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Another one for the nephew as he liked the first one. I thought this was just as fun as book one. I really enjoyed the side story with Shark and Legs.

I also read the two Disney books but will skip reviews. The Wild Robot #3 is on my TBR.

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Chrysalis | Anna Metcalfe
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Chat #1: with Bill from Nairobi

Chrysalis by Anna Metcalfe

Chat #2: with Emily of The Book Cougars from Connecticut

The Memory of Animals by Claire Fuller

Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller

Chat #3: with Lara from Newfoundland

This Is How We Love by Lisa Moore

February by Lisa Moore

Flannery by Lisa Moore

Chat #4: with Marina from Cyprus

O, the Brave Music by Dorothy Evelyn Smith

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@dabbe #tlt

1. Song: Little Drummer Boy
2. Movie: The Bishop's Wife
3. TV Special: Jim Henson's The Christmas Toy

I don't really have any holiday books, aside from the tagged. I might also do a re-read of Christopher Moore's The Stupidest Angel this year :D

dabbe 1. Bob Segar's version of this makes me cry. 2. The original or the Whitney one or both? 3. I've never seen this; I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing! 🩵❄️🩵 3d
TieDyeDude @dabbe 2. The original. I never saw The Preacher's Wife and didn't realize it was a remake. I might have to give it a watch this year, especially if it has Gregory Hines!
3. I think it is on Amazon Prime Video, but otherwise might be hard to find.
AnnR @TieDieDude - Thanks for mentioning Prime Video for #3. I've never seen it before. Looks cute! 3d
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EclecticBookLover Love The Christmas Toy! 3d
dabbe @TieDyeDude Thanks! I'll take a look. 3d
TheBookgeekFrau I just read The Stupidest Angel this year - lol'ed a lot; but my favorite is the explanation of the oil lasting eight days 🤣 3d
TieDyeDude @AnnR @EclecticBookLover I saved my VHS player for the longest time just to watch The Christmas Toy. It didn't make the last move, so I'm glad it is on Prime, though I think I still have the cassette. 3d
EclecticBookLover I bought a DVD copy several years ago. It's such a forgotten gem. 3d
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1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas- the original cartoon!
2. Elf
3. Oh Holy Night - some versions get me all emotional
Thanks @Kshakal @dabbe #TLT

dabbe #1: of course the original! 🤩 #2: One of the most endearing movies ever! #3: I totally understand that! Thanks for sharing! 🩵❄️🩵 3d
peaKnit Oh I get teary every Christmas with oh holy night. 🤍 and when Elf jumps into the tree, omg. We have to rewind it every time! (edited) 3d
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A late read for #CBBC 2023 Mixed feelings with this cozy mystery set in the 1958. The mystery was interesting but main character was so annoying in some way. Even when she was the one who resolved the mystery which is not a spoiler but an obvious comment, I didn‘t like the way she was treated by some of these men...and she just cried all the time or seemed not to understand the insult. Maybe was me but I couldn‘t stand this. 2.95/3? ⭐️

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1. Some decorations but no tree
2. All the lights!
3. Oh holy night
Thanks @Kshakal @eggs #wondrouswednesday

Eggs #3 beautiful 🤩 5d
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#3 in this series, set in London. Star goes to a bookshop in London to try to find her lost family. Not as historical as book 2 but a nice cozy story. Cece is now on the move so for sure I have to read book 4.

Untitled | Unknown
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1) I don‘t really have any holiday traditions… but I enjoy lounging around and eating on Christmas Day
2) Christmas films and buddy reads :)
3) I have always wanted to spend the holidays in a nice lodge somewhere snowy, that has a log fire. Preferably with the dog ☺️

#WinterGames #RestingGrinchFace

Julsmarshall Ooh, I love the answer to #3. Me too! 1w
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