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I Wish I Could Fly | Ron Maris
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A cute simple little story with wonderful illustrations. Another one to go in the grandchildren‘s library, all I need now are grandchildren! Lol! #Shady is photobombing again 😻 #CatOfLitsy


Sace That's a great photobomb! 3mo
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The Book Lover | Maryann McFadden
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My current view — #Shady likes to snuggle up with a few good books too! #CatOfLitsy

Dragon 😻 3mo
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My current reading view. #CrazyBelle and I are now tucked in for the night. I‘m almost finished the last book in this series - #bookfitnesschallenge #BFC


wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Fantastic step count! 8mo
Clwojick Hey! Can you shoot me an email at clwojick@live.com 😉 8mo
Dragon 😻 8mo
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Cat's Cradle: A Novel | Kurt Vonnegut
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I woke up to discover that this little #catoflitsy had been out all night. OOPS! (Pic from earlier in the week.) Sorry, Oliver!

suzisteffen Luckily his non-sibling sister woke me up at 5 am asking to go out, so there was a kitty trade. 9mo
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Last Days | Adam Nevill
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My purrrrfect reading companion ❤

Reggie Welcome to Litsy!!! Do you like this one? I‘ve read the one by him where the guy is searching for his kidnapped daughter in Great Britain while climate change is happening. It was pretty good. 9mo
Alicepondpoe @Reggie I do like it. It has taken me a minute to get into it. It talks a bit about the documentary/filming process as the characters are making a film, and for some they might find the details like lighting and the characters talking about what camera to use as ambient, I felt like they were weighing the story down in some areas. I haven't finished the book yet but it's turned into a slow burner. I can't figure out what's going on! 9mo
tpixie Welcome to Litsy! #CatOfLitsy Cute Kitty 🐱 9mo
ShyBookOwl 😻 9mo
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A sweet and fun novella, featuring geology based romance! I loved seeing the dynamics of the Greenwich pack and Alpha Biffy. The cat wasn‘t too impressed though! #catoflitsy

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Trying to read on the enclosed deck but #Amber keeps head butting me in my armpit making it very difficult to hold onto my book! 😳😂 #KAL #CatOfLitsy

wanderinglynn Aw, so cute! Sweet purr baby needs some love! ❤️🐱 2y
CocoReads Cute! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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My chaise sofa in the study, or reading nook, or library or whatever it is I‘m calling it any given day., is my reading spot. Complete with #catoflitsy
Congrats @callielafleur for your #15kforcal

Godmotherx5 Looks comfy. 2y
callielafleur Awww 😻😻😻 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 @Godmotherx5 it is quite comfy. 2y
JessClark78 😻 2y
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Okay, so #catoflitsy people... Check out this illustration from #TotalCatMojo - I LOVE it! There‘s a lot of talk about ‘The Raw Cat‘ in the book and about how play is a structured activity (see how a toy is an important part of their Hunt/Catch/Kill/Eat ritual) that indoor #cats must engage in to be happy and healthy. Make sure to go to my earlier post and enter my #catmojogiveaway to win a copy of #TotalCatMojo!

AmyG That's so funny. I was just playing with my cat...with her beloved feather. It's the only toy she likes to play with. 2y
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I‘m visiting my #BFF in Portland, and I got her to join Litsy! Please help me welcome @T.ballin to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon - give her a follow and tag a few of your favorite Littens!

@Rayleemcv @Kyrie.Lynelle @AndreaReads @Ambrosnazzy @BookishMarginalia @MrBook @BookBabe @Jess7 @Tiffy_Reads @Robothugs @JoeStalksBeck

haanim Welcome @T.ballin 🤗💜 2y
Marmie7 Welcome! @T.ballin 👋 2y
Texreader Yay! Welcome @T.ballin !! 2y
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MommyOfTwo Welcome @T.ballin 2y
DeleteAcct Hi @T.ballin 😀 2y
Cinfhen Welcome @T.ballin Thanks for the shoutout @Texreader ....and YAY for besties 💕💕 check out #whotofollow for awesome Litten suggestions 2y
MinDea Thanks for the tag @TexReader & @JenlovesJT47 😄 Welcome @T.ballin !!! 2y
TK421 Welcome to litsy @T.ballin ! There are so many great people on here. @cobwebmoth @Avanders @JazzFeathers @Kalalalatja @TobeyTheScavengerMonk @batsy @LazyOwl and so many more! 2y
TrishB Hi @T.ballin 🙋 2y
aschermetz Welcome, welcome! So happy to have you @T.ballin 2y
Kalalalatja Thanks @TK421 👍 and welcome @T.ballin - Litsy is the best place on the internet! 😄 2y
batsy Thank you for the shoutout @TK421 ! Welcome to Litsy @T.ballin , it's a fab place and I hope you enjoy it here ☺️ 2y
Sarah83 Hi @T.ballin here are some more @rubyslippersreads @ScorpioBookDreams @scripturient hope you have fun here. 😊 2y
DarcysMom Welcome @T.ballin - You have found one of the best corners of the internet. 🤗💜 2y
LeahBergen Thanks for the tag, @LazyOwl ! 😘 And hello, @T.ballin ! 2y
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Andrea4 Welcome! Have fun, thanks @Clwojick for the tag 💚❤ check out my bff @llwheeler 2y
llwheeler Welcome @T.ballin !! 2y
tpixie Welcome to Litsy! This is a great place!! Another new #Litten is @MyNightstandRunnethOver ! 2y
cobwebmoth @T.ballin Welcome to Litsy! 2y
rubyslippersreads Thanks for the tag, @Sarah83 and welcome to Litsy, @T.ballin ! You'll have lots of fun here. 😊 2y
kamoorephoto Thanks for the tag @Clwojick! Welcome everybody! I‘m putting up my giveaway today! I‘m so excited! 😻😻😻#catoflitsy PS. Go follow my fellow #skulliEs @Alicia @SkeletonKey @Booksnchill if you haven‘t already! 2y
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BookBabe 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Yay! Welcome! And happy Thanksgiving to you both! ❤️ 2y
MrBook How did I miss this 😩?! Sorry about that, @hermyknee . A hearty welcome to Litsy, @T.ballin !!! 2y
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