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Huntress | Kate Quinn
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1* oh so many, but most recently the tagged book
2* Something in the Water
3* Er no I don‘t keep up with that 😳
4* 292 of 500
5* @AmyG @Leftcoastzen
#thursdaysurvey #sorrysolate @laurenslibrary

Untitled | Unknown
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#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary
Thanks for tag @jb72 , #betterlatethannever
1 Stella Fortuna
2 can't remember but I have definitely bailed on a few
3 Louise Penny's , another Ruth Galloway?, actually any one that continues the many series I read
4 I'm at 89 out of 160
5 anyone who hasn't played! ( this is late!)

jb72 Oh duh! I didn‘t even realize it wasn‘t Thursday. 😳 5mo
Crazeedi @jb72 that's hilarious!!😉🤣 5mo
jb72 @Crazeedi I even typed the word Thursday and still didn‘t get it. Time to go back to bed 🛌 😴 5mo
emilyrose_x I just saw this and posted it...and then realised it was only Monday 😂 5mo
Crazeedi @emilyrose_x days are just a construct, lol!😉 5mo
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1. Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman
2. Mr Salary by Sally Rooney
3. New release (once I get caught up): Bewitched and Betrothed by Juliet Blackwell
4. GR reading goal was 100 books and so far I‘ve read 83.
5. @Erin7 @kindergartenkat @Crazeedi
Thanks for the tag @xxjenadanxx

Crazeedi Thanks for tag!! 5mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary Thanks for the tag @Crazeedi !!❤️❤️ 1) yes, two I think. 2) Yes, I think I have been to both of them, probably around the ages of 5-8. 3) probably the tigers 4)not that can remember, a goat maybe? Lol. I remember being on a merry-go- round or something with real horses walking around a carousel, and my horse was the only one not cooperating. I‘ve never been on a horse since. 5) I tag @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Jas16

Mimi28 Sorry it took me so long to do this, lol 6mo
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Thursdays at Coconuts | Beth Carter
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#thursdaysurvey on Friday
Thanks @LokiDokey for the tag! 😘

1. I believe there‘s one in Seattle/Tacoma. But I‘m so new to the area, so I really haven‘t explored it yet.
2. Nope. ☝🏻
3. I‘m an environmental attorney & my preferred focus is wildlife. I love them all! ❤️❤️❤️
4. Yes.
5. Happy Friday everyone! 👋🏻

RvnclawWhovian There‘s one in both! The one in Seattle is Woodland Park. The one in Tacoma is Point Defiance and it also has an aquarium. They‘re both great, I think I prefer Woodland Park if I had to pick one 6mo
wanderinglynn @RvnclawWhovian Thanks! 😀 I‘m slowly exploring, but haven‘t quite gotten over to Seattle or down to Tacoma yet. 6mo
LokiDokey There is also Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville. I also prefer Woodland park to Point Defiance. During the winter Woodland park has a holiday light display walk that's pretty cool. 6mo
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wanderinglynn @LokiDokey thanks! I‘ll probably move Woodland park higher up on the list. But I‘ll eventually get to all of them. 😉 6mo
LaurensLibrary Being an environmental attorney sounds awesome! 6mo
wanderinglynn @laurenslibrary Some days it is. Some days it‘s a pain. 😂 6mo
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Through the Tiger's Eye | Kerrie O'Connor
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#thursdaysurvey ... Better late than never, right? 🤔

1. Yes! Taronga Zoo 🦁🦒🦓

2. Yes, many times over the years for school, etc. as well as for outings with family and friends. Last visit was about 8 years ago now though!

3. I love them all 😍 Favourites would be tigers, seals, dolphins, red pandas and penguins 🐯🐬🐧

4. Yes, swimming with dolphins and smooched by a seal 😘

5. Hi there 👋🏼 @Ericalambbrown @Valia

Ericalambbrown Thanks, for tagging me!!! 😊 6mo
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1. What we have is “Chimp Haven,” a sanctuary for rescued & retired chimps, many of them used laboratories. (I‘m very proud of this place, as you can tell!)
2. Yes, about 3 years ago (Shame on me!)
3. Koala bears 🐻 I love them!
4. Yes—giraffes, dolphins & raccoons (do raccoons 🦝 count?)
5. Hiya: @Leftcoastzen @Velvetfur @Chrissyreadit @Klou @EadieB
And thanks @Crazeedi for #thursdaysurvey (on Friday 😂)

Chrissyreadit Thanks for tagging me! I had a previous tag so my answers were up. 6mo
ravenlee Hey - you‘re in my neck of the woods (NWLA)! I haven‘t made it to Chimp Haven, though. 6mo
gradcat @Chrissyreadit Sorry! I guess I was just thinking of you! 🥰 6mo
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gradcat @ravenlee Where are you? I‘m in Shreveport. My brother was working on a project last time I went, and so I tagged along with him. I think I‘d like to go again, though. 6mo
Chrissyreadit @gradcat 🥰🥰🥰- you‘re in LA? How funny that the zoo in New Orleans is one of my favorites! Albino Crocs!!!! 6mo
ravenlee I live in Bossier! Small world. I kept trying to get to Chimp Haven in the fall when my daughter was studying animals for science, but we got lazy. 6mo
gradcat @Chrissyreadit I have to admit that I‘ve been to the N.O. zoo more often than I‘ve been to Chimp Haven. That‘s really terrible, but when you go to New Orleans, the zoo is a big draw—and yes, I, too, love those albino alligators. They‘re really kind of magical 🐊! ♥️ 6mo
gradcat @ravenlee It‘s not like you can just go there, either. They have very specific hours. My cousins were here visiting from San Diego & Virginia a few years ago, and we had to make a special appointment to go! Oh, and yes! We‘re very close! I have two very special friends who live in Bossier! ♥️ (edited) 6mo
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Grizzly Bears | Gary Turbak
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Thank you @LokiDokey for thinking of me
1. No, we used to have one of those drive through ones for bears.
2. Nope, never had the chance when it was open
3. Black Panthers, thanks to jungle book
4. Wild birds that were wounded and rescued. I believe is the closest I ever came to petting one. When I was in school.
5. @heikemarie @Sweetkokoro

#thursdaysurvey @laurenslibrary