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A Book of Days | Patti Smith
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#12booksof2022 #december
Since this was a library book, I only had it out a short time. But that was time enough to know that I wanted to buy my own copy and walk through 2023 with Patti Smith‘s daily photographs.

Andrew65 Sounds lovely. Thanks for playing along, it has been a great way to review the Reading year. 5mo
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Lover's Leap | Emily March
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Andrew65 Good choice. Thanks for playing along, it has been a good way to review the year‘s reading. 5mo
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No Life for a Lady | Hannah Dolby
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I read 12 books in #December with this one as my only 5⭐️.

I loved this debut so much for its wit and charm, but the incandescent heroine trying to overcome discrimination stole the show. ❤️

Honorable mention: When the Moon Turns Blue


Hide and Seek | Josh Lanyon
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My holiday reading wasn't the best last year but this was a bright spot. There's an interesting mystery, a creepy ex, a couple of charming MCs, danger galore, a second chance romance, and a satisfying ending. #12BooksOf2022 #December @Andrew65

Andrew65 This looks fun and love the cover. Thanks for playing along, it‘s been a good way to review the year. 5mo
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The Winners | Fredrik Backman
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#December #12Booksof2022

I read a lot of Christmas themed books during December bu the final part of the Beartown Trilogy is still the overall Pick as this will stay with me a long time.

Notable others
The Christmas Sisters - Sarah Morgan
Snowflakes and Secrets in the Scottish Highlands - Donna Ashcroft

Many thanks to everyone who played along with #12Booksof2022 (77 people) it‘s added to all our TBRs 😱 See you all on Dec 25th.

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Jumping into #12booksof2022 at the end. The lovely cover is partly obscured for this fun read that I finished on the last day of #December 2022.

Andrew65 A good choice. Thanks for playing along, it‘s been a good way to review the year. 5mo
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A Christmas Memory | Truman Capote
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#12booksOf2022 #December

Who knew Truman Capote could write such a sweet novella?! Just adorable.

Andrew65 Love this. Thanks for playing along, it‘s been a good way to review the year. 5mo
tpixie @Andrew65 yes! It‘s been fun seeing all the posts and great reads! Thanks 😊 5mo
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Greta and Valdin | Rebecca Reilly
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#12Booksof2022. #December

I just adored this story about a complicated Māori / Russian / Catalan family living and loving in Auckland. It was my favourite book, not only of December, but of all of 2022.

MrsMalaprop That‘s a heck if a recommendation. Stacked 📚 5mo
Aimeesue High praise! I must check it out 5mo
Rissreads Glad I‘ve already stacked it then! 5mo
Andrew65 Love the sound of it. Thanks for playing along, it‘s been a good way to review the year. 5mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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December dump!
My favorite posts from last month around social media! Love those quotes!! 😃🙌
That‘s a painting I did, inspired on the song It‘s not up to you by bjork. #synesthesia
What were yours?!

#december #memories #art #quotes

Gissy Your art is amazing and you are looking spectacular my friend👌🤗❤️ 5mo
WJCintron @Gissy 🥹🙏 thank you my friend! Still battling!! I‘ve been stuck for like 3 months. I think it‘s harder as you are closer to the goals. But not quitting! 🙌💃💪🏼😃 I‘m so happy you like my art. It‘s my therapy! 🥰🙂 5mo
Gissy @WJCintron Don‘t quit. That is part of the process but count in your discipline routine, not always we feel motivated to continue but the discipline is what make us consistent.💪 5mo
WJCintron @Gissy Amen to that, my friend! 😃🙏 5mo
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