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Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires | Susan Ertz
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Devices and Desires | Susan Ertz
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JCPaulk Oh I know perfectly well. I could read, write, and drink coffee....for eternity. 4mo
TheEllieMo @JCPaulk I like your thinking 😁 4mo
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Devices and Desires | Susan Ertz
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Friends, I need some help. I'm shopping around for a new device and am conflicted between the Kindle Paperwhite and the iPad mini. Primarily for reading. I've used and liked the Paperwhite before, and I've also found my current tablet incredibly useful for digital comics.

Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks!

Cinfhen I find it‘s very difficult to read outdoors on my iPad, although I don‘t have the mini. I‘m buying the paperwhite specifically for that feature. 2y
kgriffith I‘ve not used an ereader for comics, and I feel like that may be the deciding factor here. I have e-ink on both nook and kindle platforms, and I love them both (glowlight and paperwhite respectively), but my primary need was non-backlit screens, which is entirely in contrast to what iPads and most other tablets seek to offer. 2y
TrishB I‘ve just got a new paper white and love it 💕 but I haven‘t as yet read outside in sunlight (that‘s unlikely!) 2y
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Weaponxgirl So for long reading periods of text I find the paperwhite the best, it doesn't hurt my eyes for long periods and you can walk from dark to light able to keep reading it. But for comics and cookbooks I use my iPad mini. I'm sorry that doesn't help a lot 2y
Jadams1776 I have a Paperwhite and an iPad mini. I think the drawback for comics would be that the Paperwhite does not do color. I got my Paperwhite to help with eye strain and I love it for that. It‘s super easy to read outside with the Paperwhite - no glare. I recently read BitchPlanet on my Paperwhite - it was ok, but sometimes it was hard to see everything when the whole story was in grayscale. So if you read a lot of comics, I would say iPad mini. 2y
saresmoore I agree with @Jadams1776 re: comics—there‘s no contest for the iPad. But for outside reading, Paperwhite wins, hands down. 2y
theshrinkette @Weaponxgirl LOL yup that's pretty much why I'm confused. 2y
theshrinkette @saresmoore I'm really into the no-backlit screen feature for sure. 2y
saresmoore It‘s much easier on the eyes. Any extended reading on a backlit screen gives me weeklong headaches. 2y
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