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Clockwork Orange | Anthony Burgess
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Of course she's super interested in the book with the glass of milk on the cover. 😂 #anarchyintheuk #marchintothe70s

@Lizpixie @Cinfhen

valeriegeary Naturally. 😹 9mo
batsy Cool photo! 9mo
Cinfhen Adorable 😻 9mo
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MR Midshipman Easy | Frederick Marryat
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#MarchIntoThe70s #AnarchyInTheUK

No anarchy in the UK 🇬🇧, not with Nelson at the helm of the Navy!!! ⚓️

Cinfhen Ahoy, Matey 🏴‍☠️ 9mo
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“To protect those least able to protect themselves. That much, at least, has not changed. That was ever the sole purpose and duty of kingship. Since the beginning of time it has not changed.”

#MarchIntoThe70s | 18: #AnarchyInTheUK

📷: Made with Typorama

wordzie 9mo
Cinfhen On point!!! 💚 9mo
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Shadows of a Princess | Patrick Jephson
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My current #audioread is written by Princess Diana‘s secretary. With her from the late 80s up until her death, Patrick Jephson had an intimate view of the unraveling of the Royal marriage and its aftermath.

At 19+ hours, this is a long one and I‘m unsure of how I feel about it yet. #anarchyintheUK #marchintothe70s

Cinfhen They both look so miserable 9mo
Reviewsbylola The author just described the one and only time he saw any sort of intimacy between the two. Charles touched Diana‘s hip and she didn‘t respond in any way. I hope he goes hard and deep into their marriage because I‘m only on chapter 5 and I just need to know what made them so unhappy. @Cinfhen 9mo
Birdsong28 Have you read the tagged book? It's good, I listened to the audiobook version. 😁📚📖 9mo
Reviewsbylola No, this is my first book about any of the recent royal family but I‘m so intrigued by them now that I‘ve visited England. I will look those up! I‘ve heard of Diana (the book). @Birdsong28 9mo
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The Anarchist Cookbook | William Powell
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#AnarchyInTheUK I watch SLC Punk in middle with my friend and her parents and it was an experience of a lifetime, I'll never forget it!

#MarchIntoThe70s @Lizpixie @Cinfhen

IamIamIam Omigosh, we saw this in the theaters!!! I knew some crusty punks that I was friendly with but that was never my scene. I was all about pop punk & ska punk, though!!! 9mo
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Neverwhere | Ne?l Ga?man
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#AnarchyintheUK | Richard finds himself in subterranean London, a bizarre city all its own. This was super not for me, but I know a lot of folks love it (including my husband).

📷: Rob Cartwright

Reviewsbylola This was def not for me either. 9mo
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola With the exception of Norse Mythology, I‘m just not a fan of his fiction (mostly, it‘s genre, but it‘s his writing, too). I did like his nonfiction collection A View from the Cheap Seats, though. 9mo
Reviewsbylola I actually liked Stardust and American Gods (which my husband hated) but I read them a long time ago. Perhaps my dislike of fantasy hadn‘t fully cemented at that time. 😆 9mo
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britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola 😆 I haven‘t read Stardust, but I wasn‘t a huge fan of American Gods or Anansi Boys. 9mo
Lizpixie I very much enjoyed the full cast audiobook recording of this.🎧 9mo
Jas16 I had high expectations for this one but found it pretty meh. It is my least favorite of his books that I have read so far. 9mo
britt_brooke @Lizpixie I probably would‘ve liked that more than the print. (edited) 9mo
britt_brooke @Jas16 Definitely “meh” for me, too. 9mo
readinginthedark I expected this to be something completely different and ended up loving it. It was my first Gaiman, so I need to read more than I have before I know if it's the book or author probably. 9mo
britt_brooke @readinginthedark I think you‘ll like his other stuff, too. I haven‘t read a ton, but this seems to be the one people like most. 9mo
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The Cuckoo's Calling | Robert Galbraith
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Strike has his office in Denmark Street. The Sex Pistols are somehow connected to Denmark St, but I can't remember whether they lived there, or had a studio there.


#marchintothe70s @Lizpixie @Cinfhen

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The Glass Town Game | Catherynne M. Valente
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A different take for #AnarchyInTheUK. In the Brontë Siblings‘ made up world of Glass Town, no one dies, Napoleon rides a porcelain rooster, suitcases can turn into wonderful modes of transportation and so much more. That sounds a bit like anarchy to me, but maybe not the worst kind ?


RachelO Her books sound so much fun! I really must try them - one day! 9mo
Cinfhen Love your twist on this prompt ❣️ 9mo
Lizpixie I‘d love a ride-on porcelain rooster!🐔 9mo
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Kalalalatja @RachelO I love most of the books I have read by her, but children‘s books are really something else! I would definitely recommend her Fairyland series 👍 9mo
Kalalalatja @Lizpixie and if I remember correctly, the rooster breathes fire, but that might just be my wish thinking 😄 9mo
batsy Love this interpretation! Also, I have zero excuse for having bought this book and not read it 🙈 9mo
Kalalalatja @batsy when you are in the mood for whimsy and literary references, you know where to go! 😄 9mo
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#MarchIntoThe70s #Day18 #AnarchyInTheUK One Of the original English anarchists is Guy Fawkes.November 5th 1605, a group of English Catholics hid 36 barrels of gunpowder in a cellar underneath the Westminster House Of Parliament.Though Robert Catesby led the group, the devout Guy Fawkes is more remembered after his capture & torture. They were hoping to unseat King James I & bring back the Catholic Church after Henry VIII‘s Protestant Reformation.