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The Sable Quean | Brian Jacques
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When the younglings of Redwall are kidnapped by a gang of vermin, it‘s up to Buckler, a Blademaster of the Long Patrol to rescue.

This still had everything I loved from reading Redwall as a child. Charming characters, fantastic feasts, epic battles to protect the vulnerable. It was like coming home. But, I‘m also a lot more aware of the slow plot, uneven pacing, & the black & white nature of good & evil with the animal species. 🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑

LazyLibrary I adored the Redwall books and always say I am going to go back and finish the ones I didn‘t read! This book was one of them. 16h
BookmarkTavern @LazyLibrary I‘ve had this one and The Rogue Crew on my bookshelf for a few years now. I‘ve been reluctant to start them, because there will be no more Redwall after. But I figured I can always do a reread eventually. ❤️ 16h
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TheBookHippie My son loved these. 16h
BookmarkTavern @TheBookHippie Redwall was the first chapter book I ever bought with my own money. ❤️ That copy has been glued back together so many times. 16h
TheBookHippie @BookmarkTavern his doesn‘t look too good either he will not part with them ever he says 🙃. The love of a book is a beautiful thing. 16h
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 11h
Fr3NcHtOaSt I have a special place with the Redwall series, it helped me through a tough phase when I was younger and I hold it dear to me and love it still to this day. 11h
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3.5 ⭐️ That got me out of my reading slump!

This was a cute, light read that had all of the holiday feels. I really enjoyed the storyline and characters.

4 hours x 7 #Readathon = 280
163 words = 1630 #WGWordSearch
25 holiday #tbr

Total 1,656
❄️ #WinterGames ❄️

Grand Total Points: 2,358
Total Hours Read: 6.5

#GangstaWrappers #WordSearch #Adventathon #AtoZ #CandyLand #HolidayRomance #LittenListen #Rushathon #WinterCozy #WinterGames2023

JessieKB Awesome!!!🎉 2d
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Right before the Fall Festival, the mayor of Larkspur is found dead. With that, a rash of vandalism, & a standoffish reporter, Greta must hurry to solve the mystery before things escalate.

Disappointing. I really wanted more development with the relationships, & that didn‘t really happen. Greta felt inconsistent from what she said & what she did. & the solve of mystery felt like it got solved off page. Sweet setting, but that was it. 🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑

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All the President's Men | Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein
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Bk1 of #WinterGames & #20in4 #readathon was finished Sunday. Sorry I haven‘t posted till now, we‘ve had a bad start to December here. I have read a few books still. This NF is one I‘ve wanted to read for years, Watergate is fascinating. Written by the two journalists who persevered with the story even under pressure from government agencies who just wanted the incident to go away. Nixon & Trump have a lot in common! #TeamEvergreen #4866pts 👇

Andrew65 Sorry to hear that, sending best wishes ❤️ Have you seen the film? 3d
Bookwormjillk I hope December gets better! 3d
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CatLass007 At least Nixon knew when it was time to throw in the towel. 3d
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 3d
Clwojick Great job! 3d
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 3d
Lizpixie @andrew65 thanks lovely. It‘s been pretty crappy both healthwise & familywise, fingers crossed things change before Xmas🤞Yes, I love the movie! Just did a rewatch before listening to the audiobook. Those guys were real journalists, backed up by a reputable paper that actually had their backs. Very impressed by them, totally disgusted with Nixon & his gang of merry hatchet men #IAmNotACrook✌️ 3d
Lizpixie @Bookwormjillk thank you! I hope so too❤️ @CatLass007 oh he was dragged out kicking & screaming all the way, don‘t worry. AFTER throwing everyone who helped, conspired & believed in him under the bus first. He‘s just lucky that some of the international leaders he clandestinely recorded didn‘t retaliate honestly. I highly recommend reading this, what he (almost)got away with is insane! 3d
CatLass007 I remember watching him give his resignation speech live on television. I know he would like to have stayed in power but he wasn‘t completely tone deaf about what would happen if he didn‘t resign. He thought he could get away with the things he did but he eventually realized that resigning was the best thing for him. I‘m sure he was given guarantees that Gerald Ford would pardon him. 3d
Lizpixie @Bookwormjillk thanks for the recce! Another book on my overstuffed TBR 🫣It sounds brilliant.👍 3d
Lizpixie @CatLass007 I was only two years old when this happened so no firsthand memories for me! But even here in Australia, Nixon was taught in school & documentaries were on tv plus the fabulous movie with Redford & Hoffman. Watergate has always been a moment in history that fascinated me but even so this book has a lot of behind the scenes bad behaviour that was new. The recent mini series Gaslit with Julia Roberts I highly recommend as well👍 3d
dabbe I have read this numerous times, and I still learn something new every time I read it! 🤩😍😃 3d
BookmarkTavern Sounds fascinating! 👍🏻 3d
Catsandbooks 🍭❄️❤️ 2d
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The Twelve Days of Murder | Andreina Cordani
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This is my 2nd book of both #WinterGames and of the #20in4 #Readathon #CandyCaneCrushers. I finished it last night. I didn't like any of the characters, and while that might have been the point, it wasn't fun in the “Knives Out“ sort of way that I was hoping for. Also, I had difficulty keeping track of everyone and it probably would've been easier to do that had I read the book in print instead of audio.

Untitled | Unknown
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#20in4 #Readathon Wrap Up

▪️Read for thirteen hours.
▪️Finished I‘m Thinking of Ending Things
▪️Finished The Amityville Horror
▪️Read five chapters of The Hazel Wood

Andrew65 Fantastic 🎄🎄🎄🎉🎊🍾😂 4d
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#WinterGames Update! ❄️

2.5 hours audio for 8 readathons = 200 points
50 #WordSearch words = 500

Total : 702

#WGWordSearch #tbr #readathon #20in4 #Adventathon #AtoZ #HolidayRomance #Candyland #LittenListen #Rushathon #WinterCozy #GangstaWrappers

DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 4d
bthegood 🎉 🎉 4d
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#Rushathon #SeriesLove2023

Although this book wasn‘t in my #20in4 #readathon plan, I needed so@Ethi g quick, light & fun & so I finished it. This is Book 3 in the Charming Cove mystery series & follows 2 new characters Aria (witch) & Callan (broody werewolf) with the MCs of the previous books making appearances. It‘s a typical paranormal rom-com but sometimes that‘s what I need. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I‘m on board for more of Charming Cove. Tagging book 1 ⬇️

Andrew65 Brilliant 🎄🎄🎄 5d
TheSpineView Fantastic!💚🎄 5d
peanutnine Pretty cover colors 🤩 5d
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#20in4 #readathon
1 did not get much reading done- holiday shopping & lunch with my family Friday, movies, etc. although our #sundaybuddyread book (tagged) is not due to be finished yet,I can‘t put it down! It‘s a historical cozy mystery,set on a manor & in its surrounding village in the UK in the 1920s.
I plan to finish tonight.
I‘ve read just a few chapters of the other Murder in the Snow, also a historical mystery.

Andrew65 I‘m still trying to get hold of a copy of this book. 5d
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Chaos Terminal | Mur Lafferty
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Cozy Sci-fi Murder Mystery set on a sentient space station

Second book in the Midsolar Murders series.

The station is acting up. Mallory's connection to the Sundry hivemind is on the fritz. There are visitors from Earth, some of whom are from Mallory's past. And, of course, another murder occurs; and all visiting humans have a motive.

#SeriesLove2023 @TheSpineView @Andrew65
#20in4 #readathon
#RushAThon @DieAReader @GHABI4ROSES

TheSpineView Fantastic!❤️📖📚 7d
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 7d
Andrew65 Excellent, sounds intriguing. 🎄🎄🎄 7d
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julesG @Andrew65 If you want some cozy Sci-fi you should try out this series. The first book is 6d
catsuit_mango I can not believe i didnot even see the first one.. i have been following Mur‘s podcast since the beginning... 6d
julesG @catsuit_mango Hurry, pop it on your wishlist. 😁 6d
catsuit_mango @julesG both of them just added (also i was only reading not_so_new series by female authors so that fits just perfectly) 6d
catsuit_mango If you are looking for cozy scifi, you could try Divinity36 by Gail Carriger (it s a cozy space opera trilogy) 6d
julesG @catsuit_mango Thanks. Will have a look at it. 6d
julesG #RushAThonChristmasBingo - Next in series 1d
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