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Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language
Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language | Thomas F. Magner
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Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language provides an introduction to the language traditionally called Serbo-Croatian, although it is also referred to as Serbian or Croatian. There are two main variants of the language: Croatian (Western) and Serbian (Eastern). Unique in its equal treatment of the two principal variants, this book presents the two alphabets used (Latin and Cyrillic), the representation of lexical items specific to each variant, and pronunciation and syntactic differences. A dictionary is also included.
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1. I speak French and Serbian
2. When I lived in Switzerland and Japan I took lessons but never learned more than a few basic words and phrases in German or Japanese. When traveling I find that I can get by with English easier than massacring the local language.


TheSpineView English does seem to prevail. Thanks for playing! 😊 2mo
veritysalter I‘ve found most Europeans know that their English is far superior to many English speakers (or it could just be me) attempts at their language - I try, they immediately speak back to me in English, then we do a weird dual lingual thing for a bit, before I have to give in and accept. I have found, in France and Spain, they are always pleased when the children try. 2mo
Alora I wish I could speak French! My nationality is French, however I was never taught it so I can‘t speak it :( 2mo
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