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Housing Works Used Book Cafe | New York, NY (Bookstore)
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#bookshopping #KeepLitsyActive
#2. Author is most: usually buy authors I've been wanting to try or those I already like.
#5. Price is next when used book shopping- it's fun to find good deals.
#3 Title and #4 length occasionally - a really good title makes me take notice, but less likely to buy doorstops.
#6 I never read professional reviews, but if I'm new to an author I'll look at Goodreads ratings.
#1 Cover yes, but unconsciously.

Billypar Great question @ljuliel ! I always wonder this about other readers. Plot and reading the first page are my other main factors, along with author and price. 12h
ljuliel Thank you for the detailed explanation. It‘s interesting to see what attracts a person to a book. I always notice the title first. It doesn‘t mean I‘ll definitely buy it just due to that fact, but I like unusual or funny titles . I also don‘t read the super thick books any longer. I used to like them, but the older I get, the more daunting they seem. 😊 11h
Billypar @ljuliel I tend to remember my buys where title was a special factor. Dana Spiotta's 'Eat the Document' and Jeanette Winterson's 'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit' come to mind. Will definitely be picking up the tagged collection mostly due to the title. 11h
ljuliel I‘ve not read that. I hope it‘s a good one for you ! 10h
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Evening Primrose | Kopano Matlwa
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This book.

I really wouldn‘t call it a page-turner, but I don‘t want to put it down.

Cinfhen Sounds really good 21h
eraderneely How‘s the journey going ? 18h
RachelO @eraderneely I‘m on train #3, and it‘s on time 😮! The joys of Birmingham up next 😬. How are things with you? Has the floodingbeen bad round you? 18h
eraderneely I‘ve been busy, but good. No flooding around Leeds thankfully. 18h
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Thank You, Omu! | Oge Mora
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This RF picture book by Oge Mora has won the 2019 Caldecott Honor, Coretta Scott King, and John Steptoe New Talent Illustrator. This story tells about a sweet, caring woman who makes a delicious stew that wafts through the community. Community members stop by to have some and book shows great qualities of sharing, gratitude and giving back. I would love to read this book as a RA, in the month of November close to Thanksgiving! #ucflae3414f19

sbombasi https://www.jstart.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/PR5579C_Thank_You_Omu_Jumpstar...
This activity guide is great for this book, I would use the gratitude jar activity. Students will write something they are grateful for to put in a jar to read and celebrate them.

The UDL principle 9.3 develop self-assessment and reflection along with EL #3 encourage self-talk (positive thinking) go along with this.
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Enemy Pie | Derek Munson, Tara Calahan King
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This RF picture book written by Derek Munson and illustrated by Tara Calahan King would be good for RA. A boy named Jeremy Ross moved into a new town and his house is next to his number one enemy. His dad has the perfect recipe to get rid of enemies called Enemy Pie, but he would only agree to make it if he spends an entire day playing with the enemy!

sbombasi After hanging out with his enemy he seems to not be all that bad after all and actually wants to be friends with him. But, with the promise of making the Enemy pie…is it still an enemy pie? Was there anything nasty about the pie after all? Find out! This is a nice book for kids to learn how to make friends or deal with conflict with someone. #ucflae3414f19 1d
sbombasi This teacher guide has multiple activities to go along with the book that reaches across the curriculum. I particularly like the activity of creating a friendship pie.

The UDL principle 1.1 offer ways of customizing the display of information along with EL #3 encourage self-talk (positive thinking) align with this.
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Bus book #3! (I don‘t think I‘ll be able to finish #4.) I hate cooking (for many reasons). But after reading this book, I‘m excited about looking at the chore of cooking with a renewed interest! The writing makes every kind of cooking seem so achievable. And the illustrations are so so so charming. 🍏🍅🧄🥔🥐

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Why do you think Charlotte called home? Dooleys response -where‘s the sugar?!
Do you feel bad for Dooley at all?
Was he condescending in his words?

Mitch Oh i didn't feel sorry for him! He did miss the kids, and Charlotte has played the role of that type of wife for their entire marriage - so his comments didn't surprise me. How hard did she try to change with him - rather than need to leave him in order to change?? 1d
Hooked_on_books Dooley is such a product of his era that I should feel sorry for him, but I just don‘t. I think she called him because she just didn‘t know what to do in that moment and was looking for options. I‘m glad the call strengthened her resolve. 1d
TheBookHippie @Hooked_on_books I agree -I was so worried she‘d go back !!! Phew. I don‘t like him at all. Reminds me of 1d
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Hooked_on_books Totally Stepford! 1d
AmyG I, too, think at that moment she felt Dooley was an option to help. But was then Reminded of why she left. Do I feel sorry for him? No. 1d
Sargar114 I also think with everything happening, she was questioning her decision to leave. So the call home was a moment of weakness, and then Dooley‘s comments (while of the time) reaffirmed her decision. 1d
Librarybelle As others stated, Dooley's comments were really of that era. Do I feel sorry for him? No. Charlotte felt desperate at this point, and probably needed to reaffirm decisions. She made the right one leaving him! 1d
Jess861 I'm not surprised with Dooley's response since it fits with his character and the time. I think she called because she said she would and wanted to let him know that she and the kids were alright. I don't think she planned to go back to him - just doesn't want to up and disappear though. 1d
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The Alcatraz Escape | Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
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Day off from the kids reading spot #3. Time for some yummy lunch!

quirkyreader Yea, crisps from Michigan. 3d
smilingshelves @quirkyreader They're so good, aren't they? 2d
quirkyreader Yes they are and so are BetterMade‘s. 2d
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smilingshelves @quirkyreader Totally agree! 2d
quirkyreader So are you a #mittenlitten? 1d
smilingshelves @quirkyreader I am! I live in the Thumb. Are you? 1d
quirkyreader I‘m in the Lansing area. 17h
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The problem with reading a book in a series as part of a reading challenge is that you then want to read the rest of the series whether they fit prompts or not. #3 was another great part of this series. I love how she takes a different member of the squad with each book, so they‘re related but also can stand alone.

The Fate of Anatomical Collections | Dr Rina Knoeff, Prof Dr Robert Zwijnenberg
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This is the first time one of my profs has assigned us their own work, and I don‘t think I‘ve ever enjoyed a piece of academic writing more. This is from Lynn M Morgan‘s essay, “The Rise and Demise of a Collection of Human Fetuses at Mount Holyoke College,” as it appeared in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, v49, #3, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006

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While much of the Day was devoted to finishing the Arc of the Scythe trilogy, I managed to squeeze in a trip to Chicago Comics for #ncbd. Just a few comics today. Unearth #4 & 5, Nomen Omen #2, Everything #3, Locke & Key: Dog Days and Undiscovered Country #1. Looks like a night for comics and then back to Tenth of December.