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#unpopularopinion @Libby1
Everyone in my book club loved this one except me 🤷‍♀️.

Libby1 Ha! I hadn‘t heard of this! I was in the same position with my book club with Wild. I DETESTED it. 4y
TheRiehlDeal @Libby1 Couldn't agree with you more. I watched the movie first and could not get over the fact of how similar both were. Definitely one of those instances where the movie was better than the book. 4y
Libby1 @TheRiehlDeal - From the moment she started out with a bag that was too heavy and shoes that didn‘t fit I had it in for her. 😂 Prepare! 4y
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Jeg Cloud Street. 🙃🙃 4y
MrsMalaprop @Jeg That‘s funny because @CarolynM was saying the same on one of her recent posts about Winton #kindredunpopularopinions 😂 4y
CarolynM @Jeg Snap! I don't get the love for that one at all 4y
Jeg @CarolynM yippee thank you thank you. At long last someone who doesn‘t like that book. 4y
TheWildCard In Cold Blood, and anything written by Hilary Mantel. 4y
MrsMalaprop @TheWildCard I struggled with Wolf Hall, but kinda appreciated it. In Cold Blood is on my bedside #TBR 😬. 4y
EadieB An American Marriage. I hated the characters and thought they were stupid! 4y
EadieB @ThewildCard I hated Hillary Mantel too. I collected all her books. Read Wolf Hall and gave them all away. I had problems wondering who she was talking about. It was not very clear. She would write ‘he said‘ but it was a guess who ‘he‘ was. (edited) 4y
MrsMalaprop @EadieB 😂 I did not get the hype around An American Marriage either. Seems we may have some #booklove or should I say #bookhate in common 🤣. 4y
EadieB @MrsMalaprop whew! Glad to hear that! I thought I was the problem! 4y
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