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Children of Time | Adrian Tchaikovsky
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Currently reading Children of Time. So far; bloody detailed and clever with words! Definitely need to make sure I'm not too tired when I read it!!! #ChildrenOfTime #AdrianTchaikovsky #GoodRead #LongBook #Detailed #NeedToStayAwake #WheresMyCoffee

TheKidUpstairs Welcome to Litsy! 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks for the kind message @TheKidUpstairs 6y
jfalkens Welcome to Litsy and happy reading 😊🎊📚🎉📖☺ 6y
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Pheonixlike Thanks very much! @jfalkens 6y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk I need to read this. I love Tchaikovsky's epic fantasy/steampunk/insect people series Shadows of the Apt. 6y
Ms_T Welcome to Litsy! 6y
Pheonixlike @TobeyTheScavengerMonk I definitely recommend it; I'm not far through and it's such a different style of writing I'm used to, however I am absolutely hooked! 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks @Ms_T 😊 6y
IWriteInTheNight Hi! Welcome to Litsy😃 hope you have a fun time here😁😂 6y
IWriteInTheNight Oh and I really love the caption for your account (kindling)😂 6y
Pheonixlike @IWriteInTheNight thanks for the welcome and I'm so glad somebody finally finds it amusing!! 6y
Libby1 Welcome to Litsy! ❤️📚❤️ 6y
DebReads4fun Welcome to Litsy! 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Welcome to Litsy!! 📚📚👏🏻👏🏻 6y
Lacythebookworm Welcome! You'll love it here! 🙌 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks very much @DebReads4fun @BarbaraTheBibliophage and @Lacythebookworm , I'm already feeling quite a home and welcomed 😊 6y
MrBook Welcome to @Litsy ! Just warning you now, you won't want to leave. 😆👏🏻 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks @MrBook it's not a bad place, this 😊 6y
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