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Singer Distance | Ethan Chatagnier
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#Aardvark put this on my radar, and I‘m so pleased they did! It‘s alternative history SciFi with a lot of heart.

It‘s 1960 and Earth has had primitive communication with Mars since last century, but no one has been able to answer the Martians‘ question since Einstein in 1932. Enter five MIT grad students headed to Arizona to carve their answer into the desert - a trip that will change all of them and have far reaching consequences in their lives.

TheAromaofBooks I love this cover!!! 1d
britt_brooke Striking photo! 1d
Megabooks @TheAromaofBooks it‘s gorgeous! 1d
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Megabooks @britt_brooke thank you! 1d
swishandflick I'm so excited to read this one! 22h
Cinfhen Your review makes me very interested but still leaning towards #BorrowNotBuy 💖also ill say it again, fabulous photo 😍 19h
Megabooks @swishandflick enjoy! It was really good! 6h
Megabooks @Cinfhen makes sense and thank you! I love this Christmas hanging. 🤩🎄 6h
BarbaraBB Beautiful photo!! 5h
Megabooks @BarbaraBB that means a lot coming from you because yours are always so stunning. Thank you! 😘 4h
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😬😬 23 is obviously too young to write a reflective memoir, even for an Olympic athlete, so this is more of a training memoir. Chen goes through his progress from singles to quads, how he trained, and his thoughts after each meet. If you love competitive figure skating or are a former/current skater yourself, you‘ll probably love this. But if you‘re me and never got past skating backwards and only tune in every four years, this may be too dry.

Megabooks @Cinfhen I think H would LOVE this, but for you, it‘s definitely a #BorrowNotBuy. #NFNov @Ann_Reads 1w
Megabooks This is just a day of bails! 1w
Cinfhen Yeah, this was EXACTLY my initial thought - thanks for confirming 😘 I did listen and LOVE this skating memoir 1w
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BarbaraBB Maybe a nice read for your niece @cinfhen ! 1w
Cinfhen H knows Nathan, they aren‘t friends but they‘ve crossed paths several times and she just thought it was hilarious that he was “writing” a memoir - @BarbaraBB 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB it‘s interesting because he is incredibly overscheduled!! When he was a novice, he was still taking ballet and competing in gymnastics and hockey too. Just crazy. 🤯🤯 I‘m curious what gossip H has… 😏 I loved Adam‘s memoir too. Waaayyy more personality than this!! 1w
sarahbarnes The idea of writing a memoir at 23 makes me giggle a bit. 😁 1w
vlwelser I was a skater and this would be a pass for me. But that Adam one is on my TBR. 7d
Megabooks @sarahbarnes I‘ve seen athletes write fluffy YA ones like this one from Simone Biles, but it‘s a lot to write an adult one when you‘re well…barely an adult. 7d
Megabooks @vlwelser Adam‘s is heartwarming and hilarious. Definitely give it a read! 7d
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The Passenger | Cormac McCarthy
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I tried with this one, but I just couldn‘t connect with the dialogue or either MC. Even Julia Whelan, whose narration I‘m finally enjoying more, and Macleod Andrews, whom I adore, couldn‘t get me into this. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think I‘m just going to have to skip if this or its sequel makes it to the ToB shortlist.

Cinfhen Good to know!! I‘ve seen several reviews saying Passenger was confusing- I just went back to this book I had bailed on earlier this month - 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen VERY confusing!! Especially since the character Whelan narrates has hallucinations that speak to her. Her narrator was good, but I find it super confusing when there‘s a lot of dialogue between a person and their hallucinations in an audiobook. I‘m on the fence about Dinosaurs, but it‘s one I‘ll definitely read if it makes the shortlist. Rn I‘m tackling this in print 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen and I‘m planning on getting this on audio now that my credits have come through 1w
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Megabooks @Cinfhen but this is my current audiobook from the library that I think you will love!! 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen and I‘m expecting your Hanukkah gift to arrive today, and the only hint I‘ll give is that it‘s one of my top 7 from the tob longlist that I don‘t think you have. 🤫 and now I‘ll stop tagging you, but I do think you‘d enjoy the Chen. 😘😘 1w
Cinfhen My niece and I just discussed the Nathan Chen memoir…it‘s nuts that he‘s writing a memoir at 23!!! Hailey wanted to know if I‘m going to buy it - I told her it‘s probably going to be a #BorrowNotBuy for me but maybe I will use an Audible credit if it doesn‘t pop up on Scribd 1w
Cinfhen You‘re making me giddy with curiosity!!! Thank you SO MUCH!! Im going to listen to Flight next week when it becomes available on Scribd. It actually looks good!!! Are you liking it?? 1w
Cinfhen Did you finish 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen yes! I loved search! Unsure whether it is 4.75 or 5⭐️, but idk if someone not as involved in church life would enjoy it as much. It‘s well written and funny but it was the subject matter that pushed it into the upper stratosphere for me. I‘m further into the Chen, and it‘s running #BorrowNotBuy, but I still think you‘d enjoy it. Flight is sitting next to me, but I‘ve gotten caught up in house things and haven‘t gotten far. 1w
Megabooks @Cinfhen I finished this today and it‘s a solid 4.5⭐️ and another winner from the longlist!! 1w
Cinfhen I‘m saving the Wilson for 2023 challenges but I‘m really looking forward & I‘ll probably start Search after the weekend. Friends left to Jerusalem a few hours ago so tonight & tomorrow I‘ll be cleaning and playing catch-up plus I volunteer at the bookshop on Wednesday‘s 1w
squirrelbrain Meg, I‘m glad you reviewed this, as I‘d put both of his on my ‘no‘ list for ToB then I was doubting myself. 😁 I‘m saving the Wilson too for 2023 @Cinfhen 1w
Megabooks @squirrelbrain 💯💯 okay to be on the No list! 👍🏻 1w
BarbaraBB This is good to know, I was hesitating to buy the box but it‘s quite expensive. Now I can let it go 🙃 1w
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I‘d say no on this. Very confusing and not very compelling, but I‘m interested to read a review if someone gets it better than I did! 1w
BarbaraBB If you don‘t get it no one will! 1w
Ruthiella I‘ve never read any Cormac McCarthy and I probably won‘t start with this either. I think he might be an acquired taste? (edited) 1w
Megabooks @Ruthiella I think I‘ve read this but so long ago I‘m not sure 1w
KristiAhlers I totally just bailed for the same reasons. Quotation marks are horribly important in helping the reader navigate the narrative. 5d
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I finished Agatha earlier in the week, for #nonfictionnovember, which I really enjoyed.

I loved ❤️ The Marriage Portrait, which I finished last night.

I‘ve nearly finished Matthew Perry; I‘m having the same issues as most other Littens, I think. 😬

And Bibliomaniac has been fab to dip in and out of, lots of bookshops to visit and Im not even halfway yet!

Cinfhen Fabulous week!!! I think I want to read the Christie but it‘ll probably be a #BorrowNotBuy 1w
Bostonmomx2 Not sure what most other Littens are feeling about Perry‘s book but I def can‘t wait to read it. 1w
TrishB A good week 😁 I loved the O‘Farrell too. 1w
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squirrelbrain @Bostonmomx2 - I won‘t spoil it for you, but the reviews haven‘t been as stellar as one would hope / expect. 1w
BookNAround Bibliomaniac looks like a ton of fun. And it doesn‘t come out here until March 1 but that means it would be a perfect birthday gift from me to myself. 😂 1w
squirrelbrain It is a fun book @BookNAround - and something to look forward to! 😁 1w
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This was funny and heartwarming and tedious at the same time. Right after the fall of the USSR, Rogoff was hired to produce Sesame Street in Russia, but finding partners, actors, writers, and even a network is no easy task in a ever-changing and even dangerous landscape. At times I didn‘t appreciate all the details, but the arc of the story and major players were interesting enough to keep me engaged. #NFNov

Cinfhen Sounds fun 😃but a #BorrowNotBuy 2w
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘d agree with that! 2w
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The Hero of This Book: A Novel | Elizabeth McCracken
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So Elizabeth McCracken insists this book is fiction but…
this memoir, not a memoir, but really IS a memoir, left me unmoved. The writing was really good and the right elements were all there yet, the story of a daughter mourning the passing of her mother didn‘t leave any kind of impression. Meh ? Note to EM: "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck."? ? #JustSayin

TrishB 😂😂 2w
Cinfhen I‘m perplexed @TrishB 🥹😁😘 2w
BarbaraBB 🤣🤣 Great review! I won‘t read the book! 2w
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Cinfhen It‘s definitely a #BorrowNotBuy in my opinion @BarbaraBB but I bet it‘s gonna be on the #ToB23LongList 🙃 2w
BarbaraBB Really? Oh well, as long as it won‘t be on the shortlist 🙃 2w
Megabooks I‘m curious what I‘ll think. Your review has my curiosity piqued! I picked this up at Parnassus. 2w
Cinfhen I‘m really curious to hear your thoughts when u get to it @Megabooks 1w
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This story of childhood friends, two boys from Biloxi, who choose very different career paths was both compelling & engaging. Grisham really knows how to spin a yarn and this one was quite a showpiece. It‘s a slow burn but the final confrontation is an epic showdown!! I do think 50- 100 pages could have been whittled down but narration by Michael Beck is so outstanding that I didn‘t mind those extra hours listening to him.

Cinfhen Thanks for putting this on my #ReadersRadar @robinb any chance you‘re gonna pick this up soon @JoyBlue ?!? 😁 2w
JoyBlue @Cinfhen LOL! Pick it up? Probably. Soon? Not bloody likely—the holds list is months-long. Thanks for putting it on my #ReadersRadar . . . I added it to my wish list. 😍 2w
Cinfhen It‘s another #BorrowNotBuy @JoyBlue 😁 2w
robinb So happy you enjoyed it, Cindy! @Cinfhen (edited) 2w
JoyBlue @Cinfhen Good to know—I appreciate it! 2w
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Mad Honey | Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Finney Boylan
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I‘m really not a fan of JP‘s stories( I feel like she TRIES to be SUPER EDGY) but this one had some interesting ideas. I loved the inclusion of honey themed recipes 🍯🐝♥️I might have bailed early on but it was a BuddyRead with a friend from Philly, so I carried on & im glad I did. So a surprising pick 😁

tpixie Good to know. I‘ve wondered about this book. She seems to have a social agenda- and whether I agree with her or not I‘m starting to get tired of having it pushed on me when I‘m just trying to enjoy my reading. 2w
Cinfhen Yessss @tpixie that‘s exactly what I mean!!! She has a social agenda!!!! Thanks for articulating ♥️ I‘d say #BorrowNotBuy it‘s a quick read and the recipes were a fun edition 😊 2w
tpixie @Cinfhen the recipes may be worth it!! 🍯 2w
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JoyBlue I added this to my holds list recently. Here's what that looks like today:

Your place in line: 24
Library copies: 14
People waiting in total: 347
People waiting per copy: 25

I think I saw signed copies of this when we were at Book People (Austin TX) in October, but didn't have the emotional energy to face it. That is, I held it in my hands; thought about my previous experiences with her; put it back. I probably should have bought it. . . .
Cinfhen I think it‘s ok to wait for this one…Especially if you were already second guessing purchasing it @JoyBlue it might be beach weather by the time your hold comes in but that‘s ok 😜 2w
JoyBlue @Cinfhen True story! 😂 2w
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Velvet Was the Night | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
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#AAM This was ok. I was invested in the story, billed as #MexicanNoir but I definitely felt my mind wandering often. I‘m not sure the reader was the right choice, although I found her narration pleasant enough. I still think the cover is 5 stars!!! I‘d say #BorrowNotBuy
Low pick but a good choice for #Mexico #ReadingAmericas2023

Megabooks I bailed on this 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3w
Cinfhen You didn‘t miss much- it‘s a slow burn - communist red scare/CIA interfering in Mexico 🇲🇽 @Megabooks I think it would make a good Quentin Tarantino movie 🍿 3w
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