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Liatrek 6 :-) 1d
mabell 13 😊 1d
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BarkingMadRun @Hestapleton you get 53! @Liatrek you get 25 and @mabell you get 6 1d
cwarnier I would like #20 1d
BarkingMadRun @cwarnier you get 30 points 1d
Kimberlone I‘ll go with #3 1d
BarkingMadRun @Kimberlone you get 49 and @thereadingunicorn you get 98 1d
Sharpeipup 13 19h
Sharpeipup What does lucky 13 get me? 😁 1h
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Laurie and Jack‘s Ferris wheel ride !?
And then later on..
Should he have told her he remembered too??

samanthagutt That kiss KILLED me inside! I‘m not sure if in that moment we were supposed to be excited for that first kiss and feel happy that they both share the same love for one another, but MY GOODNESS all I kept thinking was poor Sarah 😭 and how if Laurie didn‘t destroy their trust in the friendship when she kept the fact Jack was bus boy from Sarah, she definitely did when she and Jack kissed. 6d
samanthagutt I also think he should have told Laurie he remembered! At least after their kiss! I don‘t know if I understand the reason for keeping it from her. Because it makes him seem even more sleazy for kissing Laurie if the first time he remembers her is after he was already dating her best friend. AT LEAST if he mentioned he remembered her from the bus stop almost a year earlier then they would have had some more history 6d
Scochrane26 I agree that he should have told her. It seems to make the situation more tragic (if he told), but at least Laurie would know they had a connection before Sarah was involved. 6d
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Karisa I was surprised that he didn't confess. It feels like this secret is just growing bigger the more they both avoid it. Sarah's sense of betrayal would probably be more as time goes on too. The kiss seemed inevitable. It was a bit weird timing though. She's exhausted and needs a friend at that moment--not to be hit on by someone else's boyfriend. 6d
zezeki He should have told her. The more they keep wondering if the other remembers, the more it haunts them. Not knowing and constatnly wondering adds a certain flare, in my opinion, and maybe that's why they sometimes get a little closer than one should with her best friend's boyfriend. 6d
AmyG I agree with all of you. He should have told her. But then I think the author had him not say anything...for the sake of the storyline. This thing is going to blow up. (edited) 6d
CoffeeNBooks @samanthagutt I agree- I'm not sure why he still didn't tell her he remembered. I thought he was going to before she left in the taxi. 6d
JaclynW @AmyG It is going to blow up indeed. How can itnot?! 6d
TheBookHippie @JaclynW ITS GOING TO BACKFIRE!!! 😳😳 6d
MadDashReading Yes! He should have told her! This is not going to play well for him, either way. 3d
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Ascender #7 | Jeff Lemire
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#ncbd! Only three comics today—Ascender #7 (great art and a fantastic story), Invisible Kingdom #7 (Wilson‘s story gets richer & more interesting with each issue) and Ironheart #12 (this issue marks the completion of Eve Ewing‘s run). I‘m anticipating three very good, very different reads.

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Charlotte winning against her attack by Barone. “At some point soon all this would overwhelm her whatever black magic that she was using to keep away the panic the fear, soon it would vanish with the thunder clap, afterwords she be lost,not be able to remember her name...soon but not yet.” Is this how adrenaline works? Strong until it‘s all over then collapse? Why do you think it‘s written for us? This explanation of aftermath?

Mitch I think that focus on getting out alive and protecting her children had the effect of making her truly super human 2w
Sargar114 I think this is exactly how it worked. I doubt she relaxed even a little until she was on that bus to LA. I go back to Evelyn Hugo and her reference to the “luxury of panic” 2w
Librarybelle Adrenaline worked well for Charlotte - fight or flight instincts kicked in, and she had one goal, to keep her kids safe. Bravo to Charlotte! 2w
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Mitch @Librarybelle Bravo xxx
Mdargusch She definitely got super strength through adrenaline and fear, but if Barone was full strength... thank goodness for infections. 2w
TheBookHippie @Mdargusch RIGHT??? Thank goodness he was ill and his hand non functional !! 2w
Sargar114 @Mdargusch very much so! The fact that he was sloppy and not full strength definitely leveled the playing field. Made it more believable that that scene could happen the way it did as well. 2w
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The Poky Little Puppy | Janette Sebring Lowrey
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?? Little One Book Review of "The Poky Little Puppy" by Janette Sebring Lowrey, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren (Little Golden Book)

Read together (with Mimi) November 14, 2019

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️

Book #7 in our "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" challenge

Review is continued in the comments section ⬇️

Readage Mommy and I received a special treat last week when my grandma (affectionately known as "Mimi") read to us. She didn't read just ANY book, either; she read one of Mommy's favorite books from childhood: "The Poky Little Puppy" by Janette Sebring Lowrey, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren. (Mommy admits that she never knew the author and illustrator by name and she also had no idea this book has been around since 1942!!) 2w
Readage It was a special book for Mimi to read because it holds an equally special place in Mommy's heart. Mimi read from the original copy Mommy had when she was a little girl -- and we all noticed how worn and deeply loved the book was. There were even scribbles in the back of the book where Mommy made her mark, probably trying to "write" her name there. Generational memories are certainly being made... 2w
Readage As for the book itself, we liked it, although the language proved that it was considerably outdated. (1942, remember!) For example, we don't use words like "roly poly" or "pell-mell" anymore (although they are funny, repetitive words that work well with the story of puppies rolling down hills and digging into gardens.) 2w
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Readage Of course, this story is about one poky little puppy who, while he's good at playing, refuses to "play" by the rules. This book reminded me of Marley the dog, because both puppies are known for being mischievous. So mischievous, in fact, that this one little poky puppy is about to miss out on some delicious dessert if he doesn't STOP digging in the dirt. (Spoiler alert: he doesn't stop digging in the dirt). 2w
Readage The story kept my attention pretty well; like the narrator, I desperately needed to know where that poky little puppy was from page to page; he wouldn't stay still! The illustrations were incredibly vintage but they fit the story well. 2w
Readage Mommy honestly didn‘t remember much about this book plot-wise (not that it has a complicated plot, folks, because it certainly doesn't) but she recalled the illustrations. She also recalled that her love of books and reading started with this particular book from childhood. For this reason and others, she wanted it to be one of the first books I read. Now we can check it off the list -- but we will surely revisit it once I'm older. 2w
Readage What's your favorite children's book? Are your childhood memories wrapped up in your childhood reading experiences? As readers, that's often where our memories and experiences come together: right between the pages of a good book! 2w
TiredLibrarian @Readage I remember loving the rhymes and creatures in this one. Read it over and over with my mother before bed; must have driven her crazy! 2w
Readage @TiredLibrarian I'll be sure to add this one to the TBR; we like Dr. Seuss. Thanks for your response 😉📚 2w
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The kid. The Green Book. Can you believe Barone shot him and left him in the ditch ??!?!?!?


JaclynW This made me so sad! I thought they were developing a real relationship. It definitely shows who Barrone is though. I liked the kid. 3w
Mitch I know - that was so distressing - he had so many dreams and aspirations for his life ahead of him... another greatly drawn side character 3w
Sargar114 😭😭😭 I was shocked cause I hope for the best in people...but not surprised. So sad, I liked Theodore (not Ted or Teddy) 3w
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Sargar114 I agree with @JaclynW definitely showed Barron‘s character 🤮 3w
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 I was holding out a tiny hope as well. 3w
CoffeeNBooks I wasn't expecting that at all, though I should have, considering what Barrone is like. 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I didn‘t see this coming... As mean as he is I thought he would let him go.. 😓😓😓 3w
kspenmoll I was shocked & felt awful- as @Mitch said, a well drawn character. 3w
Mdargusch That was the most cold hearted move ever. 3w
Hooked_on_books I wasn‘t surprised at all. I felt from the first time they crossed paths that this kid was unlikely to survive. I‘ve seen references to the Green Book before. Great idea but it‘s a pathetic statement about our society that it would be needed. 3w
Librarybelle I had a feeling this would happen, but it still hurt to read. 3w
JaclynW @kspenmoll @Mitch Well drawn character indeed. 3w
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Seraphine, what is her reasoning? Why must Frank be killed ? Is there more we don‘t know ? Why was he picked in the first place ? Before the job he is in now. Is this more elaborate than it appears or all massive cover up after the fact? What string of events lead to this? Will we find out?

Mitch It's interesting - killing everyone up down the chain until nobody is left....I think Berney is switching between the characters stories really well - im kinda being convinced by all the voices! 4w
TheBookHippie @Mitch I do enjoy learning ALLL the ins and outs. Fascinating to read. 4w
Mitch @TheBookHippie Yeah - its an odd book - it works on lots of different levels for me- part thriller, part road movie, mystery, crime and all very well written....really enjoying it! 4w
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TheBookHippie @Mitch enough history and nonfiction truth as a bonus!! 4w
Hooked_on_books I think when you kill a sitting president, the fewer people who know about it, the more likely you are to keep in under wraps. So I get that. But I really don‘t think we‘ll ever learn why. Seraphine is interesting, but this book is decidedly not about her and her motives. Though I would love to read that book! 4w
TheBookHippie @Hooked_on_books I agree I‘d love to know her story!!! 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie me too!!! How did she get where she is?! 4w
RachelAmphlett I‘d love to hear her story too! I wonder if it‘s her fault it‘s all gone wrong and she‘s just doing what she‘s doing to appease Carlos? 4w
AmyG @Mitch yes...an odd, yet good book. I think the mob is covering tracks. I also hope we learm more about Seraphine. 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I wonder if Carlos will get rid of Seraphine for botching this with Guidry?? 4w
Sargar114 I again agree with @Hooked_on_books it‘s just a massive cover up but we‘ll probably never know why Frank specifically. I can‘t help but think of Goodfellas and that there‘s really only two ways out, prison or dead...and Franks time was up I guess 4w
Hooked_on_books @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I think that depends on how it ends and on who‘s really in charge. I also wouldn‘t put it past Seraphine to take out Carlos if she thinks he‘s gunning for her. 4w
Librarybelle Agreed, @Hooked_on_books ! And, knowing more about Seraphine would be very interesting! 4w
Jess861 All just collateral damage when it comes to killing the president - don't think Carlos has much choice. Seraphine is definitely an interesting character and I'm not sure she'll make it out of the book alive with everything that has gone on so far. 4w
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Guts | Raina Telgemeier
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The Scholastic book fair is going on this week at school. Yesterday we scooped up four graphic novels and these two were reading before I even pulled out of my parking spot. They both finished before bed. Love love LOVE them 🥰

Schlinkles Love this! 1mo
Bookzombie 💗 1mo
Kaylamburson So fun! What else did they pick up besides Guts? 1mo
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gibblr @Kaylamburson Babysitter‘s Club #7, Making Friends #2, and Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race 1mo
Kaylamburson Such great choices!! 1mo
dragondrool I've liked all of the Telgemeier books. They're hot commodities at our middle school. 1mo
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After We Fall | Emma Kavanagh
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#7 in my Bingo/Make Me Read It - randomly selected by @CBee

CBee 😁😁 1mo
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The mob. It was really active in 1963. What do you know of it? Do you believe it is? Do you think it‘s still active today?

AmyG I don‘t know much about the mob. Is it active today. Yes. Perhaps more than ever. And not just in the US. Look at Russia. Not all mobs are called the “mob”. 1mo
Librarybelle I haven't read much histories on the mob, so I know my knowledge is limited. But, what I do know is that the amount of power the mob bosses have is unbelievable. And, they have their hands in every type of business and organization. It's an open secret, for instance, that the community my dad grew up in has mob ties - the Catholic diocese is mob controlled! That is not speculation. Yes, I believe it is still active today. 1mo
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle I think it‘s extremely active. Russian Italian American Etc etc the mob will always be around in my opinion. 1mo
Hooked_on_books I don‘t think it‘s as active as it once was but is definitely still around. I have a friend who went to medical school in the late 90s in Chicago who saw a Gambino as a patient and was told he should be their “family” doctor. I think now billionaires function in the way the mob did then—openly breaking laws and using their wealth to buy politicians/elections. Same concept, more “respectability.” 1mo
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