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This caused me to snort. In a letter written by Dennis Radar, the BTK serial killer, musing to his daughter that his brothers are not communicating with him. He finds that “not very Christian”. Dude, you strangled, brutalized and killed 10 people! Really, in my book that‘s #NotVeryChristian 😆 This book is interesting in some parts and very unnecessary in others.

wanderinglynn It always amazes me how people compartmentalize and can see faults in other, but not themselves. 8mo
MicheleinPhilly 🙄 Also dude, your grammar. 8mo
Kalalalatja My thought exactly @MicheleinPhilly 🙄 8mo
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Cinfhen Yea, that‘s for another rant @MicheleinPhilly @Kalalalatja 😂 8mo
Cinfhen So true @wanderinglynn I mean, talk about denial!!! 8mo
KarenUK My new favorite understating hashtag! Serial killing = #notverychristian 😂 8mo
CouronneDhiver Ugh 😑 8mo
Blaire BTK lived near my neighborhood in Wichita...think it might creep me out too much to read more about him. Shudder. 8mo
Cinfhen I‘m sure it would @Blaire this guy was a total psychopath although the book does not go into much detail. It‘s more about the daughter‘s healing from the trauma of discovery. It needed better editing @CouronneDhiver @KarenUK It‘s a crazy story but it never really went anywhere. 8mo
Reviewsbylola BTK is a very deranged dude. 8mo
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