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Burger Boy
Burger Boy | Alan Durant
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Benny hates vegetables and eats nothing but hamburgers, until the day his mother's prediction proves true and he turns into a walking, talking--and running--burger.
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Burger Boy | Alan Durant
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Burger Boy by Alan Durant and illustrated by Mei Matsuoka, is a cute story about a boy who refuses to eat anything but burgers and his mom warns soon he will turn into one, and to his surprise he does! This MF PB would make for a great RA or even Storytelling. An activity that can be tied to this book can be found here: https://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson054.shtml

GroeningsC This can further discussion about health, tying into the lesson of the story!
UDL: 7.2, by relating this book to a lesson about nutrition allows it to become relevant to students everyday life
ESOL: 2, asking students to talk among each other about their favorite foods.
kradebaugh This looks like such a super cute book. You have a great review of this book. I think I would like to add this book to my library. 2mo
BRaulerson What a great book and fun story that could be super engaging for all students! 2mo
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Camrynm Such a cute book!!! Great resource too. 2mo
sbombasi This sounds like a really great read! Sounds like it can be a good use of diversity of food and the health resource activity you used! 2mo
katiehamlin This book looks so precious! I like how you incorporated ways to teach students about health through your link. 2mo
TristanPool Great lesson to teach kids about healthy eating habits! I‘ll have to look into it for my group of kids as we learn about healthy choices! 2mo
DrSpalding More food and healthy eating habits! This relates to science. 1mo
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