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A Gingerbread Romance | Lacey Baker
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Just getting in a little reading before we start our school day #homeschooling 🎒🏡 And, yes, I am already reading Christmas books, but in my defense, as of this morning, there was some snow on the ground. So, I think it's officially allowed now ❄️📚
#catsoflitsy #catsandbooks #booksandsnow

Reading.w.Dee I am definitely into the Christmas book vibes right now too! 2y
Birdsong28 Don't worry I already starting as well. I work in retail so it's always busy and I work long hours so I thought I would have get a head start as one is a start of a series, some are part of a series so as I always feel weird reading Xmas books at other times of the year I have alot to get in in a short space of time. Enjoy! 🎄📚📖 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love this photo. 😻 2y
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Christmas Camp: A Novel | Karen Schaler
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🌲 Happy 1st day of December and also happy 1st day of the #WinterGames2020 I'm so excited!! Even though I'm home sick, it gives me an excuse to read all day on this snow white day!!! The first book I'll be reading is Christmas Camp, I bought this book last year but never got to read it so I'm looking forward to right now!! @Clwojick
#TeamMerryReaders #Readathon #BookishPost #BooksAndSnow #SnowDay

Clwojick Love the picture! Happy reading, and rest up ♥️ 3y
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Snow day today! Spending the evening snuggled up with my book and enjoying the contrast of its warm St. Thomas setting.

#readinglife #currentread #booksandsnow #litfic

EvieBee Wow. What a picture! Beautiful. 6y
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Early Warning | Jane Smiley
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Read the first in this trilogy; now tackling second book - small stack for our first snow! #booksandsnow #booksandcoffee #happyreading#weekend

tpixie Great stack! LOVE ❤️ the fox cup!! I've been trying so hard not to buy it and you're tempting me!! And the snow looks beautiful! have fun! (edited) 7y
kspenmoll @tpixie Could not restrain myself when I held that cup- love the handle & fox! Happy Holidays to me! 🙄 excited to snuggle indoors with books today! ❄️❄️☃️ 7y
tpixie Yes! You made the right decision I'm afraid I made the wrong decision not buying it!! ❄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ 📚 7y
kspenmoll @tpixie Still on their website for $6.27 on sale but forgot to check about shipping- tempting you, Sorry! 7y
tpixie Wow about 1/2 price!! Lol. You just broke my resolve!! 7y
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