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It's Not Me It's You
It's Not Me It's You: An addictive and gripping new page-turning thriller! | Charlotte Bigland
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Jen knows she's a serial dater, but is she a serial killer? Jen Beeny is leaving her turbulent past behind and now it's time to start living. Or at least she's trying to. Between her dead-end job, live-in-landlord and disastrous dates, life in London is not quite turning out as she'd planned. When her dates start to go missing, Jen is determined to ignore the sense of dread building inside her. She continues on with life...until the police come knocking. All signs suggest Jen is the culprit, and the internet sleuths are gaining traction. But Jen didn't do anything wrong, did she? Discover the hottest thriller of the summer perfect for fans of You.
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As a debut book, I thought this was quite good. It got off to a decent start, but then seemed to falter in pace a little towards the middle. As an MC Jen is, how can I put this, just a little bit dim at times. The men are (mostly) all a bit sleazy & you can't for the life of you understand why Jen keeps chasing after a guy who should have a neon sign around his neck saying “He's just not that into you“.

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OutsmartYourShelf Overall it's a mixed bag but the author has talent & potential for future books. 3⭐

My thanks to NetGalley & publishers, Embla Books, for the opportunity to read an ARC. #NetGalley

Full Review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/4853247613

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