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I had the wonderful opportunity to meet one of the authors of Chocolate City and hear about the development of this book. It‘s about the history of Washington DC going back to when Native Americans lived in the area and subsequent changes DC has gone through. Living in DC I feel it‘s important to understand the history of where I live, but it also gives great insight to the shaping of the US. #read #longbook #signedcopy #history #book

Tove_Reads Sounds fantastic! I need to read it! 4y
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Children of Time | Adrian Tchaikovsky
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Currently reading Children of Time. So far; bloody detailed and clever with words! Definitely need to make sure I'm not too tired when I read it!!! #ChildrenOfTime #AdrianTchaikovsky #GoodRead #LongBook #Detailed #NeedToStayAwake #WheresMyCoffee

TheKidUpstairs Welcome to Litsy! 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks for the kind message @TheKidUpstairs 6y
jfalkens Welcome to Litsy and happy reading 😊🎊📚🎉📖☺ 6y
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Pheonixlike Thanks very much! @jfalkens 6y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk I need to read this. I love Tchaikovsky's epic fantasy/steampunk/insect people series Shadows of the Apt. 6y
Ms_T Welcome to Litsy! 6y
Pheonixlike @TobeyTheScavengerMonk I definitely recommend it; I'm not far through and it's such a different style of writing I'm used to, however I am absolutely hooked! 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks @Ms_T 😊 6y
IWriteInTheNight Hi! Welcome to Litsy😃 hope you have a fun time here😁😂 6y
IWriteInTheNight Oh and I really love the caption for your account (kindling)😂 6y
Pheonixlike @IWriteInTheNight thanks for the welcome and I'm so glad somebody finally finds it amusing!! 6y
Libby1 Welcome to Litsy! ❤️📚❤️ 6y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage Welcome to Litsy!! 📚📚👏🏻👏🏻 6y
Lacythebookworm Welcome! You'll love it here! 🙌 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks very much @DebReads4fun @BarbaraTheBibliophage and @Lacythebookworm , I'm already feeling quite a home and welcomed 😊 6y
MrBook Welcome to @Litsy ! Just warning you now, you won't want to leave. 😆👏🏻 6y
Pheonixlike Thanks @MrBook it's not a bad place, this 😊 6y
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The Chemist | Stephenie Meyer
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I did it. I finished the dang thing. Review to come later. Now to shower and find cloths that army my PJs. #24in28 #longbook

LauraBrook Booooo to non-pj clothes! 6y
LibrarianRyan @LauraBrook I know right😁 6y
LibrarianRyan @LauraBrook I promise I'm just changing into lazy cloths I can get dirty. 6y
LauraBrook @LibrarianRyan Phew! Just did the same myself, makes me feel slightly less scrubby. 6y
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