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Moab Is My Washpot | Stephen Fry
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I'm a bit at a loss what to say. Stephen Fry was a liar and a thief and I found the book's content more horrifying than entertaining. I have Fry's second autobiography on my TBR stack, but I will wait a bit before start that.

Riveted_Reader_Melissa 😱 that‘s not good! Great review though! 3mo
PickwickPlockPlock @Riveted_Reader_Melissa It wasn't what I had expected 😶 3mo
Sarah83 Which time did you review in this book? 3mo
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PickwickPlockPlock @Sarah83 The book covers his childhood until he turned 20. He was arrested and convicted for theft with 18. 3mo
Sarah83 I read the one after that. I think, he meets Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson in it. It's quite nice. 3mo
PickwickPlockPlock @Sarah83 Maybe I find it so depressing because it ends just when he seems to turn his life around, but that's only a couple of pages at the end. So the next one is more what I expected going in? Good to know. 3mo
Sarah83 The next one is funnier... Going to theatres, to castings, living in different parts of England 🤷 it is a bit too long, but not so depressing. 3mo
Severnmeadows There‘s something about him that annoys me when I see him on TV 😊...however, I love his (edited) 2mo
PickwickPlockPlock @Severnmeadows As a German I sometimes saw him in movies or (scripted) tv shows, but from that I can't really judge his personality. Thanks for tagging the book, but I'm not really a fan of poetry 🙂 2mo
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My daughter is going to summer camp tomorrow! 👧 Now I have time to read #StephenFry! 📘
This is a chic edition of the book with thick paper, colored inserts and a great cover with gold embossed! I bet it's easy to read and there should be a lot of humor in the book! 😁

sudi That cover is so beautiful 😍 5mo
tpixie Lovely cover! 5mo
BooknerdsLife I've got this book too and can't wait to start, but your edition is so gorgeous!!! 😍 5mo
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Erofan @sudi , @tpixie , @BooknerdsLife Thank you! ? I also want to buy "Heroes", it's made in the same style as "Mythos"! 5mo
tpixie @Erofan ♥️📚♥️ 5mo
BooknerdsLife @Erofan Awww you totally should 😍 May I ask what edition is this? As in what language is this? 5mo
Erofan @BooknerdsLife This is the Russian translation of the book 😃 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bkh4YZ8Ardj/?igshid=vantzk55q4tk 5mo
BooknerdsLife @Erofan AH! That‘s what I thought but wasn‘t sure. 😊 Awww Thank you for the link! Your edition is so gorgeous inside! 😍 5mo
kaysworld1 Send my love I hope she enjoys herself @Erofan 🌺🌸🤗 5mo
Erofan @kaysworld1 😘💕 5mo
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I didn‘t realise this is actually Part 2 of Stephen Fry‘s autobiographies - must go back and read the first now! I loved this but then I love Stephen Fry. It‘s like having him sit down for a coffee and tell you all his stories from Cambridge through to becoming famous. It is FULL of detail about specific theatrical productions, scriptwriting etc so if that doesn‘t interest you, this isn‘t for you. It‘s also full of his particular self loathing 👇

Centique I have enormous sympathy for that struggle he has. Can be hard to read him being so tough on himself constantly. Sounds like the previous book deals more with his mental health and the trouble he got into as a teen. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 7mo
Centique Also - see the autumn leaves! 🍁🍂🍁 7mo
ScientistSam Lovely leaves! And I adore Fry so am definitely stacking this! 7mo
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Centique @ScientistSam yay! I should note that the first book is 7mo
Rissreads I did exactly the same thing as you. It didn‘t matter one bit. Both books are enjoyable 💚 (edited) 7mo
CarolynM I adore Steven Fry. It has always made me sad that someone so gifted struggles so much. Pamela Stevenson did an interview with him some years ago that was really hard to watch, but very revealing. I don't know if you could find it on YouTube. 7mo
Centique @CarolynM sounds fascinating - I had a look for it but didn‘t find it. I did find a documentary he fronted about his manic depression, so now I‘m watching that! It makes me sad for him too. 7mo
Centique @Rissreads oh that‘s good to hear, thanks! 7mo
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Pretty much how I feel about leaving my corporate career and All The Pointless Meetings. 😂

Leftcoastzen I love when you have a meeting to set up when all the other meetings will be.🙄I have a friend nearing retirement, he‘s counting down his time by counting the number of all staff meetings he must endure. 7mo
Reggie Omg, we had a supervisor meeting 6 months ago where only one of a hundred things got resolved. They just announced another one where I was like ‘What for?‘ I guess I should consider myself lucky we don‘t have them that often. 7mo
Centique @Leftcoastzen meetings about meetings are the very worst! 7mo
Centique @Reggie that one sounds awful though! I had this particularly banal monthly mgmt meeting where about 40 of us had to take turns describing how far our teams had achieved strategic projects. It was almost exactly the same meeting repeated every month #groundhogday 🤨 7mo
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Moab Is My Washpot | Stephen Fry
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#CarryOnMyWaywardSon #MarchIntoThe70s

Steven Fry certainly gives the impression that his father considers him a wayward son

Cinfhen I recently bought a book by this author that of course I haven‘t read yet. I scanned the first few pages and was quickly captivated. 8mo
PickwickPlockPlock I have this at home, but haven't read it yet. 8mo
gradcat @Cinfhen @PickwickPlockPlock Stephen Fry is sooo brilliant! Did you ever see “QI”? Omigod, he‘s really smart & just a brilliant writer! 8mo
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PickwickPlockPlock @gradcat No, I have only heard of it (I'm not a Brit). I read one of his books, saw him in a few things and listened to his Harry Potter audiobooks. But I saw an interview with him in the Hobbit behind-the-scenes material, and he really seems to be something else. 8mo
CarolynM @gradcat @PickwickPlockPlock @Cinfhen I think A Bit of Fry and Laurie is the funniest sketch comedy program ever - my husband and I quote it at one another constantly (our kids roll their eyes) 8mo
gradcat Agreed. Plus, Jeeves & Wooster...omigosh...love them both! 8mo
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The Liar | Stephen Fry
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#ANewChapter #Liar

Somewhere between a coming of age story and a very silly spy story and at least semi-autobiographical. There are some excellent one liners and some hilarious set pieces. I particularly liked the cricket scene.

Centique Stephen Fry just might be my spirit animal so I‘m going to have to read this 😍 10mo
CarolynM @Centique If you like Stephen Fry it's definitely worth reading 10mo
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The Fry Chronicles | Stephen Fry
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This audible freebie is not in the database.

I enjoyed this fun historical romp through the Victorian underbelly. This is not an audiobook; rather a 12-episode radio series. We get insight into Victorian family secrets, murders and murderesses, sex and pornography, mental illnesses, gay and lesbian love affairs, and in one memorable episode, the origins of the water closet, toilet paper and the word “crapper”! Stephen Fry narrates. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gezemice Full review with a list of episodes/topics: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2634418912 . And just to be clear, the audobook title is “Stephen Fry‘s Victorian Secrets” (edited) 11mo
Gezemice And since this is more or less a podcast format, I would think it might work for #booked2019 as “related to a podcast”? (edited) 11mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Hmmmm. I‘m usually pretty easy. So, sure that works even though it‘s a stretch. Let‘s see what my co-hosts say. @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft 11mo
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Cinfhen It‘s all good by me!! @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft (edited) 11mo
Gezemice @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft I think the podcast problem will be solved. I don‘t listen to podcast, but my kid is a huge fan of The Adventure Zone and she got the graphic novel for Christmas... so 😊👍 11mo
4thhouseontheleft Fine with me! 11mo
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Reggie I loved Circe. 11mo
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Soupy Twists | JEM. ROBERTS
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If you like #StephenFry and/or #HughLaurie, you may want this e-book! #Kindledeal #Unboundpublication

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This #awesomeread by #stephenfry at his finest, retelling, reintroducing, reimaging the #greekmyths via #mythos I love this witty, funny, irreverent collection of the tales of the Greek Gods. I've read the classics, and yet I think Fry has managed to capture the spirit of those times when the gods where real, exceptionally well. #booksniffer #itouchmyshelf #amreading #booksbooksbooks #booklover #bookworm #bibliophile #literature #storytelling