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A Gingerbread Romance | Lacey Baker
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Just getting in a little reading before we start our school day #homeschooling 🎒🏡 And, yes, I am already reading Christmas books, but in my defense, as of this morning, there was some snow on the ground. So, I think it's officially allowed now ❄️📚
#catsoflitsy #catsandbooks #booksandsnow

Reading.w.Dee I am definitely into the Christmas book vibes right now too! 2y
Birdsong28 Don't worry I already starting as well. I work in retail so it's always busy and I work long hours so I thought I would have get a head start as one is a start of a series, some are part of a series so as I always feel weird reading Xmas books at other times of the year I have alot to get in in a short space of time. Enjoy! 🎄📚📖 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love this photo. 😻 2y
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Teaching from Rest | MacKenzie Sarah
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First time in my life a book has moved me to tears before I‘m even past the preface! 🥹
I‘d say that‘s a good sign.

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OMG OMG OMG! #droughtlander is finally over! My daughter and I took the day off of #homeschooling to have our own little #readathon to celebrate! First, an early morning trip to the bookstore (she's excited about the recent release of Marissa Meyer's new book "Gilded"), now we get a full day of reading. Yay!! #outlander #raisingreaders

ravenlee One of the best parts of homeschooling is taking days off for really good reasons - like book release day! 2y
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Oh well back into lockdown in England, escape to my books before homeschooling starts again #lockdown3 #homeschooling #readingchallenge2021

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We finished reading chapter 6 of @neildegrassetyson's ASTROPHYSICS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE IN A HURRY today, and we weren't going to skip an opportunity to make "The Universe as Hot Cocoa"! ☕? 68% dark energy (hot cocoa), 27% dark matter (whipped cream), and 5% regular matter (cinnamon).

#NonficNov #NonfictionNovember #Nonfiction #MiddleGrade #Astrophysics #Science #Space #Universe #Cosmos #HotCocoa #HotChocolate #Homeschooling #Unschooling

Chrissyreadit @Emily92Bibliophile did you see this post? I bet it could become a coffee drink.... 3y
lovelybookshelf @Chrissyreadit now THAT would be some real dark energy! 😅☕ 3y
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#teachingonline #longdistancearning #teachersoflitsy #homeschooling #catsoflitsy
Emmy wanted me to stop this glued to chrome book nonsense and make her dinner. Even if I put her on the floor she jumps right back up. Persistent little bugger! Guess I can stop!

Andrew65 Who thought being out of school would be more intense than being in school. 🤔 4y
Jemgirl2014 Look that face! She means business. LOL 😄 4y
Librarybelle I‘ve had similar scenes at my house this past week! 4y
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Meaw_catlady Hi Emmy!!! You are lovely ! Hugs to you and your mom! 😻💕 4y
kspenmoll @Jemgirl2014 She does mean business. Found her up there a few times today! 4y
kspenmoll @Librarybelle Good thing we adore these creatures!!!😻🥰 4y
kspenmoll @Meaw_catlady Em says “Thanks for the compliment” and lives hugs! 4y
Jemgirl2014 @kspenmoll Too funny! 😁 4y
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Home School | Charles Webb
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People are really entertaining me with their comments about #homeschooling finally starting to appreciate schools...

InBooksILive 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we're having a fire drill! 4y
alisiakae 🤣🤣 4y
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Things are in transition with our cooperative school, so I‘ve been doing a lot of hard thinking and brainstorming for next year. This book is just the encouragement I needed, plus the photos are gorgeous. I highly recommend this for any parent contemplating or even in the midst of #homeschooling or #unschooling.

saresmoore Shout out to @Suet624 who gave me these amazing socks that I‘m pretty sure will last forever! ♥️ 4y
Suet624 I‘m fairly certain they came with a lifetime guarantee. Seriously. 💕💕 4y
Lindy @Suet624 @saresmoore Are they made by Darn Tough? They will replace for free. I‘ve got a couple of pairs that seem like they‘ll never wear out, but I know a cross-country skier who has traded in his worn socks. Icebreaker also has no-questions-asked replacement on any of their socks that wear out. 4y
Suet624 @Lindy yes. They are darn tough socks. They are based on Vermont and expanding into bigger facilities. They are such yummy socks. 4y
Lindy @Suet624 🧦👍 4y
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Homeschooling parents and teachers, can you help? 😊 #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolinghighschool #booksbrewsandbooze

Still Lives | Maria Hummel
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You guys.... these look SO good. Between buying a house, selling a house, and ordering curriculum for my first year of #homeschooling all in the same month, I haven‘t had much time for Litsy lately. But boy, am I glad I stumbled upon @Jess7 and @felinesandfiction ‘s #botmspoilers!!! I added all five to Goodreads, but I‘m going to choose Still Lives for my box. What‘s your choice?

Jess7 🤗🤗🤗🤗 6y
Jess7 I think I am going to pick Still Lives, The Mars Room, and maybe Small Country. I already pre ordered the kindle edition when it was on sale, but the cover is sooo pretty I may breakdown and get a botm copy.. who knows! 😂 6y
theokiereader @Jess7 It‘s probably a good thing that we‘re about to move cross country and I know I won‘t get around to reading a lot this month. Otherwise, I might be tempted to get all the books. 😂😂 #mttbr #takemymoney 6y
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TheBookStacker Probably Still Lives and Small Country. 6y
Chrissyreadit @marywag08 did you start homeschool this year? Hope you love it! #raisingreaders #livingbooks 6y
theokiereader @Chrissyreadit We‘re starting next year! I‘m really excited, but picking out curriculum for the first time has been a little overwhelming. 😳 😉 6y
theokiereader @TheBookStacker I ALMOST chose Small Country! 6y
Chrissyreadit @marywag08 it can be! I spent a year researching homeschooling, have used multiple pieces of different things, after 7 years unschool and the kids pick for themselves! (Mostly)Good Luck! (edited) 6y
Jess7 Update: All five have been confirmed 6y
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