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Where the Dead Go
Where the Dead Go | Sarah Bailey
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'Addictive and suspenseful ... Sarah Bailey's writing is both keenly insightful and wholly engrossing, weaving intriguing and multi-layered plots combined with complicated and compelling characters.' The Booktopian A fifteen-year-old girl has gone missing after a party in the middle of the night. The following morning her boyfriend is found brutally murdered in his home. Was the girl responsible for the murder, or is she also a victim of the killer? But who would want two teenagers dead? The aftermath of a personal tragedy finds police detective Gemma Woodstock in the coastal town of Fairhaven with her son Ben in tow. Now she finds herself at the heart of a complex and unnerving murder investigation. Gemma searches for answers, while navigating her son's grief and trying to overcome the hostility of her new colleagues. As the mystery deepens and old tensions and secrets come to light, Gemma is increasingly haunted by a similar missing persons case she worked on not long before. A case that ended in tragedy and made her question her instincts as a cop. Can she trust herself again?
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Where the Dead Go | Sarah Bailey
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My latest read has a #gonegirl theme, with the disappearance of a 15 year old girl and the murder of her boyfriend. Halfway through, I‘m liking it and have no clue who‘s done what or why🕵️‍♀️ #movember

Cinfhen Hmmmmm, sounds REALLY good!!! Is it YA?? I really liked Gone Girl but I find most books didn‘t really hold up to that comparison so I‘m intrigued by this one. 1mo
JennyM @Cinfhen not YA, but no way near as good as Gone Girl, although I am enjoying it. Very police procedural and it‘s also book 3 in a series, and I think you kinda need to read the others to get the main detective character 1mo
Cinfhen That‘s good to know!! I‘ll pass ~ thanks 😊 1mo
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JennyM @Cinfhen and I see I‘ve missed half the prompt off #girlsgonewild and got it completely wrong 🤪 It‘s a Monday 🙄 (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen It works for me 🙌🏻🎉😊 1mo
Centique PS the fabric you‘re wearing looks gorgeous - makes a lovely photo! 1mo
JennyM @Centique thanks my lovely. It‘s my favourite long skirt - I just about live in it all summer 💐 1mo
Centique @JennyM it‘s gone from winter to summer in about 3 days here so I‘m currently trying to find enough summer clothes - and I‘m definitely envious of your skirt! 😍 Are you in Aus? 1mo
JennyM @Centique it‘s always so sudden the change in seasons. Although I‘m in Brissie so it does tend to just be varying degrees of hot 🥵 1mo
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Where the Dead Go | Sarah Bailey
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Top ones are my #bookreport for the week: enjoyed all the print books, particularly Lady in the Lake, which I didn‘t expect to as it‘s been getting mixed reviews. Still going with The Testaments on 🎧 but #unpopularopinion, if it wasn‘t an Atwood, I think I might have bailed 😬

Bottom ones are my #weeklyforecast. Tagged book is #3 in an Aussie cop series (Jane Harper-ish) & I CANNOT wait to get Fleishman that‘s waiting for me at the library!!!

Eggs 💗Lisa Jewell 1mo
JennyM @Eggs I really liked this latest one. Again, I‘ve seen mixed reviews, but I thought it was one of her better ones...couldn‘t put it down 😊 1mo
Cinfhen I liked Lady in the Lake and LOVED Bad Blood!! I‘m dying to read Fleishman but I‘m waiting for the paperback version available in April!!!!! 1mo
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Cathythoughts I listened to The Testaments too. Not sure I could have read it. It‘s on for our Bookclub this Friday , so it will be interesting to hear what the ladies think. I did not think it a prize winning book. 1mo
JennyM @Cathythoughts I think watching the TV series has spoilt it for me. I feel I know where it‘s going. And I suspected I‘d feel like this - it has big shoes to fill 1mo
JennyM @Cinfhen I have high expectations for Fleishman! 1mo
Cinfhen I was VERY disappointed with 1mo
JennyM @Cinfhen I‘m definitely with you on that. 1mo
Cathythoughts I loved Fleishman 👍. I have Bad Blood on my kindle , but I‘m not inclined to read it 🤷🏼‍♀️... maybe I‘ll try soon 1mo
TrishB Fleishman only my radar at some point! Looks great. 1mo
JennyM @Cathythoughts @trishb I got very excited after your review, Cathy. Looking forward to getting my mitts on it 1mo
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