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Shoeless Joe & Me
Shoeless Joe & Me | Dan Gutman
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When Joe Stoshack hears about Shoeless Joe Jackson -- and the gambling scandal that destroyed the star player's career -- he knows what he has to do. If he travels back in time with a 1919 baseball card in his hand, he just might be able to prevent the infamous Black Sox Scandal from ever taking place. And if he could do that, Shoeless Joe Jackson would finally take his rightful place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. But can Stosh prevent that tempting envelope full of money from making its way to Shoeless Joe's hotel room before the big game?
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Shoeless Joe & Me | Dan Gutman
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Stosh is off an another adventure back to 1919 to see if he just might be able to prevent the infamous Black Sox Scandal from ever taking place.

#20in4Readathon Day 1
#MarchMadnessReadathon Day24

DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 2mo
Eggs @DieAReader ❤️ 2mo
Andrew65 Another interesting looking one. Well done 👏👏👏 2mo
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Eggs @Andrew65 I 💗 baseball stories/HF 2mo
TheSpineView Awesome! 2mo
Eggs @TheSpineView 🤗🤗 2mo
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Shoeless Joe & Me | Dan Gutman
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Over the holiday weekend my husband & I watched the Field of Dreams movie. Come to find out its based on a book!

TEArificbooks What?! blow me over with a feather! 3y
rather_be_reading @mdm139 Right!! I had no idea! 3y
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Shoeless Joe & Me | Dan Gutman
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Starting this middle-grade adventure tonight. It should be a piece of 🎂 to finish quickly, satisfying one of my remaining reading challenge categories (because even though he's now in his twenties, my brother claims only this series as his favorite). #EmojiNov

Andrew65 Reminds me of one of my favourite films. Field of Dreams. 6y
Gezemice Which category? I'd love to know what you think of it. I feel like I should no more of sports history since it is such a huge part of the US culture. 6y
hes7 @Gezemice One of the challenges I'm doing has a category for a book that reminds you of a relative. It's an interesting book, for sure. The story is pretty simple, but with the time travel and history and baseball, it's fun. 6y
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