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Silent Child | Sarah a Denzil
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A very well written Thriller. The plot absolutely gripping and scary.
A must read for people who are into thriller, murder mystery, psychological fiction. I loved the ending.

#Thriller #Mystery #Kindle #Kindlereads

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Silent Child | Sarah a Denzil

"Monsters are men and women just like us, and they have the ability to hide their true face"

Kaylamburson Great line! Welcome to Litsy!!! 2mo
Barathkumar @Kaylamburson Thanks🙂 2mo
Cathythoughts Yes ! That is a great quote 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
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Barathkumar Thank you so much💙 @Cathythoughts 2mo
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Nute Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a warm and friendly community. I know that you will enjoy yourself here. I‘m looking forward to getting to know you!🙂 1mo
Barathkumar Thank you so much @Nute 1mo
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Billious B. B. B.
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Sufficiently Advanced Magic is an amazing book, and I suggest it to any teenager or young adult. Not only is this a book jam-packed with wonderful scenes, exiting plot twists, and an amazing story, but this book teaches us valuable lessons about perseverance and dedication. - E. K.

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Untitled | Unknown
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#Haunted #cursed picture I took while on a walk. 👻
#Scarathlon update @TheReadingMermaid
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Megara Don‘t go in there, folks. The building may be #abandoned but I don‘t know that it‘s empty. 😉 (edited) 4mo
SumisBooks 🧟‍♀️ 4mo
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Una brutta faccenda | Marco Vichi
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Taking a break on a walk to read a bit on the bridge. Love this spot, though it‘s a bit steamy out today! Prepping for classes has my brain a little overworked these days, so a good hike and a nice murder mystery are the antidote. : )

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Sympathy | Olivia Sudjic
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Fascinating opinion piece in the Guardian by Olivia Sudjic about ‘the novel‘ for millennials. Pieces this broad are never going to agree with every last thing I think, and I haven‘t read that many of the books she mentions, but definitely worth reading. Thoughts anyone?


Moray_Reads Bookmarking for later. I saw Olivia at edbookfest last year and she was incredible 5mo
sudi I'm currently reading Normal People by Sally Rooney. And Severance had been on my TBR. I haven't heard about the others but they sound interesting. 5mo
TrishB Interesting article, I‘ve read quite a few, some I‘ve liked, some I haven‘t. Which is pretty much the same for any books that are pigeon holed into a genre I think. 5mo
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KarenUK Thank you for sharing... so interesting... 💕 5mo
saresmoore I really like her point about the theme of searching for a safe place—“the combination of homesickness and alienation”—which I‘ve felt consistently in so much writing by Millennials (including my own now I think about it.) I devoured Sudjic‘s Sympathy and it was probably my favorite read of last year. 5mo
Billypar Great article! It's refreshing to see her tackle the qualities of millennial novels with more complexity than the "novels with social media and irresponsible characters" caricature. I agree with her point on the dubious 'voice of a generation' label. I do like having literary books/authors in common with strangers that aren't just what you read in high school, but it needn't be a single author when so many are doing good work. 5mo
Emilymdxn @Moray_Reads so jealous I‘d love to see her live! I just quietly stalk her on Instagram lol 5mo
Emilymdxn @Sudi I absolutely want to read Severance! It‘s one of the ones I most want to get round to this year 5mo
Emilymdxn @TrishB I felt the same for sure. While I absolutely do like Sally Rooney I don‘t think I quite get the hype around her books - they were both solid 7/10s for me but not my absolute faves the way they seem to be for so many people. I‘m a diehard Moshfegh fan tho - I thought it was fascinating to see such diverse books linked this way, are there any you‘d particularly recommend that were mentioned there? Severance is high on my list 5mo
Emilymdxn @karenuk thank you! Glad you liked it, I always worry I‘m annoyingly shoving articles in people‘s faces so great to know people enjoy them! 5mo
Emilymdxn @saresmoore I felt exactly the same so interesting that we both picked out the same thing. I absolutely adored Sympathy too one of the most memorable books I‘ve read this year. Have you read Exposure too? I think her non fiction is every bit as good as her fiction and it‘s quite rare I get to say that about a writer! 5mo
Emilymdxn @billypar I really liked that too - I‘d be wary of anyone picking out one author and telling me it summarised the entire life experience of me and people fifteen years older than me! Insofar as I am a millennial anyway, born 1996 so I‘m the cut off year 5mo
TrishB Severance was my fav on this list. I didn‘t like Conversations....so I haven‘t yet read Normal People - but will eventually! 5mo
Billypar Exactly- another example of how the dialogue about millennials is more revealing than whatever the observation is. I too was born on a cut off year...the other cutoff though 😬 5mo
saresmoore Oh, I will absolutely be reading that. 5mo
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The One-Eyed Man | Ron Currie
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Fun book. First half was great. Loved the back story with the main character and his wife ... the love and drama and him finding her cancer ... heart wrenching. Once it moved into the reality tv space I started to feel disconnected from the plot and characters. Still love Ron's writing style.

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Bookish Song Nr. 2: Never Again by Andrew W.K.

This connection came slowly but now it's here to stay. The song might be to fast for the rather deliberate story telling, still I think it fits. Especially, when Mahan goes and changes the whole game simply by doing things differently.

#music #musicandbooks

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To finish or not to finish 🤔
About 1/5th of the way in. What do you think?

Centique What did you decide? The cover and blurb certainly sound good 🤞 (edited) 6mo
Scash1114 @Centique i‘m def going to keep going, but i did put it down for the moment. I also put down Snow Crash which i was reading. I‘ve been trying to get better about not forcing myself to finish books that i‘m not crazy hooked into. I‘ll put them down, and if i keep thinking about them, I‘ll go back. I‘ve still been impressed with this one, so i‘ll pick it back up. Starting Heroes by Stephen Fry tonight👍🏻 6mo
Centique @Scash1114 I‘m doing that more as well - putting books down. And I‘m reading myths at the moment too! I‘m looking forward to the Stephen Fry book but I have had this Robert Graves book on my TBR for years so trying that first (edited) 6mo
Scash1114 @Centique now i have to have that! It looks great!!! Thanks so much for the suggestion!! My poor poor tbr.. 6mo
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