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Love Thy Neighbor: A Muslim Doctor's Struggle for Home in Rural America
Love Thy Neighbor: A Muslim Doctor's Struggle for Home in Rural America | Alan Eisenstock, Ayaz Virji
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A powerful true story about a Muslim doctor's service to small-town America and the hope of overcoming our country's climate of hostility and fear. In 2013, Ayaz Virji left a comfortable job at an East Coast hospital and moved to a town of 1,400 in Minnesota, feeling called to address the shortage of doctors in rural America. But in 2016, this decision was tested when the reliably blue, working-class county swung for Donald Trump. Virji watched in horror as his children faced anti-Muslim remarks at school and some of his most loyal patients began questioning whether he belonged in the community. Virji wanted out. But in 2017, just as he was lining up a job in Dubai, a local pastor invited him to speak at her church and address misconceptions about what Muslims practice and believe. That invitation has grown into a well-attended lecture series that has changed hearts and minds across the state, while giving Virji a new vocation that he never would have expected. In Love Thy Neighbor, Virji relates this story in a gripping, unforgettable narrative that shows the human consequences of our toxic politics, the power of faith and personal conviction, and the potential for a renewal of understanding in America's heartland.
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After Trump‘s election the world turns against a Muslim doctor working in rural Minnesota, his family and his religion. He encounters a lot of hate and tries to turn his anger into something positive: a lecture to explain Islam and address prejudices against it (terrorism, women, sharia).
A thought provoking book about an important subject. I could say much more but will refrain from politics here.

#Booked2019 Muslim author
(Pic: Rural Idaho)

kspenmoll Stacked! Thanks for a good review. (edited) 5mo
Librarybelle Stacking! 5mo
TrishB Great review. You could always put the politics in a spoiler and only those interested could read! I‘m always interested. Stacked 👍🏻 5mo
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Kalalalatja Great review! And I‘m with @TrishB ☝️ 5mo
JackOBotts I heard an interview with him NPR a week ago. I must‘ve missed the part where they mentioned he wrote a book. Stacked! 📚 5mo
AbigailDays Thanks for such a good review, that sounds like a really cool book. And another beautiful picture! 5mo
BarbaraBB His rage against Trump is so real and understandable. And I love that he demands an explanation from everyone who voted for him in a town where talking politics is a taboo. (edited) 5mo
BarbaraBB Regarding the religion part: he writes a lecture explaining Islam to the locals, to get rid of prejudices. He compared the Quran with the Bible and shows they are much alike. My problem with this part however is that most prejudices against Islam are not based on its religious roots but on its interpretation by groups in various countries in practicing it (or using the religion for other purposes). (edited) 5mo
BarbaraBB There is no real dialogue with the people who come and listen to his lecture. That is a chance missed I think. He is a well educated man who impresses with his knowledge but I doubt if he really connects to his public (the people in his tiny, religious and conservative town). 5mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB @Kalalalatja Above some of my thoughts regarding the political and religious themes of the book! 5mo
Kalalalatja Very insightful comments! 5mo
TrishB Thanks Barbara. Have stacked already! I think the Bible is also used like this - extremist groups interpreting its messages. I‘m not religious, but extremism is a problem with most religions worldwide. I would also love an explanation as to why people voted for hate filled Trump. Waiting for a GE in U.K. now. 5mo
Cinfhen Wow!! You‘re hitting so many states!!! Excited to be catching up on your trip 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage This sounds fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to review and include the detailed comments. It‘s going on my TBR! 4mo
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This wasn‘t amazingly groundbreaking, I‘ve sadly read all too many news stories like this. But, it was a nice & concise way to share the struggles many Muslims are facing in America today. #howjessreadsin2019

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A memoir of a muslim doctor who serves a community in rural Minnesota and his struggle with the overt hate that he encounters, particularly after Trump's election in 2016 and his decision to reach out and share his faith with his community in an attempt to heal. I picked this up because I grew up in a rural community that was served by Muslim (and others) doctors. Along the way, I learned a bit about Islam. #netgalley

Tamra 😑 I‘d like to think people are better than that, but they aren‘t. So mistrustful. 8mo
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