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River Sing Me Home | Eleanor Shearer
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The July #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead is the tagged book. This is a low key buddy read. Read throughout the month of July. I will post periodic checkins, and discussion will take place on July 31st.

All are welcome! Please let me know if you wish to be added or removed from the tag list!

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Infinite Jest | David Foster Wallace
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repost for @RaeLovesToRead

If anyone is interested in a #buddyread of the following over the next few years, I'll be looking for company in my masochism.

Crime & Punishment
Infinite Jest
S. (Ship of Theseus)
Other exhausting book-mountains!!!

Who says reading has to be fun??

Join me! #torturedpoetsbookclub

P.S. I am not reading House of Leaves again.

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Blerdgal_Fenix Just love the logo 🖤 11h
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The latest installment in the Mr Darcy & Miss Tilney Mystery series was released today! Would any #pemberlittens be interested in a chapter-a-day read along like we did for the first two? I don't mind leading the charge. We could start July 1st - there are 25 chapters so we'd finish within the month. Let me know!

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peanutnine Thanks for sharing! ☺️ 19h
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But Mom, I want to go!! 🚘 😻🫶🏻 🐾

Happy Tuesday everyone! What are you reading?! I‘m listening to the tagged 💔 ✈️


RaeLovesToRead Love you, Tux 🥰🥰 2d
dabbe #tuxedotux 🖤🐾🖤 2d
TheSpineView 🤍🐈🖤 2d
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kspenmoll Read some of Butter but had to take a break- Poe & Em say high to Tux!😻😻 2d
AllDebooks Tux is too cute! I'm reading #Literarycrew #buddyread it's going to be a one sitting read methinks 😍 2d
AnnCrystal 😍😘💕😻💝. 2d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @RaeLovesToRead he loves you back 🐾🖤😻 1d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @kspenmoll he says hello 😻 1d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @AllDebooks he says thank you 🖤 that one sounds good! 1d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @dabbe 🫶🏻😻🐾 1d
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Fifteen | Beverly Cleary
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repost for @TheBookHippie


Some summer teen fun 💜

Everyone welcome 🩷

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I adored this. Will definitely be buying myself a copy. 💚 #buddyread #midsummersolace

Aimeesue I have ZERO willpower - have just ordered myself a copy 😄 2d
TheBookHippie @Aimeesue 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2d
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A Thousand Ships | Natalie Haynes
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I‘m only about 1/4 through, but I‘m enjoying this book focusing on the women of The Trojan War. The story is still driven by men, but one could say that that is a reflection of what little power these strong women had.

 @LibraryBell #literarycrew #buddyread

Librarybelle So true! 5d
GondorGirl I will read anything Natalie Haynes writes. 🥰 4d
tpixie @GondorGirl good to know. This is my first! 4d
GondorGirl @tpixie My top read of 2023 was 4d
tpixie @GondorGirl thanks!! I‘ll have to look into this! Ha! I added it to my Goodreads Want to Read stack! (edited) 3d
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#NoPlaceLikeHolmes @Cuilin
#TheStockbroker's Clerk

Hi, Sherlockians~
Fabulous discussion today! Next up: “The Stockbroker's Clerk“; link for more information is below (with a summary--spoiler alert!) Next discussion will be on 6/22 due to Father's Day and will be led by @Cuilin. Have a lovely week!
Link: https://bit.ly/4cdxdAs

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dabbe Thank you! 💚💙💚 5d
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#LitSolace #MidsummerSolace

Let's make Saturday a day for coffee and chats. Join in our #SaturdayChatterday event. Grab a drink and start chatting.
☕️ Are you having a good weekend?
☕️ What are you up to today?
☕️ Where are you?
☕️ What are your plans for next week?
☕️ Any recommendations - books, places, films/tv shows etc?

Have a great day 🌞

@TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit @jenniferw88

Librarybelle Good morning! I‘m very excited for the $5.00 bag sale at my favorite independent bookstore and plan to go today. It‘s a lovely sunny day in my part of PA, so a good day for a book sale! 5d
kspenmoll Hello! It‘s a gorgeous morning in CT- blue skies, breeze- on my way to Brooklyn to see a Paul McCartney photo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Meeting a friend who lives there. There have been protests pro Gaza so we will see what transpires today. Living history. https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/paul-mccartney (edited) 5d
kspenmoll @Librarybelle What fun! Enjoy the bookstore!📚📚 5d
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AllDebooks @Librarybelle sounds fun, enjoy x 5d
AllDebooks @kspenmoll oooh that looks a good exhibition. Have a great day with your friend. Living history indeed, stay safe x 5d
AllDebooks I've got rained off gardening. It is so cold here in Derbyshire. I've snuggled up with list making of garden jobs and our #buddyread 5d
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle ooooo FUN!!!! 5d
TheBookHippie Current have two loaves of bread in the oven. 👀 @dabbe …. Laundry and sitting on the patio for today it‘s been a flare week so I need to behave. 🫣 5d
dabbe @TheBookHippie Is it in the 60s-70s? I hope so, and I hope you relax on your patio and rejuvenate yourself! 💚💙💚 We're hibernating inside and also having a relaxing day of reading. 5d
TheBookHippie @dabbe NO it‘s 80 WTH 🫣😵‍💫😝 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ so… I‘m inside until the supper hour I guess… 😩 5d
dabbe @TheBookHippie 80 with humidity is like 100 here. #ugh! 5d
AllDebooks @TheBookHippie flare-ups are so frustrating. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I bet your home smells lovely, nothing like freshly baked bread x 4d
AllDebooks @dabbe it's easy to forget how blissful a day of reading truly is. x 4d
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Suitable Boy | Vikram Seth
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Thanks so much Lindy for hosting this #buddyread - as others have said, slowing down really enriched this read for me, I read Les Mis last year by doing a chapter a day (pleasingly, it‘s 365 chapters) but I enjoyed even more doing this in step with other readers and getting to share thoughts and opinions!

I was disappointed not to get a last minute twist in the main storyline but nevertheless really enjoyed this one!

Lindy Beka, it‘s been a true pleasure reading this book together with lovely people like you. 🤗 5d
squirrelbrain I did think it fizzled out slightly at the end, but maybe leaving it open for the sequel, that never happened? 5d
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