think we‘re all going through it right now. I already told @bookzombie this but my brother turned up to Christmas in a Trump shirt with a picture of Trump with both his middle fingers out that said F*** your feelings. My brother met his ex wife‘s sister, McKayla, before he met the ex wife. McKayla is now Mac, with a shaved head, he binds, and now is a self declared he and 4mo
Reggie not a she. I asked him if he respects that decision and he said, I love Mac, of course. Ten years before he met a male neighbor who went by Mariah but my brother always made fun of her and never honored the name. So progress I guess. (edited) 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie no worries, in the department I‘m in we‘ve had 2 girls test positive and we were already short. I‘m on loan in this department because they were already short. Our whole tables department had to be shut down for a whole week because some of them got it and had to quarantine. No worries. Hope your schedule relaxes soon just so you can chill and read. ❤️ 4mo
Centique @Reggie aarrgh it hurts my brain some people. We all have a few of them in the family I think - of one ilk or another. I‘ve got one kind of bias on one side, and something else batshit on the other 😩 thank god for our thoughtful friends though xxx 4mo
AmyG Imagine just judging people by who they are...kind or not. Oy..about your brother. (edited) 4mo
mandarchy @Reggie my school just got an email from a family explaining that their child wishes to use the pronouns they/them. One of the teachers replied that they were worried the other kids (kindergarten) would correct us. I am grateful to see this book today because sometimes picture books help kids teach adults. I'm adding it to my shopping list. Thank you! 4mo
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Zombie | Joyce Carol Oates
post image

This was very disturbing. This won the 1995 Bram Stoker Award for best novel and I can see why. Oates based this off Jeffrey Dahmer. The whole book we‘re inside the mind of serial killer Quentin P. who just wants to make someone into his own personal zombie. This was on par with Jack Ketchum for me. I will be reading more Oates. Sidenote- this is my first library book in over a decade. Which is funny because when I opened this book, I thought👇🏼

Reggie Oh great, a crazy person had it before me. And technically I was right, because the main character, Quentin, doodles or adds numbers on the pages of the book as he‘s telling you his story. Lol 4mo
Simona Have you read 4mo
Rissreads This sounds great! Stacked! Who doesn‘t like a little bit of crazy! Were their doodles of gruesome stuff like knives dripping with blood and similar stuff or boring mundane doodles? (edited) 4mo
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Reggie @Simona I haven‘t. Is it good? 4mo
TrishB Great review 😁 4mo
Reggie @Rissreads it becomes disturbing because if you didn‘t know who he was they would just look like kid drawings but because you DO know who he is they seem menacing. 4mo
Reggie @TrishB Thanks! 4mo
WJCintron Sounds AMAZING! I LOVE when they are inside the mind of a character!! Thanks for sharing!! 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Interesting..doodles on the margins as the mc narrates! 4mo
batsy Reggie, I'm interested in the seemingly benign doodles that are actually menacing in the context of the book that it's in. Kinda creepy! Feel like that's the start of your meta horror novel 💀 4mo
DivineDiana I am a fan of Joyce Carol Oates, and have had the pleasure of attending an in person small event at a local bookstore for her. That being said, this book is the only one in my entire life that I DNF. It was that disturbing for me. (edited) 4mo
Cathythoughts Great review and absolutely stacked 👍 4mo
TNbookworm As always a great review 👍🙂 4mo
Simona Not so disturbing as Zombie sounds, but still very uncomfortable read. It was my one of favourites from last year. 4mo
Bookzombie Yes! This could be shelved right next to The Girl Next Door. 4mo
vivastory I don't know if you have read her short story The Doll-Master, but that story is something else...I'll have to check this one out...I also recall liking this collection of novellas by her 4mo
Reggie @WJCintron @erzascarletbookgasm @batsy the doodles are made menacing because he has this “oh gee golly me” thing going on until you realize he‘s drinking, on quaaludes and about to kidnap someone, and has his ice pick for a lobotomy ready back at whatever place. And before it became a joke for them to be the kidnapper‘s official vehicle he actually drives a white van around with an American flag decal and a “I brake for animals” bumper sticker. 4mo
Reggie @DivineDiana I don‘t blame you. It got rough, and I love horror. 4mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts You just became a new grandma again, Cathy. Don‘t read this one. ❤️ 4mo
Reggie @TBbookworm Thanks! 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Yes! The whole back half of this book, the lead up to Squirrel boy, I was kinda squirming the whole time. 4mo
Reggie @vivastory I‘m definitely gonna read more of her but this one was, uh, a lot. I‘m gonna have to give her some time before I come back to her. 4mo
Cathythoughts @Reggie Thankyou ❤️. I won‘t read it 4mo
Cathythoughts Thanks Reggie X 4mo
readordierachel I'm stacking this, but I'm also scared to read it. I can do creepy, but gruesome is hard for me. Maybe when I'm feeling brave 😆 4mo
Reggie @readordierachel this is the book that if I were a parent and my kids were playing outside, I would have done that Hispanic thing parents do where I would have run outside and yelled at them as if it were their fault and told them to get inside the house but it would have been because it was the book. And then they would have grown up resenting me because they had no idea why I was always mad at them and they vowed to be different parents but👇🏼 4mo
Reggie enough time goes by and then they have kids of their own and one day they yell at their kids out of misplaced concern and care and then a lightbulb goes on. Lololol 4mo
readordierachel Bahahaha 😂 4mo
Centique Ha! I love your comment about taking it out on your kids. I‘m sure I do something like that after I listen to a scary news story or something. This book sounds FREAKY. I will give it a miss but a respectful nod of the head to it as I pass by 😉 4mo
Centique PS didn‘t we talk about her book We Were The Mulvaneys years ago on here? That book made me so angry. 😡 (edited) 4mo
Reggie @Centique yes, this is totally not your book. And yeah, I went to go look up that chat and you said you wanted to give those parents a piece of your mind. I like the spicy takes. I still want to read the Tartt and the Franzen because of your comments. Lol, someday, Paula. 4mo
Centique @Reggie you like my “love it and hate it” books 😂😂 it‘s funny, the more torn I am about a book, the more people stack it. 4mo
Reggie @Centique we‘re all drawn to the drama of it all! 4mo
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Zombie | Joyce Carol Oates
post image

In your hehhhheaddd in your heeheheheaaaaad
Zahombie…….. lol, Happy reading this Saturday morning Littens.

DGRachel Great…now that song is in my head. 🤣🤣🤣 4mo
RebL Yeah… in my head too 🤣 4mo
Suet624 Those are some fancy machines. 4mo
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AmyG In my head too but I have Andy Bernard singing it. 😳 (I watch alot of The Office) Happy Laundry Reggie. 4mo
TrishB Yep, sang that straight away….Miley Cyrus also does a version worth listening to. 4mo
Centique I love that song. Memories of a drunken karaoke competition 😬😂 4mo
BeckyRoy I feel I‘ll be singing this all day now! 4mo
readordierachel Thanks for the ear worm 😂 4mo
LeahBergen Gah! Thanks, Reggie. 😡 😡 🤣 4mo
Bookzombie That looks like a library book! 🙂 I look forward to your review. 4mo
Cathythoughts God, I love that song ❤️ 4mo
WJCintron By the way!! Great eye!! I LOVE the photo!! 4mo
Reggie @DGRachel @RebL @BeckyRoy @readordierachel @LeahBergen if it makes ya‘ll feel better, I‘m on loan to a different department because of staffing issues and it places me right next to this slot machine that plays The Pointer Sisters‘ Im so excited over and over again. I never thought I‘d say Pointer Sisters and hell in the same sentence but I am in Pointer Sisters hell everyday for the foreseeable future. 4mo
Reggie @Suet624 it a pretty decent place and the people that run it keep it pretty clean. 4mo
Reggie @AmyG shame on me but I have never watched The Office but I think you and @TrishB would appreciate this version which is my favorite cover of the song https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R7EGdKjh2Mw 4mo
Reggie @Centique ahhhh, pre-pandemic, my friend and I used to go to karaoke in Albuquerque and drink. Good times. Hopefully they come back soon. 4mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts Me too! They had some great ones. 4mo
Reggie @WJCintron Thanks so much! 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I don‘t think you would love it but you‘d appreciate it. You‘re in the mind of this icky serial killer and even though it‘s only like 170 pages, it‘s 170 pages too long to be in there. It‘s good. 4mo
batsy 😂😂 4mo
AmyG Thanks! That was awesome. 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I read this one in 2017 and it was a pick. I thought I wrote a review but don‘t see it. What you wrote here is spot on. 4mo
Bookzombie @TrishB I checked out Miley‘s cover. Thanks for sharing! 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I watched the cover you posted. Really good. 4mo
TrishB @Bookzombie 👍🏻 4mo
mandarchy @Reggie 😊 thank you for the 👂 🪱 ear worm!! 😆 4mo
LeahBergen Nooooo!! Not “I‘m So Excited”! 🤣 4mo
Reggie @mandarchy You welcome! Lol 4mo
Reggie @LeahBergen Lolol and I can‘t hide it, I‘m about to lose control…….. you know the rest. 4mo
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The Nancys | R.W.R. McDonald
post image

1. They kind of follow you everywhere right? 2. My copy, she went through alot. Got her cover ripped at the laundromat and has Aunty Chun‘s vegan sweet chili noodle sauce on a couple of the pages. 3. This was the fun book I needed to start off the New Year. Thank you again for the book, @CarolynM Tippy Chan is an 11yo in a small New Zealand town where her and her Uncle Pyke and his bf Damon will band together, call themselves The Nancys and 👇🏼

Reggie solve a murder. This book kept fighting me because I wanted it to be one thing, funny or thrilling, because there‘s so much over Tippy‘s head innuendo from the Uncle and his bf, but there‘s also a killer on the loose and there was a terrifying scene in here. In the end the book won. Such a delight. Pick!!! 4mo
CarolynM Oh, poor book🥺 Glad you enjoyed😃 4mo
Cathythoughts Lovely! That book has seen a bit of life 😄👍 4mo
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TrishB Great review 😁 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Sounds like a fun read 👍 4mo
kyraleseberg I've had this stacked for a couple years, I definitely need to read it! 4mo
readordierachel They do 👁 Glad you kicked off the year with a good one! 4mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts I love to eat and read. It‘s just so bad for my books. Lol 4mo
Reggie @TrishB thanks, TrishB. I hope you‘re feeling better my friend. When I had it, my symptoms lasted for 4 days and this was before the vaccines. Take some vitamins and maybe a probiotic. It‘ll help. 4mo
Reggie @erzascarletbookgasm It was! I laughed a lot on it. 4mo
Reggie @kyraleseberg You‘ll love it. The uncle and his boyfriend are hilarious. And then it can be tender because of the niece and them being the family they need from each other. It‘s good stuff. 4mo
Reggie @readordierachel Thanks, Rachel! There‘s this place called Meow Wolf in Santa Fe where it‘s an art instillation in the shape of a house with many rooms all inside a warehouse and they had this one room with all these huge eyeballs in the walls. This cover reminds me of that, but prettier. 4mo
TrishB Thanks Reggie! You certainly got a weird mix of symptoms don‘t you! My daughter has got loads of stuff for me and lines them up in the mornings outside the door for me to take! She‘s a mix of a sergeant major and Florence Nightingale! 4mo
Centique I‘d never even heard of this! (But somehow I‘ve stacked it?) Sounds brilliant. I love the story of how the book fought you and survived! (edited) 4mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
post image

Thanks to all who tagged me. The top row are my top 5 and books that have come back to talk to me. And yes, 2 of them are written by Tananarive Due. Please check her out. I ended up with 94 books and an average 4.2 star rating. I‘m not gonna set a goal next year. The pressure got to me this year. I‘ll just set it for one a week. I hate to do this to you all because it‘s a bummer but my special mention is this short story called Doomsday Father👇🏼

Reggie Christmas by Kealan Patrick Burke where Santa is beyond depressed thinking about what Christmas has turned into. The over commercialization, the fights between couples of not being able to afford something they buy because they can‘t face the truth. How kids don‘t even look up in the sky because of the screens they‘re constantly looking at. And how even Mrs.Klaus has lost her hope for what he does. So this Christmas is different as he has his 👇🏼 5mo
Reggie only friend Rudolph steer the sleigh higher and higher in the sky until it turns over and Santa falls over to his death in the middle of NYC where the last sentence says-And no one was watching. THAT story has been talking to me a lot. Not the suicide part but just what‘s important in life. Anyways. See you next year my Litsy people! 5mo
DrexEdit Wow! 😳 That's some impressive reading! 5mo
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readordierachel That story certainly sounds memorable 😆 Happy New Year, Reggie! 5mo
Reggie @DrexEdit Thanks! Happy New Year! 5mo
Reggie @readordierachel lol, yeah, it‘s a doozy. Happy New Year, Rachel! 5mo
Ruthiella Thanks for sharing! I‘ve long wanted to read Tananarive Due. I wanted to start with 5mo
CarolynM That story sounds about right for these times😬 I've screenshotted your collage for future reference 🙂 5mo
GatheringBooks What an awesome list! Yay!!! 5mo
BarbaraBB Happy new year Reggie 🤍. Your list is very inspiring! 5mo
batsy Here's to a peaceful and healthy 2022, Reggie! ❤️🥂 5mo
Suet624 Best wishes to you, Reggie. I‘m setting a lower reading goal for myself this year. My New Yorkers continue to pile up and I‘m need to push myself to get to them! (I say this every year, by the way.) 5mo
Addison_Reads Because of you @Reggie I read several of these books this year and discovered many excellent authors I had never heard of before. I always look forward to your reviews. Happy New Year! May this year bring many more wonderful reads. 5mo
Rissreads That is a heartbreaking story! I‘ve taken a picture of your collage for later. Is your Litsy tbr list up to date? Merry 2022! I am also going to be more relaxed this year with my reading. I‘m actually going to listen to more music this year. Music lifts my spirits, I forgot how important it is to me. It‘s exciting finding new music like it‘s exciting finding new authors! The bad thing is I can‘t do both at the same time. It‘s one or the other! (edited) 5mo
Reggie @Ruthiella she‘s so good. I hope you get to her. I have her book of short stories ready to go soon. 5mo
Reggie @GatheringBooks Thanks, Myra! Happy New Year! 5mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB Happy New Year! This year, it‘s not a promise or a goal, but I‘m hoping to take more trips away from the land of horror. Maybe visit the land of lit fic a little more. 🖤 5mo
Reggie @Batsy Happy New Year to you, Suba! Peaceful, happy, and readingful! (like meaningful but full of books. Lol, new word?) 5mo
Reggie @Suet624 Happy New Year to you Sue! I feel like the New Yorker is the equivalent to my horror anthology l. Sometimes you read a really good short story authored by someone you want to keep a look out for. Hope you find a gem! 5mo
Reggie @Addison_Reads Cassie, you are definitely part of the horror group here I always keep my eye on when looking for books. Hope we have some really scary ones this year! Happy New Year! 5mo
Reggie @Rissreads you know what‘s happened when I read a particularly good book? It causes me to hear soundtrack music for certain scenes. Like either a rock song or it can be moody music played by a symphony. Anything really. I just looked and like the first 30 are. Then there are some I have. I hope you have a musically uplifting happy New Year! 5mo
Suet624 You‘re so right. Although it‘s not the fiction so much as the articles that I find so compelling. I learn so much even when I think I have no interest in the subject. 5mo
Bookzombie That short story sounds great. I also took a screenshot of your collage. I have read a few of them. Happy New Year again, my friend! 🎆 P.S. You got the books, right? 4mo
vivastory Happy New Year 🥳📚 4mo
Reggie @Vivastory same to you, Scott. Did you watch Silver Bullet? 4mo
vivastory I did! It was wonderful. I loved Everett McGill as the Reverend & of course Corey Haim. 4mo
vivastory Just a heads-up I just noticed that B&N is still doing their 50% off sale but it's online & with select titles. 4mo
ShyBookOwl The Marrow Thieves is so good!! Can't wait to check out the new sequel. I've also had a couple by Due on my tbr for so long. Gotta get to that this year!! 4mo
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The Nancys | Robert McDonald
post image

Last load of the year. Thank you @CarolynM for the book. Very cute and funny so far with a lot of innuendo going over Tippy‘s head. Lol And thanks for the card, the bookmark and the cloth. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year‘s Eve! My resolutions for the next year: Read more, lose weight(of course), go vegan the whole year and not just six months, and no more gambling.

Cathythoughts Happy New Year to you Reggie ! ❤️📚 5mo
vivastory Happy New Year! 🍾📚🎉 5mo
TrishB Happy new year 🎉🎉 5mo
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Leftcoastzen Happy New Year! I love those Dexter machines! 5mo
youneverarrived Happy New Year 🥳 5mo
Ruthiella Happy New Year Reggie! 🥂🥳 5mo
RaeLovesToRead Happy New Year! Good luck with the resolutions! 😊🎉🎉🎉 5mo
CarolynM 😊 Happy New Year🥳 5mo
MaureenMc Happy New Year! 🎆 5mo
Reggie @Cathythoughts Happy New Year, Cathy! 5mo
Reggie @vivastory Happy New Year, Scott! Also, I watched Silver Bullet again by Stephen King and I think it‘s a perfect metaphor for the state of our world. The evil comes in the form of religion. And because the government is too slow, you have the rise of this militia to its own detriment. And then you have this girl and kid in a wheelchair who represent all the marginalized people who are being terrorized. Also, the priest kills a pregnant woman,👇🏼 5mo
Reggie which could be commentary on the religion‘s attack on women rights. Lol am I right? That King he knew more than he was letting on. #bookishconspiracytheories lol 5mo
Reggie @TrishB Happy New Year, TrishB! 5mo
Reggie @Leftcoastzen Me too. The laundry is some good reading time. Happy New Year! 5mo
Reggie @youneverarrived Happy New Year, Katie! 5mo
Reggie @Ruthiella Happy New Year!!! 5mo
Reggie @CarolynM the uncle and his boyfriend are so funny! Happy New Year! 5mo
Reggie @RaeLovesToRead Thanks! Happy New Year! 5mo
Reggie @MaureenMc Happy New Year! 5mo
vivastory Now I feel like watching Silver Bullet 🤣 I think you're definitely onto something. Ever since I read The Shining I've said that it's one of the greatest working class novels I've ever read & I still stand behind this. 5mo
CarolynM Glad it's giving you a laugh🤗 5mo
vivastory So I just checked my prime account & noticed Silver Bullet is leaving in 3 hours. I poured myself a drink & settled down to watch it before it leaves 🍷📽️ 5mo
Reggie @vivastory we just finished now while we were playing cards. Hope you like it, Scott! 🐺 5mo
Nute Happy New Year, Reggie!💜🥳💜 Good luck with your resolutions. I‘m not setting any this year, because every year I fail miserably at their achievement. Better just to be hopeful that maybe something truly spectacular will fall into place! OMG…you‘re a card player, I knew that this friendship was the real deal!🤣 5mo
Reggie @Nute lol, during Christmas if I wasn‘t working there was a constant game of Spades happening. Last night it was Gin rummy. Happy New Year to you Kimberley! I hope the truly spectacular happens for you this year! 😁 5mo
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Stolen Tongues | Felix Blackwell
post image

This is barely a pick because it has some very creepy moments. Faye and Felix go spend a weekend at a cabin in Colorado where something starts talking to Faye during her sleepwalking episodes. This scene gets repeated too many times in this book over and over. Also, the horror comes from Native mythology. The author has a note in the back with the title A Word on Natives in Fiction which talks about how sensitive he wanted to be when writing 👇🏼

Reggie Native characters, about their cultures, and their history. That‘s all fine but when you have white main characters against a cultural backdrop and the only people who die are the Native characters. I just hate that. 5mo
Centique @Reggie ugh. I hate that too. 🙄 5mo
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post image

@Centique 😍Thank you so much!!! I love John Langan and look forward to the anthology whose cover is Candy to my brain. Thank you so much, Paula!

Centique Yay! How could I not get you that right, it‘s such a Reggie cover! I got it for myself as well 😍 maybe we can read it together one day? But no pressure if it turns out not to be your kind of monster fun. (I need a Frankenstein emoji!) 5mo
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Stolen Tongues | Felix Blackwell
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I cheated and opened my #Jolabokaflod package early. Missing is the bag of Reese‘s chocolate I left at home. You know, chocolate hands and the laundromat don‘t go together well. Lol But thank you so much @MeesesPieces for the package. I just read the prologue and holy crap I didn‘t want to turn my head after for fear of what might be there. Even though it‘s my usual laundromat and it‘s the light of day. Merry Christmas!

vivastory I've heard a lot of great things about this one. Will def be interested to see what you think. Also, I don't know if you have watched the new Candyman but there's a scene where a character is reading a Clive Barker book in a laundromat & it's one of the scenes I remember most bc I read Barker's short story while in a laundromat many yrs previously (edited) 5mo
AmyG Merry Christmas, Reggie! 5mo
LeahBergen Merry Christmas, Reggie! 🎄❤️🎄❤️ 5mo
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batsy Merry Christmas! 5mo
WJCintron 😃 🌲 ❤ 🌟 🎉 Merry Chirstmas! 5mo
merelybookish Glad you're getting a good scare at Christmas! ⛄ 5mo
kspenmoll Merry Christmas Reggie! ❤️🎄❤️ 5mo
Reggie @vivastory I haven‘t watched it. Did you like it? I think that scene and book memory sound wonderful. Just seeing Barker‘s name, my heart momentarily expands. 5mo
Reggie @AmyG Happy Holidays, Amy! 5mo
Reggie @batsy Merry Christmas, Suba! 5mo
Reggie @LeahBergen Merry Christmas, Leah! 5mo
Reggie @WJCintron Merry Christmas! 5mo
Reggie @merelybookish lol, thanks! I got a book from my parents, which is a shock in itself as one of them thinks I have too many books. It was a Stephen King and I was so happy. Just to get a book. And then for it to be scary. Which is my dad‘s doing because my mom who doesn‘t read was telling me she fought for some Rooney lady because the lady at the store said she‘s popular. They were making me laugh. Merry Christmas! (edited) 5mo
CoverToCoverGirl Merry Christmas! 🎄💚🎄 Your joy over receiving a book from your parents makes my heart happy too! They picked the most perfect gift! 🎄💚🎄📚 5mo
AmyG Which Stephen King book did you get? 5mo
Bookzombie Merry Christmas, Reggie! 🎄 5mo
merelybookish @Reggie That super sweet Reggie! I know my family never buys me books either so I understand why getting one is extra special! 5mo
Centique Merry Christmas Reggie! I‘m so glad your parents got you a scary book. Never too old to learn! 💕 5mo
Crazeedi Merry Christmas Reggie! Sending wishes for many blessings in the new year❤💚❤💚 5mo
Bookzombie I watched Better Watch Out today and really liked it! I didn‘t see any of it coming either. 5mo
Reggie Yes! That kid was totally nutso! Also, thank you so much for the books, Margie. I feel like I should extend you the same courtesy you gave to me in the email. Is it ok if I post a pic of them? 5mo
Reggie @Crazeedi I‘m actually doing a little after Christmas baking today and going through my Litsy messages while waiting for my last batch of a cookie. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great New Year! 5mo
Reggie @Bookzombie ☝🏽I did get them my friend. Since you asked me if it was ok I thought I should ask you. I would have posted about Max but the post I want to put is political and I just don‘t want to put that out on Litsy right now. But I‘ll tell you. A couple of years ago at my casino I had this lovable customer who stills wears Trump masks tell me he‘s voting for Trump cause all the liberals want to do is teach kids about trans testicles instead 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie of strapping up and kicking the shit out of the world. And I thought maybe if we taught trans testicles in school people would be less afraid of them and less inclined to hurt someone who yes may be different but now we have an understanding. Because knowledge leads to understanding which leads to less fear to not the dark side basically the inverse of Yoda‘s speech. Lol and then this past year this customer showed up wearing a 👇🏼 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie wearing a shirt that said Pro Life Pro Guns I‘m a Patriot….Triggered yet? Lol, and I laughed cause I thought-bitch, you know who‘s triggered? The guy who has to wear that shirt. And then Christmas Eve my brother showed up in a shirt with Trump on it with his middle fingers raised. When he unzipped his jacket and it popped out inside I will admit I was triggered but just told myself that that was my brother, who I know. And then he👇🏼 4mo
Reggie @Bookzombie then he tells me he changed his shirt halfway up here because he knew up North were are more blue and he was hoping someone would say something so he could fight them. That this past year he‘s been so angry. That he just needs somewhere to put it. He‘s going through a divorce with someone who he was with for 13 years, and that‘s not an excuse to want to provoke violence through misplaced rage. But I think a lot of men are angry 👇🏼 4mo
Reggie @bookzombie and have nowhere to put that rage. Or maybe it‘s just me making up stuff. I should have just written you another card lol. Thank you for letting me vent and thanks again for the books. The Pochoda is next. 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie I‘m so sorry I didn‘t see your first reply above. I‘m okay with you posting whatever you would like. I understand about not wanting to be political on here. You know, you can email or write any time. 🙂 It‘s upsetting that books like Max are being challenged. They are important so for so many reasons, including knowledge and understanding like you said. I am imagining your “lovable customer” being of an older generation, ⬇️ 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie but I know that mindset is in all generations. I have to see shirts, masks and giant flags when I go out (it‘s Texas), but I‘m thankful that I don‘t have to see or hear that from customers. It stinks that you have to see it at your job.
I‘m sorry to hear about your brother‘s divorce. Everything going on in our world probably only makes that experience even worse. I can‘t imagine going ⬇️
Bookzombie @Reggie through that the best of times. I don‘t think it‘s just men that are angry. I think there is probably a lot of anger for many people and we aren‘t sure how to handle or where to direct it. While I know more people talk about how they feel and seek help to deal with those feelings, I think many people still have a hard time doing that. 4mo
Bookzombie @Reggie You can vent anytime! I‘m so glad you got the books and I look forward to seeing what you think of the Pochoda. I‘m still putting together the other small package. I will give you a heads up when I get it out. 🐌🦥 4mo
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A Place For Sinners | Aaron Dries
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Growing up, monkeys, just based on tv, were animals who loved bananas, looked cute in tutus, and were pets for Michael Jackson. You grow up and find out they have complex social systems- like when a dog kills a baby monkey and they retaliate by taking 250 puppies and drop them from trees as retaliation in the Beed city of Maharashtra state in India. These two books make mention of these behaviors which is why this article caught my attention.

Trashcanman 🤗 5mo
vivastory 2 monkeys did this!! That's wild! This reminds me of recently finding out about a chlamydia epidemic amongst koalas 5mo
Reggie @vivastory omg, I had no idea they were going through that. Poor koalas. And I think it was more than two of them, I think they just caught only two. 5mo
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Suet624 That‘s wild! 5mo
Centique Holy shite! That is 🤯 😱 5mo
Reggie @Suet624 @Centique right? The stuff nightmares are made of. 5mo
Centique Hey Reggie did that second book from me get yo you from BD? It was an anthology from NZ. 🤞 5mo
DivineDiana I too had a pet monkey when I was about 19. A squirrel monkey named Arlo. A friend could no longer care for him. It was quite an experience! 5mo
Reggie @Centique not yet, but I will keep my eye out. 5mo
Reggie @DivineDiana wow! That does sound like quite the experience. 5mo
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Love Hypothesis | Ali Hazelwood
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I loved this book. Somewhere around page 155 last night, I realized I had laughed on almost nearly every page. And it mostly went on like that until the end. Olive is a grad student at Stanford trying to do something nice for her friend when she accidentally falls into a fake dating relationship with a dreaded faculty member. Olive has these moments where she will internally spin out into the extreme that had me chuckling the whole time. 👇🏼

Reggie One of her best friends calls her Kalamata ( get it?!!! Cause her name is Olive! Lol) in the most endearing way. The supporting cast is great. The whole book is subtly self aware of its rom-comminess. I can‘t say enough good things about this book. Thank you again, Jennifer @Jas16 for this book. I loved it! ❤️❤️❤️ 5mo
BarbaraBB You really are an eclectic reader 🤍 5mo
Jas16 I am so glad you loved this as much as I did. Definitely one of my favorite romances this year. 5mo
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Suet624 Sounds like fun!! 5mo
CarolynM Irresistible! Stacked🙂 5mo
Cinfhen I‘m saving it for 2022 challenges!! But looking forward!! (edited) 5mo
Reggie @Suet624 It was! I went to bed later than usual cause I didn‘t want to stop laughing. 5mo
Reggie @CarolynM you‘ll love it. And surprisingly, with this one and the romance I read right before it, there was a lot of science. Good stuff. 5mo
Reggie @Cinfhen I think you‘ll like it. It might hit too steamy for you but it‘s so funny and so good. 5mo
Cinfhen Thanks😂; noted…I‘ll listen to the audio with headphones on 😉 5mo
Suet624 Did you see I just found it at the library? Not one I would have normally reached for but your review sealed the deal. 5mo
GatheringBooks Oooh sounds like so much fun. A laugh-out-loud book is the best, no matter the genre! 💕💕 5mo
Nute In December, my irl Bookclub makes reading selections for the next year. Each member makes 2 recommendations. The previous month, many members stated that they wanted to read more books that allowed for escapism from real life…more genre reading. I put forth this book and a horror selection(I know that I would have made you proud with the latter book). Since we had absent members at that meeting, the present members could make more than 2 recs👇🏽 5mo
Nute I put forth this book and I also recommended 2 mystery books. Well, they pounced on the two mystery novels. Neither Love Hypotheses nor the horror book which I will share the title with you after I read it (for the pure shock of the moment😆) were selected. I was slightly disappointed. I had already disagreed with the decision to bypass literature that prompts difficult/challenging/in-your-face discussions of real living, but I understood👇🏽 5mo
Nute that the pandemic has made a need for moments of uplift or a planned time of ignorant bliss…more like oblivion. So I rolled with it. Anyway, I thought for sure that they would go for the cutesy romance. Not one vote!😵‍💫 So you can imagine the PURE EXCITABLE JOY I felt when I read this post from you! Way to go, Reggie! YOU ARE MY ECLECTIC READING TOUCHSTONE!!! My reading ACE! The stars aligned when Litsy made a way to meet you, Reggie!👇🏽 5mo
Nute Yay, me, or Yay, you! Same thing!🤗 So happy that you enjoyed this book!💕🙂 5mo
Reggie @Nute I am so excited to read about what horror selection you put forth. Also, totally peanut butter and jealous that you are in a bookclub. I can totally relate to them because it feels like for a year I‘ve been chillin in the land of horror. Well, they missed out, passing this up, because this was utter joy. I don‘t remember the last book I smiled so hard on while reading. Your bookclub is lucky to have you, my reading friend. I cannot do 👇🏼 5mo
Reggie justice to your reviews in words in how thoughtful and such a deeper and calm inducing breathing your reviews and book talk generate. See how awkward that sentence was . Lol you are someone whose posts I always look forward to, Kimberley! (edited) 5mo
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@Jas16 Thank you so much for the gifts. Missing is the big bag of kisses I snacked on while I read the tagged book. It‘s the Gay Xmas romance I didn‘t know my dark, dark, horror heart needed. Adam and his daughter, Gus move to Garnet Run, WY after Adam‘s partner realized he didn‘t want to be a parent. They move to Knockbridge Lane where hot, scientist recluse Wes has been living. This was lovely and had some very real human lessons to impart.👇🏼

Reggie To paraphrase a certain Dr, I really felt my heart had grown 3 sizes by the end of it all. Thanks again, Jennifer. My romantsy North Star. Merry Christmas! 5mo
Jas16 Happy Holidays Reggie! I always love shopping for you because you are awesome and because no one else I know will read the romances I recommend! 5mo
Christy2318 The Lights on Knockbridge Lane was such a lovely story. 5mo
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Ruthiella Your “dark, dark, horror heart”! 😂 5mo
Centique We love your “dark, dark, horror heart” 😂💕💕 5mo
Reggie @Christy2318 I love when Gus tells Wes off and he is just in awe of what she can do at her age that most adults still can‘t do. She was just such a hoot. A great character. I loved everyone in here. I totally thought the tension was gonna come from Mason coming back into town saying he wants to be back with Adam and Gus. Totally wrong! Lol 5mo
Reggie @Ruthiella @Centique 🖤🖤🖤 5mo
Christy2318 @Reggie Yes I adored Gus & I really liked that the conflict was all internal. Having their insecurities drive the tension made the romance much more realistic. (edited) 5mo
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The Marrow Thieves | Cherie Dimaline
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Best book I‘ve read all year. Indigenous people are being hunted in a climate change ravaged world where people have stopped dreaming and the only cure is the bone marrow of indigenous people. We follow teenage Frenchie as he and his group of found family must navigate the wilderness and come back in touch with who they are. This book was scary, poignant, tender and everything I wanted in a coming of age tale. All the dystopian picks!!!

squirrelbrain Best book you‘ve read all year?! Now *that‘s* some recommendation - stacked! 5mo
CuriousG There is a sequel to it that just came out in October. I think it's called Hunting By Stars. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my TBR because I also loved The Marrow Thieves. 5mo
NikkiM5 Sounds real good, stacked 5mo
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leah152 Gonna keep a lookout for this one! 😊 5mo
Ruthiella I think Jenny also read this and maybe spoke about it on her podcast? 🤔 5mo
Reggie @squirrelbrain just a warning but not really, it‘s YA, but it is so deep concerning Indigenous people and their history, Demaline had a nice writing style, and it made me cry really hard twice. It‘s good stuff. 5mo
Reggie @CuriousG As much as I loved this one I don‘t know…. I didn‘t want or think a sequel was needed to The Handmaid‘s Tale or Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I don‘t know. I‘ll wait for the reviews maybe. 5mo
Reggie @NikkiM5 @leah52 it‘s so good, I hope ya‘ll love it. 5mo
Reggie @Ruthiella I believe so, like a year ago? Or 2 years ago. After the weather events this week, this book also hit on future climate events concerns in me. In the book, both of our coasts are gone. The Great Lakes I believe have turned to mud. It gets real scary without even talking about the 7 kids just trying to survive. 5mo
BarbaraBB Oh wow. Stacked. 5mo
AmyG Wow that‘s high praise. Stacked! 5mo
vivastory Going to be honest: once I read "Best book I've read all year" I immediately added it to my TBR. Great review ? 5mo
LaraS Reading your review is making me remember all the reasons I love this book…I think it‘s time for a re-read ☺️❤️ 5mo
Centique What a high note for December to find your best book of the year! 🙌🙌 5mo
Bookzombie I love your review! I have had this stacked since I watched a booktuber talking about it. Demaline‘s Empire of Wild has been on my shelf from the library since November. 5mo
Reggie @BarbaraBB @AmyG @vivastory I thought it was great. And now 2 days later I‘m thinking of the larger themes of the book I didn‘t get while reading it. So good. Hope ya‘ll like it if you get to it. 5mo
Reggie @LaraS ❤️ I knew it was gonna be good but was so surprised by how good! 5mo
Reggie @Centique 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I‘m gonna have to check out her other ones. 5mo
Reggie @Bookzombie It really had me internally chewing my nails, and full body clenched in some parts. Sooo good. 5mo
stretchkev Moving up the pile now! 5mo
Rissreads My kind of book! Stacked baby! ♥️ 5mo
readordierachel This just shot to the top of my tbr! 5mo
GatheringBooks Wow! This sounds perfect for our #DecolonizeBookshelves2022 reading theme! 💕 5mo
Reggie @GatheringBooks Yes! It‘s an amazing book with a lot to say. 5mo
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Dead of Winter | Kealan Patrick Burke
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There is an introduction in here by Kealan talking about how every year during Christmas he writes a wintery horror short story and sends that out to all his e-mail contacts. I just imagine poor unsuspecting people who lose all their ability to be happy because these were doozies. There is one about Santa‘s last ride that made me shed a tear at the laundromat. The list of 50-60 wintery horror books he provides in the back is worth the buy alone.

Bookzombie Reggie! I got your package today. Thank you so much! You are so on top of sending gifts and I‘m like sloth. 🦥 I haven‘t opened it yet. Should I wait until Christmas? 5mo
Reggie @Bookzombie the post comes on Sunday? That‘s crazy. Whenever you want to open, it my friend. Merry Christmas, Margie! 5mo
Bookzombie Yes, it's odd. Sometimes they deliver packages on Sundays. I got up Monday morning and our camera's also showed them delivering something at 6:30am. 😴 FYI, I sent you an e-mail. Merry Christmas to you! 5mo
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Two girls? women? lesbians? connect online that starts off seemingly innocent having to do with the sale of an apple peeler but then devolves sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly into this dark relationship. I laughed at some parts and there was a part so disgusting I thought I was gonna throw up my coke I had just drank. I look forward to more LaRocca. Thanks to Charles from Barnes and Nobles for letting me read his copy.

Bookzombie Did you sit in the store and read it all? 🙂 5mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I did. It‘s only 112 pages and the way it‘s formatted makes it a little shorter. Almost all of it is emails. One of the girls has a cute Messenger/email name. Crushedmarigolds. I only say I laughed because it was one of those uncomfortable omg I can‘t believe this is happening! laughs😬And yet there are all those sordid true life online relationships gone wrong stories this actually feels believable. Made for a great Friday night. (edited) 5mo
Bookzombie 🙂 Yay for you having a great Friday night and not throwing up your coke! 5mo
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Billypar I absolutely love the cover and title combo. 5mo
vivastory I googled apple peelers when I first started reading this. They looked a lot different than I imagined. Holy shit, that ending! Craziest book I read this year 🤯 5mo
Reggie @Billypar it gets intense. It‘s such a slim book that packs quite a few mental image punches. 5mo
Reggie @vivastory I felt this was very relatable to everyone who first talked to anyone online when the internet was new. And for all we know, neither of these girls is actually girls. I really thought that Zoe character was some old guy. But yes the “baby” that is both theirs and the part that made me gag was the rotten meat part. Ughhh 🤢 This book was sooo good. 5mo
TheLudicReader I love that cover. 5mo
DivineDiana Clever title! 5mo
GatheringBooks Oh wow! Well then, hi there, Charles. Can you be my friend too? 5mo
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Dead of Winter | Kealan Patrick Burke
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Couple of things. Laundry time sucks on cold days. @MaleficentBookDragon I mailed out my #Jolabokaflod package today. Also, going to Barnes and Nobles tonight in Albuquerque because Eric LaRocca‘s book is sold out but the associate on the phone said he owned one and it‘s so good he would let me borrow it. How‘s that for nice!

vivastory That's 1) rad there's a fellow horror reader at your local B&N 2) wonderful he's lending it to you. Looking forward to your thoughts on it! 5mo
TrishB That‘s so cool👍🏻 5mo
LeahBergen How nice is right! 5mo
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Jas16 That is so nice! 5mo
Jas16 Also laundry time sucks at any time. 5mo
Bookzombie I love that the associate loaned you his copy. 🙂 5mo
Reggie @vivastory @TrishB @LeahBergen @Jas16 @Bookzombie He had a friend that was working that had also read the book. So after reading the book I had someone to chat about it with. It was great. 5mo
Bookzombie @Reggie That is great! 5mo
Suet624 Love that you were able to read the book in the store. 5mo
Centique That is a great story! Only in a bookshop I reckon. Book lovers are the best 😍 5mo
Reggie @Suet624 @Centique yeah, I was a little shocked at his amount of trust that I just wouldn‘t take off with it. But yeah, book people just know book people, I reckon. 5mo
Rissreads Love this story, it warms my heart. Readers are the best! 👏🏻 5mo
Reggie @Rissreads yeah, he was super nice to do this. 5mo
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I loved Birdbox and Inspection, but this was bad. This was that YA that gives YA a bad name. There are better ways to write the special place at a special time trope. Two 17yo‘s, who have no character development, go on a first date and discover a house under a lake, make very questionable decisions, “fall in love” (roll my eyes here) and right when there might be a spark of life to this book it ends. No style to the writing. Big time pan.

LeahBergen Oh, this sounds 🤮 5mo
Bookzombie Unstacked. 🙂 5mo
TrishB Not selling it there Reggie 😁 (edited) 5mo
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Reggie @LeahBergen @Bookzombie @TrishB I just want to say that I woke up this morning and watched a YouTube video on the new drag queens for the upcoming season of Rupauls Drag Race. There is this queen named Kornbread because she used to watch a lot of prison shows and this one woman found out her husband was cheating, served him some cornbread, and shot him while he ate it. In prison that was her nickname, Cornbread. And then I watched my favorite👇🏼 (edited) 5mo
Reggie thing in sports- an upset. Illinois took out Kentucky in NCAA womens volleyball tournament. So I was in a good headspace, good mood. So this definitely wasn‘t wrong time- it was bad book. Lol 5mo
LeahBergen Oh my God! Kornbread! 🤣🤣 5mo
batsy Your follow up comment 😂😂 5mo
Billypar I think we on Litsy are inclined to give many books the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes you have to say "It's not me, it's you." ? 5mo
Tera66 That ending was the worst. 5mo
Reggie @Tera66 Lolol yeah it was kind of a cruel trick after what the reader had been put through. 5mo
Reggie @Billypar it has a 35% rating here on Litsy. It might be the 5th pan on here I‘ve given after close to 400 books. I have made my peace with it. Lol 5mo
vivastory ?? your Kornbread comment "I took the shotgun off the wall & I fired two warning shots... into his head" 5mo
Reggie @vivastory Lolol 5mo
Rissreads You always make me laugh! 🤣 5mo
readordierachel Reggie I got your package. Your kind note made me tear up. It's been a year (for everyone, I'm sure). Thank you so much for the book! And for thinking of me. I've missed Litsy (and you) too. 5mo
Reggie @readordierachel this year has sucked! Lol. I‘m glad you got it. Hope you and the kiddo are ok. We‘re (Litsy) here whenever you want to talk books or whatever. Happy Holidays! ❤️ 5mo
readordierachel Happy Holidays! ❤ 5mo
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Earlier this week I was gonna post a photo of a bridge and comment how I was going to throw myself off of it if I didn‘t reach 100 books for the year(I‘m joking) Instead now I‘m gonna show how I‘m gonna cheat my way there. I was shopping for a swap and wandered into the kids section and picked up this book all about labor disputes depicted by a group of cows who band together to withhold their milk until their demands are met, of 👇🏼

Reggie course by sending typed letters. So cute and funny! My 125 is in the dumpster, I‘m trying to salvage out a 100, the rest in novellas. Good Luck on the your end of the year reading goals, Littens! 5mo
vivastory There are some wonderful quick reads. If you haven't read it, I think you might like 5mo
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vivastory One more (lol) This one is memorable & broke my heart a bit when I read it 5mo
Reggie @Vivastory lol, I will probably entertain them all. Thank you so much, Scott! 5mo
vivastory They are all quick, but memorable, reads. In fact having just posted the recommendation for Night Bookmobile I decided to buy a copy for my personal library. Enjoy. 5mo
Megabooks I have been so tempted to bang out my last 8 books with short ones. I‘m afraid things are going to get busy and I‘m not going to make it!! 5mo
Megabooks This is a short short story collection I‘ve read a few times 5mo
Avanders I love this book 🐄🐓⌨️😁 Also, no shame in reading graphic novels, audiobooks, novellas, and kids book ☺️☺️ 5mo
Cinfhen I LOVE children‘s books!!! And they totally count! I really liked the book @Megabooks suggested 💕 5mo
Reggie @Megabooks I say do it! What the hell. If you still have time in the end, pick up something chunky. And thanks for the rec, Meg. If you and @Cinfhen like it, I know it‘s gotta be good. Thanks for the support, Cindy! 5mo
Reggie @Avanders my dad and I have been going through things at our workplaces that when I showed him this book he laughed so hard. We needed THIS book this week. 5mo
LeahBergen Books are books, no matter what size they are! 😊 5mo
Smrloomis I love Click Clack Moo ❤️ It‘s so perfect the way they negotiate with the farmer 😂 If you have room for another novella, I liked Open Water 5mo
CarolynM I like the way you think👍 Kids books for the win! 5mo
Nute No shade, Reggie! I enjoy picture books, middle grade books, young adult books, novellas and so much more. Heck, I even count reading story-based cookbooks. Just do YOUR reading-thing and have a good time!🙂 5mo
Bookzombie I agree with everyone. All books count. I count every one of the children‘s books I read. This year they make up about 45% of what I read this year so far. 🙂 5mo
Centique I loved The Night Bookmobile too! @vivastory 5mo
Centique I get a few graphic novels if I need to meet my goal. I love 5mo
Centique PS Book Depository reckons one of the books I sent you has arrived, the other has just left 🤞🤞🤞 5mo
Reggie @Smrloomis this book is magic. And thanks for the rec, I will definitely take a look! 5mo
Reggie @LeahBergen @CarolynM @Nute @Bookzombie I don‘t know why I let my GR‘s goal become this cruel mistress with a whip who makes me feel shame about not hitting a certain #. Lol But yes, I‘m just gonna enjoy what I read no matter the length or the age category. Also, Margie, just so you know, you totally inspired me to go in to the kids section with your last post. ☺️ 5mo
Reggie @Centique 😁if it is Children of the Fang, it has arrived. Thank you, Paula! So much. He has such a great writing style. I love John Langan. Also, yes to graphic novels. 5mo
Centique @Reggie yes yes that‘s it! One more to come but you‘ll know the next one is from me I‘m sure. 😘😘 5mo
LitStephanie LOL, what a good idea to get more books in! I love the subversive idea of organizing cows. If this amused you, you might look up Dana Lyons' song Cows With Guns. 5mo
Reggie @LitStephanie lololol, thanks so much. That song is hilarious. It reminds me of this dark short story we had to read in college- A Mother‘s Tale by James Agee. It‘s basically that song but with no humor and the darkest ending. 5mo
LitStephanie @Reggie glad you liked it. 😀 5mo
Suet624 I was just bemoaning the fact yesterday to my kids that I might actually miss my GR goal this year. They suggested poetry. With that and a few kids books I should be able to do it though. Good luck! 5mo
Reggie This year has been total trash, Sue. Taylor Lautner got engaged a couple of weeks ago. There goes one of my dreams (lolololll) and 100 still seems so far away. Good luck to you, also! ☘️ (edited) 5mo
Jas16 Hi Reggie. I received a package from you and instantly set it aside for Christmas. Thank you my friend. 5mo
Reggie @jas16 you are most welcome! 5mo
GatheringBooks This is exactly what I have been doing! Reading Overdrive e-picturebooks to reach my GR reading challenge! Only 15 (or so) more to go! Good luck to us. 5mo
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I really liked this coming of age cosmic horror novella. A cosmic creature is given life and strength by the insecurities it feeds off of the MC Heath, a young Australian teenager who is on the cusp of puberty and is just starting to question his sexuality. Dries does a really good job of drawing the 1990‘s setting and Heath‘s normal, loving family life, which makes it all the more painful as hunger in the creature grows. Tears were spilled. Pick!

vivastory Stacked, of course! Even though the cover freaks me out 5mo
Reggie @vivastory that cover is hardcore! I‘m really liking Aaron Dries as an author. Have you ever read Richard Laymon, Scott? Cause he does some Richard Laymon stuff that doesn‘t need to be there but I still like him. A lot. 5mo
ItsAnotherJen It's on Kindle Unlimited! This cover is frightening 5mo
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vivastory I've been meaning to read Laymon but I've heard wildly mixed things about him that I've moved him down my tbr for the time. I figured I should read McCammon & Ketchum first. 5mo
Reggie @ItsAnotherJen I don‘t know if this is your kind of book, Jen. The horror gets extreme in places. But, if you pick it up I hope you like it! 5mo
Reggie @vivastory yes, read the other two authors first. It‘s just-Laymon is that cook that adds too many ingredients into a dish that was already delicious. He doubles and triple downs and it gets crazy. 5mo
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42 yo Reggie can laugh now at this commercial with age and medical advances made but I can totally see how in the 1990‘s it would have scared the hell out of any questioning Australian teen with any kind of imagination. Also, I forget how big bowling was in the 80‘s. Watch it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_lhFc_9U_UY

vivastory Damn, that is a mini-horror movie 🎳☠️👧 5mo
TrishB The U.K. adverts were mini horror shows too. 5mo
Reggie @vivastory my mini horror show was the opening credits to Unsolved Mysteries. Just that theme song alone! 5mo
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Reggie @TrishB after watching that 1980‘s nuclear war movie from the U.K, I bet there were some really scary ones. 5mo
vivastory @TrishB Completely unrelated but I watched your segment on Shawn's BookTube channel last night. It was great 👍 You completely sold me on the book 📚 5mo
Bookzombie Definitely a mini-horror movie. 5mo
TrishB I remember a lot of gravestones! 5mo
TrishB @vivastory oh that‘s really cool 👍🏻 thank you 5mo
CarolynM Oh yeah, it was a creepy one. Have you actually seen it?😱 As I recall there were some less emotive ones too. My favourite Australian contribution to AIDS prevention was the song Roll it on Robbie by Redgum. Look it up on YouTube, you might be amused. 5mo
CarolynM Obviously you have serm it - I missed that you included the link🙄😬 5mo
Reggie @CarolynM Lolol that song is awesome! I‘m sure it was cheesy back then. There is an older gentleman in his late 60‘s I work with and he is also gay. He‘s been married to his husband since it was legal and together for 30 years. The other day we were talking about how lucky we both were to not have contracted HIV. Also, the boy in the book mentions a commercial about Flora butter where vegetables are dancing but I couldn‘t find it. 5mo
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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Going into this, I thought this was going to be torture and pain rough, but it wasn‘t. Yes, some were gross and I wouldn‘t recommend eating while reading this, but besides one meh story out of 29, they were great. There was a lesbian couple and their daughter at the beginning of a mold apocalypse, a description of a werewolf woman eating of a fat accountant that sounded so sumptuous and delicious, an autopsy whose ME‘s blood sacrifice into 👇🏼

Reggie the cavern of his subject allows the subject to be born anew as it crawled through the entrails of its old body(totally got some Hellraiser vibes in this one), a country duo conjoined out of love and many more!!! This was great. A big ol‘ body horror pick! (edited) 6mo
TrishB Great review 😁 6mo
Reggie @TrishB thanks! They were a lot of fun. 6mo
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Centique Oh my god a mold apocalypse. Just thinking about it creeps me out. Give me spiders any day. 😂😂 6mo
Bookzombie This is a great review! Already stacked. 🙂 6mo
Reggie @Centique it comes from old fruit and it keeps growing and one of the mothers just swipes her finger across it like nothing to prove it‘s just simple mold. By the end she‘s just a blob of mold in the hospital. It was horrible. 6mo
Reggie @Bookzombie Thanks, Margie. There‘s a wide variety of stories in here. You‘ll enjoy it. 6mo
Centique @Reggie that is very bleurgh 🤯 6mo
vivastory I see that my local B&N has this in stock. I foresee a quick trip to the store in the next week! I also really want her recent anthology of Shirley Jackson inspired stories (edited) 5mo
Reggie @vivastory I saw that one tonight because I was at B&N earlier but that they‘re Jackson inspired not puts me off but if I haven‘t read her then I won‘t get the reference even though I‘m sure I would just enjoy them on their own. It‘s a mental block. Lol. I think you would very much like Body Shocks. 5mo
vivastory I really look forward to it. Body horror unnerves me like no other type of horror. To this day one of my most memorable reading experiences was literally gagging in a waiting room while reading The Troop. 5mo
Reggie @vivastory oof I always think about the poor monkey and the poor turtle. And I could just see those worms ascend into the air, ugh. 🤮 5mo
vivastory The worms going into the air gave me nightmares. I've thought about rereading the book, but also “No, thanks...“ 😂 5mo
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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I liked this sentence. From “I‘m Always Here,” by Richard Christian Matheson. Photo is of artist Peter Pavlesnkiy in his artistic form of protest against the Russian government.

Twainy OMG that looks painful. 6mo
Megabooks Whoa! Great line! 6mo
sharread 😳 ouch 6mo
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BiblioLitten This is the second time I‘m seeing this picture on Litsy in 24 hours 😳 6mo
Reggie @Bibliolitten what a coincidence. Dark times here on Litsy. Lol 6mo
DivineDiana Perfect visual choice! 5mo
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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In a book of body horror themed short stories, I would never have guessed there would be one about the fashion industry. As someone who watched the first 6 seasons of America‘s Next Top Model back in the day, I was into it. It‘s so satirically scathing, making fun of all the pretentiousness, and yet, it manages to boil it down into a moment of beauty right before that last paragraph that knifes you in the back. Sooo good this story.

Lindy 💪😱 6mo
Centique Next Top Model was my Friday night go to for years. It was compulsive stuff! I guess it‘s one of the godfathers of reality tv. 6mo
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Body Shocks | Ellen Datlow
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Just picked up this anthology of body horror yesterday. The cover looks like something Clive Barker would have done. The table contents is pretty awesome. Read the first story and even though it is about a family being caught at a roach motel and turning into roaches themselves it had a nice little lesson about life. I 🖤 horror.

Nute Spot on with the cover art…Clive Barker all the way. People turning into roaches, oh, my!😳 Just so you know you were correct about The Ruins…I liked it! I‘ll put some words on paper soon. 6mo
Reggie @Nute 😁yay about the Ruins! I just remember that guy who wanted to be a doctor just wanting to save everyone and he couldn‘t. 6mo
Nute Remember what you told me…to give it a chance for the top notch character development. Right on! Still gross in places.🤢 And I‘m definitely not reading a story about roach people! HaHaHa! I‘ll pass on this and see what you recommend for me next time.😀 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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@teebe this happened a couple of years ago. My entry this year into your #CreepyChristmas scary stories. Enjoy! 🧟 🧟🧟

CarolynM 😱😱😱 That is scary! 6mo
LeahBergen Eek! 😱 6mo
Cathythoughts 😰 scary 😟 6mo
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batsy Yikes 😰😰 6mo
Librarybelle Oh my! That‘s scary! 6mo
andrew61 Gosh v disturbing. 6mo
Lindy @Reggie You are an excellent storyteller. 🏆😱 (edited) 6mo
sprainedbrain Omg!!! 6mo
teebe Super creepy! Humans are always scarier than anything else lol. Thanks for sharing! 6mo
Megabooks Dude. That is crazy! Creepy for sure! 6mo
Centique Holy crap that is scary! 6mo
Bookzombie Scary! I also thought about all the horror movies. 6mo
vivastory Man, that is creepy... 6mo
kspenmoll I would be shaking with fright! 😱😱 6mo
DivineDiana Very scary! 😱 6mo
Reggie @CarolynM @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @batsy @Librarybelle @andrew61 @sprainedbrain @teebe @Megabooks @Centique @vivastory @kspenmoll @DivineDiana I blame physical books. Had I just been reading my kindle on phone I never would have turned on the light in my room. Lolol @Lindy Thanks! @Bookzombie I was thinking The Strangers and oddly enough, the little boy in the beginning of 28 Weeks Later. 6mo
Avanders 😳😟 so scary 6mo
Tera66 Holy moly! 6mo
EvieBee My nightmares all the time. Someone chasing me and knocking on doors. Sheesh! 5mo
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Revelator: A novel | Daryl Gregory
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There is this comedian, Katt Williams, who does this bit where he‘s talking to the ladies saying that there are no 100% men. That some of them are sitting next to 70% men hoping for an upgrade they can‘t even laugh at the joke because he‘s looking over at them. How some of them have a 98% man going to his job, paying the bills, cooking them food, taking care of her children better than he takes care of his own, and she throws him all away 👇🏼

Reggie because of that 2%-just because he cheated. And that‘s how I feel about this book. Do I let 2% ruin everything beautiful about this novel- the characters, the setting, the lovely writing-because 2 hours after finishing it at the laundromat I‘m still bothered. How big is that 2%? Don‘t tell me a story in front of a big red curtain and allude to behind the curtain and finish the story before showing me what‘s behind that big red curtain!!! 👇🏼 (edited) 6mo
Reggie Daryl!!! Really, it‘s a great book. (edited) 6mo
AmyG Ha!!! If my husband cooked and cleaned....screw the 2%. 😂 (edited) 6mo
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Lindy I just saw this on the NY public library list of top 100 books of 2021 👍 6mo
CarolynM The only thing worse than failing to reveal the thing you keep referring to is revealing it to be something that doesn't live up to the hype. 6mo
Reggie @AmyG Lolol 6mo
Reggie @Lindy honestly what I should have said that this was a beautifully written story in the 1930‘s where a young woman left behind by her father to her family in the south Tennessee mountains of Appalachia finds out her family has their own god hidden away in a cave. A god who only communes with the youngest female. This story is compelling and wonderfully infused by the time and setting specific metaphors used by the author. I‘m still on the fence 6mo
Reggie with the ending. 6mo
Reggie @Carolyn At the end I felt the book was missing 300 more pages. I wanted so much more. It was good, though. 6mo
Lindy @Reggie It does sound good. If you‘ve read Moreno-Garcia‘s Mexican Gothic, how do the two books compare? 6mo
Reggie @Lindy I haven‘t read that one but what I will say about her books is is that I have read 3, Signal to Noise, Certain Dark Things, and Untamed Shores, and none of them are like the other. They all take place in Mexico. They are all good in their own way and Untamed is my favorite because the protagonist is coming of age and uses her village‘s small mindedness to escape a murder being put on her. She‘s a skilled author. Also, you read a book 👇🏼 6mo
Reggie about mycology and I hear mushrooms feature prominently. 6mo
Lindy @Reggie Yes, I have read Mexican Gothic and your description of Revelator sounds like it has similar elements. I guess I will have to see for myself 😊 6mo
Centique I get that sometimes when I‘m angry at a book because it was So Good it was nearly perfect and then the author screws up my perfect reading experience with this 2% of something I hate. And yet it‘s still an excellent book. I‘m looking at you 6mo
sprainedbrain I‘m excited about this one now! 6mo
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Rookfield | Gordon B White
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This novella was good but I‘m glad it was only 122pgs because I kept hoping the mc would die in a fiery crash. We follow a very Karen-esque father driving in his Maserati from the city to the country village of Rookfield, where his ex wife has taken their son to ride out the pandemic with family. Once he gets there he is shocked that almost all pandemic protocols are being strictly enforced and do not gel with his agenda. The part of this 👇🏼

Reggie story that has to do with the pandemic is already creepy enough but an element shows up in the last scene that punches this over the top and brings this story straight into the weird. Good stuff! 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Today‘s story is brought to you by the letter H, which is for hacking. Tried to log into Netflix and found out I no longer had an account. Went to email and found out someone from Nicaragua hacked my account, changed my password, then cancelled my account. Lol. Then I decided to clean out my email and found this gift from Margie from weeks ago and then came home to this gift that might have been in the Postal Bermuda Triangle. 👇🏼

Reggie A sweet card and a vampire book from Jennifer. Thank you Margie and Jennifer for making this Tuesday awesome! 6mo
Ruthiella I think the universe is telling you to read more and stream less? 😂 6mo
Leftcoastzen Well , that‘s wacky & annoying! 6mo
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vivastory That's obnoxious. Hopefully you can get it straightened out 6mo
Bookzombie I‘m sorry about your Netflix account. Glad you got the email though! I also enjoyed The Quick. 🙂 6mo
LeahBergen The Netflix issue is annoying but … I really enjoyed The Broken Girls! 6mo
TrishB A weird day! 6mo
Twainy Now I feel like I should put my book down and try Netflix (of course this means I‘ll be watching anime until 5AM) 😁🤗 sorry about the thoughtless hackers in Nicaragua & wish them equal karma. Cuz I‘m mean. 6mo
Cathythoughts What a crazy world ! And lots of goodness too ❤️ 6mo
batsy Oh gosh, hope the Netflix issue is sorted out quick! But yay for the gifts 💕 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s troublesome! Hope you get it sorted out. 6mo
Suet624 Canceling your account is next level. I realized I had been hacked when all of my shows were now in Spanish. 6mo
Jas16 Oh that is so annoying. I am glad the book arrived at a time you needed some book mail. 6mo
Reggie @Ruthiella totally! Lol 6mo
Nute Whoa! That‘s messed up!😐 At least the end of the day delivered some unexpected joy! Yay! Friends! Yay! Presents! Yay! Book mail!💕 6mo
Lindy Life is stranger than fiction. Hope all is well for the foreseeable future. 🌻 6mo
BeaG WOW 6mo
Avanders Uuuuugh hackers 😡😡 6mo
DivineDiana So sorry. The online world has become a danger zone. I have a 90 year old friend who was just hacked and it has been a nightmare for her. Two of her friends believed the false email and sent money on credit cards, which they then had to cancel. So glad some bookish surprises were there to cheer you! ❤️ 6mo
Bookzombie Hi! I'm pretty sure I saw a comment on someone else's post so you are just hanging out, but I thought I would check in. I do that a lot, lol. Hope you are are doing well! 6mo
Reggie @Bookzombie I haven‘t been reading at all. Lol, I‘ve been on the same book for almost 3 weeks and it‘s a great book. It‘s just me right now. I feel like such a reading Poser taking the same book into work for over ten days now. Ughhh thanks for checking on me Margie. Where‘s Thanksgiving this year? You going to your sister‘s? Who‘s cooking the turkey. I‘m heading to Grandmas down south this year and we‘re all cooking so it‘ll be nice. 6mo
Bookzombie I understand. I have read a few this month, not counting picture books, but I seem to be dragging them out. It‘s also just me, not the books. 🙂 It‘s just us this year. My side is doing the extended family/large gathering and I‘m just not up for that. I will miss all the food, but not necessarily all the family. 😏David‘s going to cook steaks, lol. They will be delicious though. What will you have besides turkey? 6mo
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Revelator: A novel | Daryl Gregory
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Just started this for my LPMBC pick and the writing is Appalachian exquisite.

TrishB That cover is also very cool! 6mo
Reggie @TrishB turn it sideways and it also looks very cool. Like a river into a forest or jungle with clear skies. 6mo
SoapboxEdits 🤯 6mo
Bookzombie I‘m just going to stack it now, lol. 6mo
Centique Wow, I love the way the cover looks so good sideways too! 6mo
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This book disturbed me a great deal because it‘s much more than it seems and I found myself drinking the Kool-aid which I think was real. So we get a novelization of Camp Ghoul Mountain 6. It a story of Henry the Horror and how he butchers all those camp counselors but this entry into the franchise is different because of the extras. The ufos, the cults, the conspiracy theories. The author gives you footnotes to give you more info but then 👇🏼

Reggie he also includes chapters between the movie‘s novelization which tell the disturbing story of the director and the movie studio. There is definitely a point of view in here, that at a point, stops feeling like it‘s the movie and the director and you feel like the author is trying to save your soul. It gets very weird. It‘s a pick but it could have been better. (edited) 6mo
TrishB Great review Reggie! 6mo
Reggie Thanks @TrishB! 6mo
DivineDiana I feel disturbed about it just reading your review! Great job! 6mo
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#21DaysofHorror Day 21. Ever since I read Yo! by Julia Alvarez, I‘ve been a sucker for interconnected short stories. And in here it‘s basically a man collecting stories from all over the world from before, during, and after the Zombie World War. There have been stories from when I first read it over 15 years ago that still talk to me. One is a woman who falls out of an airplane into zombie trouble when a woman over the radio leads her to 👇🏼

Reggie safety. Only later she finds out there was no woman on the radio and it was only her psyche. There is a man in a wheelchair who wants to sign up for his neighborhood zombie patrol who almost gets told no cause of his wheelchair. But then he reminds them of what situation they‘re in. Also, the same man talks about his huge house and how he‘s not so lonely now because they have placed a family in the two rooms he doesn‘t occupy. Wondering before👇🏼 7mo
Reggie the outbreak what we were all doing with such big houses and no one living in those extra rooms. There‘s a job re-education program that is happening for all the people like entertainment lawyers whose jobs aren‘t needed anymore. And that particular lawyer is now being taught by their old maid how to clean. Brooks says so much about the world we still continue to live in while using zombies while still serving up some zombie dread. I love this👇🏼 7mo
Reggie book. Thanks Scott @vivastory for this. It‘s been so much fun! Happy Halloween, everyone! 7mo
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Blueberry Interconnected short stories...have you read Anthony Marra's books? So good. 7mo
Reggie @Blueberry I have not. But I‘m pretty sure I have him stacked. Just never enough time. 7mo
vivastory This remains my favorite zombie book. I too still think about certain scenes in it from time to time. During the start of the pandemic I would have random scenes pop into my mind. I typically only listen to nonfiction audio books, but I have been really tempted to listen to this one. I've heard that it's worth it just to hear Mark Hamill's performance. Happy Halloween! 7mo
Reggie @vivastory I wish I was an audiobook listener. My mind just flies away onto other things. But everyone who has mentioned the audio on here has loved it. 7mo
Bookzombie A great choice! I have so enjoyed both yours and @vivastory ‘s posts. You have reminded me of great ones I already read, some I need to get to, and given me some new ones to look for. 💗 7mo
DivineDiana TBR list for next Halloween! 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 7mo
Suet624 @Blueberry thank you for mentioning Marra. Love him even if he is super depressing. 🙁 6mo
Rissreads Loved this book! ♥️ 5mo
Reggie @Rissreads ❤️Me too! 5mo
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Only 40 pages in and am LOVING it so far.

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